Saturday Buzz: Or USC Could Just Join The Big Ten

The great thing about conference realignment is you can write just about anything and it cannot be denied.

Here is an Ohio State site ( saying that USC, UCLA, Oregon and Colorado want to join the Big Ten.

The schedule challenges the four would face would be daunting. Along with executing a departure from the Pac-12. Oh, and getting Carol Folt to approve it.

But here is the story:


32 thoughts on “Saturday Buzz: Or USC Could Just Join The Big Ten

  1. If I was SC I would stay put in the “cupcake” Pac-12, at least until they get rid of CH. If they get a great coach in there, then I might think about it.

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    1. Wisconsin, Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, Iowa …. oh, crap. If Folt just called a meeting to discuss the possibility, Clay would submit his pink slip.

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      1. USC is the only Blue Blood program in the entire western half of the United States and it can’t even keep high prized recruits in it’s own backyard from fleeing the state.


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  2. Why would this article say Colorado and not Stanford and/or Washington!? Total BS. It’s going to be “Power 4” very quickly and USC needs to learn how to sink or swim in the Pac12.


  3. My god, is this where USC and USC fans really want to be!? Clay Helton’s already shown (despite his pre-game ass-kissing) that he can’t complete with Kirk Ferentz despite having superior talent. Clay, in the name of Urban Meyer, I hope you read this and immediately go into your bathroom and start punching yourself in the nuts✌️


  4. IF USC were to be in the Big10, they would have an extra $15-$20 M per year and would have plenty of $$$ to buy out Gomer and bring in a real coach.

    Bohner should be talking to the Big10 regardless, to extract more scratch from the Pac10 bozos

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    1. I like any idea that involves kicking Helton to the curb. But USC needs to commit and plant its football flag in zip 90089 and reclaim its position as a CFB blue-blood. USC of old would be leading this realignment conversation (ie, Texas and Oklahoma would be coming to Pac12 because of NIL and other reasons). Now USC’s a CFB afterthought.

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    2. USC has plenty of money to buy out Helton. It isnt about the money and has never been. Caruso is the guy standing in the way, because Folt doesnt really run things. Does Helton know where a body is buried?

      The best thing about this re-alignment talk is that it probably forces people at USC to start talking about making big changes, and Clay clearly cant be the coach when those things happen.

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    3. Calabasas –Here’s how this plays out. USC joins Big 10. USC loses every single Saturday for the first 2 years. USC Board Chairman [& it’s President-In- Name-Only & wittle baby A.D] feel the heat. USC hires a real coach, gets pick of the litter California recruits and starts kicking ass again.


  5. LMFAO at Mr. Wolf for believing the USC Board of Trustees, Boosters and alumni would actually leave the decision that decides the fate of the Trojan football program to be determined or under the authority of Carol Folt.

    “. Along with executing a departure from the Pac-12. Oh, and getting Carol Folt to approve it.”

    – Scott Wolf

    I think Mr. Wolf is alright and agree with a lot of his takes regarding USC, but what he wrote above has got to be about the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen written on a USC social media site.

    Who the fuck is Carol Folt? You think over a 100 years of Trojan football tradition has ever been put in her trust as far as deciding it’s future, then you must be dumber than a box of rocks.

    Carol Folt is a Fucking Nothing…A Nothing with no shame collecting a paycheck is all she is.


    1. Carol Folt is clearly not making decisions about Clay and USC football. She is a puppet. She was fired at her last job and cant risk losing another job. She was the perfect president for this exact reason.

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    2. -“I agree with a lot of Scott’s takes regarding USC”
      “-Scott must be dumber than a box of rocks…”


      1. Not a hypocrite like you Mr. Free Ride into UC Davis law school in the public’s dime.

        And now you’re Mr. Conservative, against the very socialism you took advantage of.

        You align yourself with the biggest loser if all, Donald J. Trump…what does that make you?


      2. Yes…. I align myself with….. “the biggest loser IF all.”


  6. Send Ucla if you want but if we go anywhere it would have to be independent.
    However, Scott’s right they are throwing chaff in the wind to see how it settles. The big 10 isn’t a good match for the West Coast teams.
    Let me start the rumors about the PAC12 courting San Diego State, Fresno State, BYU and UNLV.
    I won’t lose any sleep over USC moving.

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    1. In normal times (ie. with McKay, Robinson 1, or Carroll) running the program, I would say Independent is the way to go. But to go Independent you need to line up solid TV deals, games against quality opponents, etc. And honestly the Dolt, Bohner, and Gomer are incapable of safely navigating USC to Independent status. They are incompetent under the confines of a weak Pac-12, imagine if they had to act alone to establish USC as an Independent power? Not happening under this regime and probably better for USC until there are competent people at the top.

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      1. Funny –that’s exactly the way they see it too.


  7. As if the actual Trojan faithful would put the direction of Trojan football in the hands of a Clown from Cincinnati and a Nobody by way of North Carolina.

    A UC Santa Barbara grad deciding the fate of Trojan football…and a woman one at that!






  8. Carol Folt tweeting and trying to take credit for something she had nothing to do with. Carol Folt hates USC football because she associates it with rich white male alumni. Actually USC football is a source of pride to blacks and whites in Los Angeles and elsewhere and has been a positive force in bringing people together for least 50 years. Carol Folt is a mental midget and … literally a midget … I’ve got the over/under at 4’10”✌️

    “So proud of @USC’s Olympians! Did you know: we’re sending more athletes to Tokyo – 61 – than any other U.S. university? More highlights here.”


  9. Analysis of USC recent hires:
    Nikias F
    Folt D
    Born Incomplete
    Haden F
    Swan F

    New Marshall School President F

    Pretty bad track record recently
    Remember St Pete was 4th choice after Mike Riley, et al passed

    Travel is biggest obstacle with Big 10 as well as playing subzero temperature

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    1. Dan Weber:
      Nikias –A
      Bohn —A
      Haden –A
      Helton —A+


  10. That made up story would have sounded more convincing with the four CA schools, who are joined at the hip. The Big 10 realizes that it’s in the same sinking boat as the P12 if the SEC grabs Tejas and Okie. If anything it would pull what’s left of the northern Big 12 schools, but the remainder of the Texas schools could be gobbled up by the P12 to get some Texas market action, which is a better deal. Larry Scott tore down a whole conference! Whoot! Guy really knows how to party!


  11. This is buckeyescoop …. USC to BigTen gets mentioned at 7:20. He says Stanford and Cal are also in play. I just don’t get why Colorado. Washington should be the other team.


  12. SEC is once again showing its Marketing Genius:
    1. Expand the Playoff to 12.
    2. Add Oklahoma & Texas.
    3. Get 6-8 of the Playoff Spots every year and Ca$h in.

    In the meantime, the Pac 12 was led by Larry Scott.


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