USC Sunday Buzz: Remembering Another L.A. Landmark

On Friday, I ran a page of the Yankees-USC game program from 1951.

Here is an ad that ran in the four-page program:

Remember the Angels played at Wrigley Field, which was about two miles from USC on 42nd Place.

The Hollywood Stars played at Gilmore Field, which was near Farmers Market and is where the current CBS Television City is located.

THS Book 7 - Richard Beverage Collection.jpg

Popular sportscaster Sam Balter was a UCLA basketball All-American but I recounted here his 1954 radio broadcast praising the USC band and basketball program.

The Angels and Stars were bitter rivals too.

Here is a Life magazine three-page spread on a 1953 fight between the teams that brought 55 police officers to the stadium.

Part of the  LIFE  magazine 3-page spread titled “It’s Rhubarb Time at the Ballpark,” showing the brawl between the Angels and Stars at Gilmore Field in 1953.

The altercation started when the Stars’ Ted Beard, slid spikes first into Angels’ third baseman Murray Franklin.

Hollywood Stars’ Ted Beard, sliding spikes first into Angels’ third baseman Murray Franklin, setting off a riot at Gilmore Field in 1953.

16 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Remembering Another L.A. Landmark

  1. You can tell from the sweet expression on Ted Beard’s face that he had no ill intent or bad intentions toward Murray Franklin on this slide…..

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    1. That grimace is a pre reaction to the hard landing he’s about to endure. He’s a good couple of feet above the ground close to the bag. There’s no sliding happening in the picture.
      Anyway I looked up what happened to the Hollywood Stars. They gave up baseball for a game show gig.

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      1. …yes ….baseball arguably lost it’s best pitcher and shortstop when Jonathan Winters and Peter Marshall left the game while at the peak of their powers….

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    2. The Holy Spirit inspires prophetic word, not the pitcher, and/or certainly not the shortstop lol….it’s not anyone’s private reserve. Ask the right God, and you shall receive. Ask not the right God? I wouldn’t bet your eternity on it. We all have two lives to live: the one here on earth, and the one in eternity. Please try, though it’s difficult….He’s real…. I’ve written to you to illustrate it….it’s not an easy journey….but, He makes it possible, so none should perish, but that all would come to repentance…….amen


      1. Low, He is with you all, always…..I’m sorry for your troubles, I know them well….


  2. The Stars played at Gilmore Field, located just to the east of where CBS built its studios. Television City was built on the corner of Beverly and Fairfax, the site of Gilmore Stadium (football and auto racing).

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  3. Sending 55 police officers anywhere today would result in a shouting match about the legacy of racism, violence in America and the decline of Western Civilization. Even if it was at nothing more than an ordinary ballgame.




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  4. Gilmore I think,was also near the Pan Pacific(used to be where ice capades and most auto shows ,and those hunting and fishing extravaganzas were held) and in addition was near to Farmers Mkt, if I recall correctly.
    I always rooted for the Angels of the PCL ; was AAA ball and the top farm teams for majors. I do recall the the fight mentioned, and their rivalry was intense ,but this was a major brawl.

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    1. Loved rooting for those Angels too, Tim. btw, the old, original Farmers’ Market was so cool. Shame it had to go. Loved wandering around there as a kid.

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    1. Who will ever forget their contribution?
      [Memory from many years ago: Jonathon Winters is asked where the eagle on the silver dollar is perched. He replies he doesn’t know & is told by Peter Marshall “he’s on the moon.”
      Winters replies “he has no business being there!”]……


  5. Remember Gilmore Stadium very well. Was attending a pro football game there. I believe it was between LA Bulldogs and Hollywood Bears)
    The date was Dec. 7 1941. The stadium announcer informed us that Japan had boomed Pearl Harbor. I was 14 years old with my Dad. The game ended and we all filed out. Lots of adult talk but very quiet. A
    memory you never forget.

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