USC National Title Contender Again?

Here’s a column and video interview with Clay Helton by RJ Young of Fox Sports. The column doesn’t really reflect the claim that Helton is making USC a national title contender again, to be fair.

20 thoughts on “USC National Title Contender Again?

  1. I don’t think so! This year’s SUCC FB would be no match for last year’s CFB playoff team. Nobody gets tough on cupcake schedules.

    Essentially, bozo FB 2021 is no better than the 2020 version that pussied out of a sure Bowl Bid ’cause two bozo players were injured in their humiliating Pac-12 Championship loss @ the crumbling mausoleum!



    1. What was chippie’s last bowl bid?

      how many games did chippie ALMOST win? I guess on that basis you almost made a bowl game. Sorta like you almost beat us in basketball the last two yrs, and almost beat the zags, or the duckies….

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      1. Dear Pisley, you sh*t for brains bozo, the title of Wolf’s thread is “USC National Title Contender Again?”

        As usual Pisley, you avoid the thread point in favor of your standard petty, sandbox BS.

        How about you try and refute my post on it’s merit instead of your second grade BS repartee.

        Truth hurts doesn’t it Pisley?

        #SUCC’sFBprogram: warmmilkandcookies


      2. Ahhh. Doesn’t change the fact that a ruin or one of their wannabes would know what a good team looks like. Not in Football or basketball. How about that lil buddy?

        Btw, believe the 2020 team was 5-1.

        Acronym for irrelevance = f’ucla

        Mud. Dumb as dirt.


      1. On this I must disagree. All worked as designed, and that waste receptacle known as pauley finally fulfilled its true destiny. Septic/wastewater holding basin.

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      2. I have no excuse for bozo BB luck.

        What’s your excuse for the filthy, humiliating 19 point loss to Gonzaga in the Elite Eight? On National TV no less. I mean didn’t C. Cowherd have the bozo upsetting the ‘Zags…….LFOL

        Hey, but the Booger and his Daddy were impressed.


      3. Don’t give a rat’s assz, I don’t pretend we win when we lost, like the sow wannabes do.

        We ALMOST WON!! Yippie!!! And that means we’re better than the team whose beat us 4 STRAIGHT times… hooray for the ruins.

        We’re 0-4 but we ignore it because we’re irrelevant. Yeah for us…

        Ruins=almost won

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    1. No. Don’t quit us, karma. The guys are just doing their version of the Dan Aykroyd/ Jane Curtin skit on SNL….


    2. Please stick around.
      That banter takes up a small segment of bandwidth.
      Scrolling is an art form, I believe.


  2. Dear Pisley, we know SUCC didn’t almost lose to Gonzaga. LOL! After three minutes of the first half, the bozo’s were bending over humming “Give It to Me.”



    1. Bent over? Seems 0-4 is bent over. Seems come from ahead to lose is bent over. Seems being picked to win the Pac12 and finishing 4th because you’re so good at coming from ahead to lose is bent over with your head in a mud puddle.
      Bent over is when your fair weather wannabe fans are so disgusted that they want you to call it a season early.


  3. Clarity through Bourbon*

    While I’ve stated (ad nauseam?) that the Trojans SHOULD go 11-1 in 2021, I absolutely do NOT feel the program is anywhere near a Natty contender. So this thread is dead on arrival. On to the next topic.

    (*in contrast to clarity WITH Bourbon, which never will happen)


  4. Just rent,

    As you know, SC will beat ugly in football this year. it is just like the sun rising from the east. It happens. As far as SC losing to Zaga, yes, they lost. Howevere, ugly not only lost to Zaga, but they lost to SC twice in the same season. U Clowns Lose Again.


  5. Why is everyone getting mad at Helton for proclaiming SC a national title competitor? This sets him up to either deliver, or get the boot.

    What I dont want is allowing him to keep lowering the bar and keeping his job based on his lowered expectations.


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