If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column, Part II

Did you see former USC trustee Tom Barrack posted a $250 million bond today at his court hearing?

That doesn’t happen at every university.

The way USC doesn’t really play any one in non-conference games outside of Notre Dame make me feel some nostalgia with this USC-Alabama photo from 1977.

This was the same season USC also played Texas A&M.

  • Here is the Yankees’ roster from the USC-Yankees game program in 1951, when the teams met at Bovard Field. Look at the names: Rizzuto, Berra, Coleman, DiMaggio, Mantle, etc.

Did you know their was a pool hall opposite the Shrine Auditorium in 1940?

And our restaurant of the week is Little Bit O’ Sweden, where you could eat the whole menu for $1.95.

Bit of Sweden restaurant, 9051 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, circa mid 1940s
  • Bill Redell (below), the former Crespi and Oaks Christian coach, was a QB at USC in the early 1960’s. He transferred to Occidental when he saw the glut of QBs (Bill Nelsen, Pete Beathard, Craig Fertig).

Redell got a huge surprise at lunch today when his former Crespi star tailback Russell White showed up unexpectedly. You might remember White had 229 yards rushing and 3 TD’s in a 1991 52-30 victory over USC in Berkeley.

Russell White is the nephew of USC Heisman Trophy winner Charles White, No. 12 in the photo at the top of this article.

24 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column, Part II

  1. No, this does not happen at every university, but it has been known to happen. Steve Wynn had his name taken off an area after he was sued for sexual harassment following the #metoo movement. He had donated $7M to the Wharton School. We idolize these men who are worth billions, and appoint them to boards just because they were successful in making money and can donate lots of it. In return, they get a seat on the board. No one questions much about them. They are bathed in green. It doesn’t make them good people, or ethically or morally upstanding citizens who can make great decisions for a university. On the contrary, most have done a lot of awful things to get where they are. It is a shame that our culture thinks these men, or women (their wives, sisters or those who inherit, because most women haven’t made this kind of money yet), reveres these people as upholders of the flame. Our board is rife with this. It is part of the problem of USC. But USC is not alone in this.

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    1. And C.L. Max Nikias said that USC football being sanctioned by the NCAA tarnished the university’s image.

      Anyone know the Greek word for Karma?


      1. “It is commonly believed that man will fly directly from the earth to the moon, but to do this, we would require a vehicle of such gigantic proportions that it would prove an economic impossibility. It would have to develop sufficient speed to penetrate the atmosphere and overcome the earth’s gravity and, having traveled all the way to the moon, it must still have enough fuel to land safely and make the return trip to earth. Furthermore, in order to give the expedition a margin of safety, we would not use one ship alone, but a minimum of three … each rocket ship would be taller than New York’s Empire State Building [almost ¼ mile high] and weigh about ten times the tonnage of the Queen Mary, or some 800,000 tons.”—Wernher von Braun, the father of the Apollo space program, writing in Conquest of the Moon


      2. Yeah –I remember that Disneyland Show too. Some of it is outdated now…. like the little animated man who goes up in the rocket smoking a cigar….. and everything von Braun said.


    2. I saw in recent years where the women in the U.S. had overtaken the men in overall wealth. Of course, women live longer and so inherit more wealth than men do


    1. The Little Bit O’ Sweden photo sure takes me back. Great little place. Grand shots of Charles and Russell White and Coach Redell too.

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      1. MG, I figure that photo must be from the late 40s or early 50s? If so, and adjusting for inflation, then that smorgasbord comes in around today at about $17. Heck of a deal.

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      2. All I remember now is lots of meat dishes and lots of fabulous deserts for very little money (great place to take your ravenous UCLA girlfriends)….

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  2. Scottie,
    Love the history, but Coleman is not a yankee great. The other names you mentioned are legendary. Coleman was a total journeyman.

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  3. “And our restaurant of the week is Little Bit O’ Sweden, where you could eat the whole menu for $1.95.”


    Yeah, it was so good they nearly had to give it away.

    Little Bit ‘O Sweden was a whole lot of crap.


  4. Russell
    Man boobs? So wrong. Work on it. They grow lad. Work on it.

    Dem pizza queen Tony Podesta got to register retroactivally as a foreign agent, good ole DOJ. No angle there. Your time will come you SOB’s.

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  5. where is the discussion about the potential moves in the Big 12? OK and TX moving to the SEC would require a reshuffling of other conferences, unless they want to be left behind.

    The Pac-12 needs to make a play for TX and OK and jettison WA state and OR state and maybe Colorado. Is there another team we want, like Baylor?

    It is time to stop being a horrible conference and admit that we either want to win, or should just cancel the whole season.

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      1. 100%.

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  6. Let’s hope USC football does not slip as low as USC Baseball has since Rod Dedeaux left. That USC baseball program was at the very top for a long time, and USC has let it fall despite the huge popularity of college baseball today. Limited scholarships for baseball at USC has always been the problem even when Coach Dedeaux was there, but the main problem is USC has made some terrible coaching decisions in this program also in recent years.

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