Warning: Matt Leinart Talking Again

I don’t really listen to Matt Leinart on football, especially USC, because he won’t criticize coaches because he doesn’t want to lose his special status/access at the McKay Center and Heritage Hall.

When he goes off topic, I listen even less. But he can’t stop talking about COVID-19.


At least he didn’t say this again.


35 thoughts on “Warning: Matt Leinart Talking Again

  1. I agree with Matt Leinart’s rationale on this. I’d love it he showed the same nutsack on Fox and called for Clay Helton’s firing nationally live. Ronnie Lott, Marcus Allen, Rodney Peete, Keyshawn, Carson Palmer, Reggie Bush … you guys need to speak up.

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    1. The trumplicans were all for the covid-19 vaccine when they thought Trump was going to be re-elected, then Sleepy Joe Biden mopped the floor with that Loser Donald Trump and the rest is history.

      Hell, trumplicans were even doing this…





  2. Flow…Is Matty L. only allowed to talk about sports? People, especially in CA, have had enough. Yes, safety for all, but this carousel won’t stop if real changes aren’t made. It’s time to let adults make their own decisions for themselves and for their children. Second opinions if you will. Masked or not. Time to move on, or else “flu season” is going to be replaced with “COVID season.” If it hasn’t already…

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    1. You dumb ass! Had enough deaths you idiot. Adults with no sense
      keeps the variant moving. The stupid ones affect the rest of us who
      are not Trump ignoramus. Shut up about the things you know nothing
      about and let the scientist give their expert opinions based on facts!

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      1. “The Scientists” ….


      2. Yup. Donald Trump recommends that everyone get the vaccine, but this has been politicized for some reason. If all adults got the vax, this pandemic would be over soon.


  3. Our government proved how inept it is managing COVID, but the bigger issue is the censorship of any information questioning the vaccines (it isnt really a normal vaccine, it is a genetic rna manipulation that can be dangerous to certain groups of people with autoimmune conditions).

    We have a friend with Lupus who went partially blind from the vaccine shot. All the side effects from the vaccines have been suppressed from media reports. Try Googling COVID vaccine dangers and you dont find any results that contain the arguments of highly qualified doctors that have real concerns about the lack of long term testing and how use of rna technology has not been properly tested yet. Use duckduckgo and you will see some uncensored results.

    My problem is that I thought America was a free society where personal freedom and a free press that questions everything was the bedrock of our democracy. When we allow our government to use CIA information warfare techniques to influence/suppress what people see and hear, we are moving rapidly away from any semblance of liberty.

    Why do you think the drug companies demanded blanket immunity from any legal liability for the damage that could come from these vaccines?

    At this point, I read alot more valid stuff from intelligent commenters than I do in the “news” articles. I imagine that any free thinker has a hard time working in news media organizations these days.

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    1. Your comments are plain stupidity. No more need be said. What are
      your credentials for intelligent people that listen only to Fox.


    2. Let’s be specific GTV, the Trump Administration screwed the nation on the Covid-19 Pandemic. Trump owns every CV-19 death until he was kicked out of office.


    3. Yes, some people have bad side-effects, but the great majority do not. The sooner everybody gets vaccinated, the quicker all this will end.


  4. The state is requiring all students in schools to wear masks. The thought behind this is so children who haven’t gotten their vaccination will not be singled out. This is backwards thinking. If you don’t wear a mask you are sent home so, people who got their vaccination and are tired of wearing masks, get singled out so that kids afraid of needles won’t be bothered. Kids know who didn’t get vaccinated so they will blame the unvaccinated for having to wear a mask- but that’s human nature. The smart thing to do is make masks optional and not even bring up vaccination. Special needs students won’t be wearing masks in either case.
    There is a bad case of stupid in government.

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    1. How about this, if you don’t like how public schools are being run, then parents can send their kids to a private school of their choice, one where little trumplicans can pray until their hearts content and they won’t have to wear a mask.

      Maybe that can be the Trump Crime Family’s next grift, they can open schools across the country and indoctrinate all the ignorant, bigoted, racist, trailer park trash pukes into being the good liitle Hitler’s and Eva Braun’s the trumplicans aspire them to be.

      They can wear Brown Shirts as their uniforms, match the skidmarks in their underwear and the yellow stripe they inherit that runs down their back.


  5. The vaccine is experimental. It’s already doing more harm than any vaccine in the history of vaccines. The manufacturers have immunity but those forcing others to take the vaccine aren’t covered by that immunity. I can guarantee that in 2 years time we’ll all be hearing the following message during sports commercials, “Anyone who was required by their employer or their university to submit to a covid vaccination and is now experiencing heart palpitations, chest pain, blurred or decreased vision, difficulty swallowing, serious mood swings or thoughts of suicide please contact the Law Offices of (some Los Angeles lawyer) at (some Los Angeles phone number).”

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    1. Or MG, you might perish via the newer version of CV-19 by then. The new strain is killing those patients who failed to be vaccinated for the first strain.


    2. Michael are you a dumb wop. One of those no nothing lawyers. Almost
      all covid – 19 deaths since the Delta Variant are people UN – Vaccinated.


    3. “those forcing others to take the vaccine aren’t covered by that immunity. I can guarantee that in 2 years time we’ll all be hearing the following message during sports commercials, “Anyone who was required by their employer or their university to submit to a covid vaccination”

      – Michael Guarino

      Where were you the days they taught law at law school?

      Who is forcing anyone to take the vaccine?

      A company requiring their employees to take the vaccine is not “forcing” them to do anything. An employee doesn’t want to do what is “required” which would be to take the vaccine, then they can start looking for employment elsewhere.

      You can thank Reagan and Bush 43 for the granting of immunity for pharmaceuticals with regard to vaccines.


      1. “They are not being forced to take it–they are only being terminated if they don’t take it”…..


  6. the entire subjection of the entire population to this manufactured political flu has been sad…it shows what the schools have turned this country into…it was great growing up in the 40’s and 50’s,Calif was ‘the’ golden state…now it is just a trashed state…hitting near bottom…hope the illegals trash it further,since the people elect their enablers.
    Leinart ? a once great q/b with a great ‘O’ line and running backs,receivers and most important coaches…other than that no accomplishments,with a zero meaning education what would one expect?maybe the next democrat political analyst?

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    1. You’re 80 something if you were a kid then. No one cares what your opinion on anything is as you’re not going to be around much longer. Why would you even bother commenting if you’re aging out?

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      1. Tough guys like you always make it into their 90’s.
        btw, your critics aren’t worth a reply, Tim.


    2. Umm, here’s this…

      The Trump administration has exerted relentless political pressure on public health officials to approve a vaccine quickly, with the president pushing for a vaccine by Election Day.

      Meanwhile, the global competition to get a vaccine first – and reap the economic and scientific rewards – is intense, with over 120 vaccines currently in development.

      Experts, however, have cautioned against the rapid development of COVID-19 vaccines. Vaccine development takes time and requires carefully crafted studies to assess short-term and long-term risks and benefits. The fastest vaccine to ever come to market from scratch was the mumps vaccine, which took four years from the time virus samples were collected to distribution of the vaccine.

      Nevertheless, biotech firms have every incentive to be the first to bring a coronavirus vaccine to market, even if it means cutting a corner or two.

      You want to blame someone, blame Trump.

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      1. All valid observations. First smart stuff you’ve said on the subject in a long time, tebow…..


  7. I have no idea who you are other than some dude who ran for a lawyer job, lost, and moved to Hawaii (no clue as to the order of events). You’re either really old and media unsavy or a world class assclown. How long did you work in biotech? How far did you get in med school.

    Come on dude. You’re fully vaccinated and a hypocrite/


  8. Playing chess with mostly checkers-players….

    I first heard about this CoRoNA virus in 1984 in my USC Med School virology class.
    It scared the effing $#!t out of me back then–truly nefarious virus with so many lethal methods to attack human protein receptors and methods to hide from a human’s immune system. My virology Professor told us at the lecture that we did not need to worry about being tested on the upcoming exam regarding this particular CoRoNA virus as it had not shown the ability to jump from other species to humans. Humans had been infected with a far more benign Corona virus for likely hundreds of years with only mild symptoms, and we were tested on that wimpy corona virus. Guess those Wuhan lab techs figured out how to help it jump species. (BTW, that’s what Dr Scott Gottlieb–former head of the US FDA has eloquently outlined recently.)

    We WERE highly worried (and repeatedly tested) on a really scary virus back in 1984.
    That pandemic was really lethal (100%) back then.
    I’d guess that I’m a bit ahead of you all here.

    A lot of you knuckleheads put those signs on your front porch….”Science is real.”
    I find it frustrating that you non-scientists only believe the science that supports your personal political agenda.


    A group of smart scientists, mathematicians, and engineers from MIT did a modeling experiment and found that masks and social distancing indoors did very little (if anything) to stop airborne transmission of this virus. DWELL TIME was the primary determinant of droplet spread/infection. Over 15 minutes and exposed to the droplet and you’re in trouble indoors. Outdoors? Looking pretty good to not get infected.

    IMHO, in a risk-benefit analysis most middle-age to older Americans are far-more likely to suffer from COVID-19 infection than from an adverse myocardial inflammatory event due to mRNA vax. Make your choice.

    Age 30 and under?–myocarditis might be a greater risk to you than shrugging off a nasty virus which will set you back a few weeks.

    For the knuckleheads who make this a political football, I am bemused by you.

    Matty L–a young, successful leader–is voicing his opinion.
    I wish more young, successful Americans would do the same.

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    1. When I talk about coronavirus I site a personal experience from 37 years ago. You used a type writer for any papers you wrote for that class. I’m curious how you managed to connect your type writer to this idiotic pimple on the Internet.


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