USC-Notre Dame Rivalry Reveals Something

USC has not beaten Notre Dame since 2016.

That’s the kind of thing I think about when looking at the football program today.

It’s also what I think about when Mike Bohn or Brandon Sosna try to brag on twitter about football.

The Clay Helton era has been a disaster for things like the USC-Notre Dame rivalry. Helton is 1-3 and avoided a loss last season when the teams did not play.

USC is good at bottom-feeding against Cal, Colorado, Arizona, etc.

But what about the real games? That’s when you need to perform. And USC has not under Helton. Just think of Notre Dame, Ohio State, Alabama, Oregon, Iowa. Programs that care about winning.

31 thoughts on “USC-Notre Dame Rivalry Reveals Something

  1. Scottie, what a way to start off Saturday night for us.

    That Iowa loss really hurt. Hope Kedon’s arm is now recovered from that game. It wasn’t last year. No way Clay should have not been fired after that debacle. He is the cat with 9 lives.

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  2. 2016 blow-out against Notre Dame was one of the most fun games I’ve watched. The Adoree Jackson show … no nervousness that USC would lose. Clay Helton returns to form in 2017 and takes it up the behind from purple-faced Brian Kelly 49-14.

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    1. Why not give Clay some credit for Adoree’s performance? Could Adoree have turned the corner on that TD run without Clay’s coaching? Could he have hurdled that guy on his kickoff return without Clay? Or picked off that pass without Clay? I don’t think so.
      The only mystery here is why Clay withheld his football secrets from the next four season’s worth of corners. [Particularly, Jack Jones]….

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      1. btw, Clay shows more flashes of coaching greatness when he’s got Sam Darnold, Ronald Jones, Steven Mitchell, JuJu, Porter Gustin, Cameron Smith and Adoree in the lineup.

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      2. Porter Gustin and Cameron Smith were over-hyped injury prone girl scouts.


        Those girls weren’t worth a shit.


  3. Clay Helton and Mike Bohn apologists will say “at least Clay Helton never lost to Notre Dame 51-0.”


    1. …and it’s safe to say he’ll never lead the Trojans back from 0-24 to beat Notre Dame 55-24 either…..


      1. That is the humiliation of 7 2nd half touchdowns in a game that you were in control of in the 1st Half #AraParseghian. God bless John McKay and your comeuppance. Fight on SC✌️

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  4. I agree. CH has built most of his winning record by beating a bunch of Pop Warner teams playing in the weakest division of a Pop Warner league. Although there has been a few exceptions(Washington in 2016 and Penn State in the Rose Bowl), he usually gets killed against the really good teams. My advice is to stay in the creampuff Pac-12 and don’t even think about going to a stronger conference. Going into a conference like the SEC with CH as HC would be like putting a Chihuahua into a cage with hungry rotwillers, bull dogs and german shepards. SC would be torn to pieces.

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      1. He probably tripped because he was still spooked from Traveler doing circles around the track. Lol


  5. Notre Dame 44

    USC 17

    Jaxson Dart finishes the 2nd half of the massacre going 15 of 28 197 yards with 2 TD’s and 1 Int.

    She-don Slovis knocked out just before the half. Ms. Slovis Trojan career is over, turns out to be a huge bust, never making an NFL roster because she’s too much of an injury prone pussy who can’t take a hit without hurting her little elbow or skinning her knee.


  6. Chris Petersen is out tbere to be had to replace Clueless Clay, but the USC so called brain trust has shit for brains and no interest in returning the program back to prominence.


    1. I think Petersen wanted the job the first time around. Haden convinced him that he was not the man for the job. Given the right offer by an AD who convinced him that the administration would support him and I think he would take the job today.


  7. Biggest problem for me in the Clay Helton era? These Trojan teams are just plain unwatchable. Even when they win, I still see a poor on field product. Then, I factor in Clay makes 5 million per year!? UNACCEPTABLE!

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    1. I have 3 Season Tickets and haven’t been to a game all year. Already been to 3 Seattle Seahawk games with a 4th coming up in two weeks…needed to remember what USC Football used to look like.


  8. tebowobama…. You seem to be very critical of USC’s players… Have you ever played football? If you haven’t taken a snap. or put a big hit on someone. or got leveled by another player better than you, then you should stay quiet and concentrate on your politics! All these players you criticized were absolutely the best in High school and good enough to play for USC.. Granted they weren’t developed by dimwit Helton, but that’s not their fault.. If you’ve played football at this highest level, then you’ve earned the right to comment on these young men. If you’re an armchair QB, then temper down your meaningless comments.

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      1. To be fair, not “all.”


    1. I’ll critique whoever the hell I want. Don’t like what I have to say, don’t read my posts.

      Tell the rest of your colleagues in the Trojan athletic dept. that you’re not going to corrupt this blog site with your Helton humping, not buying that crap here.


  9. That 55-24 score does not seem right. I was there that day. We were up about 50-0 at the half but some guy from USC scored the next 17 times he got the ball. Final score seemed to be about 100=0 ( they took our 50 off the board for lack of effort)

    At least thats how I remember it!

    Its taken these last few years to dull the sting.

    This year looks like another solid ND win. I will try to post some actual insight as the game gets closer.


    1. Do you still have nightmares from that day, of Tommy Trojan running circles around the track everytime USC scored? The late Ara Parseghian said he had nightmares of that white horse.


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