Report: USC Assistant Jason Hart Leaving

USC assistant coach Jason Hart is resigning to become head coach of the G League Ignite, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

Behind the scenes, this is viewed as a huge loss for USC. Hart basically built the program the past eight years.

For example, he had to convince Andy Enfield to take Nick Rakocevic after Enfield balked and recruited most of the top players USC signed outside of the Mobley brothers.

Hart wanted to become a head coach and recently he and Enfield were upset they did not contract extensions after USC went to the Elite Eight.

42 thoughts on “Report: USC Assistant Jason Hart Leaving

    1. 8 years at USC and this jason hart is just now getting a job offer?

      If hart were any good he should have been gone long ago.


    2. Jason Hart lands a HC’g job and Andyain’twinning ends up SUCC’ing hind titty for the humiliating, tomato can, bozo Elite Eight, 19 point loss!

      Cue “Light my Fire.”

      Andyain’twinning is headed to ‘kicking a rusty can down the road’ ville.

      #Tanks Enfield.


  1. Hi folks, college and pro basketball are all screwed up! can not let the p layers run the programs. there all in a big hurry!!!!!!!!!!!! sincerely, Edward

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  2. Losing Jason Hart is a huge blow to the basketball program. I look for Enfield to leave next. Another stupid move by Mike Bohn for not rewarding Enfield and his staff with a raise after an excellent season. Very bad timing, and shows there is a morale program at USC under Mike Bohn’s leadership.

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    1. Hard to know what Bohn is thinking …. he’s not likely to improve on Enfield (as a matter of fact —if Enfield DOES leave —- Bohn is gonna wind up with big problems in all 3 major sports)…..


      1. Yes, she does have Mister Bohn under control…. complete and utter control….


    2. This is a bad comment.

      Why should Enfield get the benefit of the doubt? Evan Mobley is to Andy Enfield as Sam Darnold was to Clay Mobley. So Enfield has one decent tourney run in eight years because of a once-in a decade talent and we are supposed to shower Enfield with a Clay Helton style contract extension? Until Evan Mobley, USC had won exactly two NCAA tournament games, and one of them was a play-in game/first-four appearance.

      Andy Enfield cannot recruit and retain guards, which are the lifeblood of college programs. That he has to to dip into the transfer market on an annual basis in order to fill out the roster because of recruiting and development failures is very Clay Helton and not exactly a ringing endorsement of Andy Enfield as a head coach.

      Lets not forget the 2017-18 where a team loaded with experienced players like Jordan McLaughlin, Chimezie Metu, Elijah Stewart, Bennie Boatwright, Nick Rakocevic and Elijah Stewart lost to every single ranked team they played, didn’t get an NCAA bid, needed 2 OTs to beat a Big South team that couldn’t win it’s conference tournament then lost to Western Kentucky. And let’s also not forget that they lost their best player because an assistant on Andy Enfield’s staff plead guilty to a felony, leading the United States Attorney to make a five-minute harangue in open court where he “explain[ed) to [the Judge] how USC as an institution has a sordid history of NCAA rules violations, and that Bland wasn’t some singular stain on the legacy of the school” Bland was then replaced by Evan Mobley’s father, and AAU coach with a questionable history.

      Then there is the 2018-19 season debacle.

      This has to be the one of the dumbest comment sections on the Internet.


  3. Big blow to the USC basketball program losing Jason Hart. Big mistake by Mike Bohn not rewarding the USC basketball staff a raise after a successful season. Big indication there is a morale problem within the USC athletic department under Mike Bohn’s leadership especially among the coaches. Bad Timing……… might see Andy Enfield as the next one to leave.

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  4. Scooter,

    it does not mean that SC won’t hire Hart after Enfield leaves. It might give Hart a perspective that he may grow into. However, SC did lose a great coach. Another feather in Dolt, John, and Helton’s cap. yes, I blame helton. Bohn should have fired him last year. yet, bohn sees medorcity and accpets it. he does not see greatness because he measures greatness as helton.

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  5. Enfield is done for sure now. Tony Bland and Hart were both able to save Enfield from himself. Without them USC basketball is gonna go full Helton


  6. Great recruiter.
    Really good at building up USC’s program.
    This is a big lose but good programs should expect this.
    Remember during Pete Carroll days we would lose coaches every year.

    I trust the process and the University to hire the right ass’t coach.

    Thanks Enfield!!

    FYI – I did not see you Wolf at yesterday’s media day. Oh that’s right, you were on “the do not fly list.” Thanks Tessalone!!

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    1. Friends tell me they overheard Tessalone at a local bar and grill saying how much he admired Scott: “Sure, he can be difficult –what genius isn’t? Wasn’t Alexander the Great difficult at times? Napoleon? General Patton? And yet we think of them all as heroes, don’t we? Well, the same is true of Scott…”

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  7. David Blumenthal, or Sam Clancy would make great assistant coaches especially in recruiting. Jason Hart, was the backbone of the USC program, and will be very difficult to replace. Jeff Trepagnier is heavily involved with inner city basketball like Jason Hart including the Compton Magic so he might be a good fit also.

    My gut feeling is that Mike Bohn will be gone in two years maybe so. He is just does not represent USC Athletic very well.

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  8. MG, the only team wanting to schedule SUCC is/was UC Davis.

    SUCC FB: “…sound and fury, signifying nothing…”


    1. My dear friend Owns,
      I would agree with if it weren’t for the last 50 seconds of that last game you guys played against us…


      1. But MG, according to the blog Rah-Rah’s, mighty SUCC shouldn’t have to win in the last 50 seconds vs UCLA.

        bozo FB (5-0) showed its true colors in the P-12 Champ loss @ the crumbling mausoleum vs the 3-2 Oregon Ducks and then pussying out of a bowl game invitation.


  9. Ahhh, just lay back and close your eyes… soon this will all be over. No more worries about winning, no more opinions that differ, no truth, no justice, no American way. Dont fight it, and God forbid don’t fight on, just slip on into a blissful sleep while Pastor Helton leads us in prayer, and more importantly, into willful compliance.

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    1. Speaking of the American Way — Biden just referred to the time he was “Trump’s Vice President”…


  10. Hart is a great recruiter not a coach. The move will burnish his image and he can prob use it to jump to a college hoops head coach. Bohn was right not to extend Enfield. Now he’ll have no excuses and have to do it on his own, including he recruiting, sink or swim. SC proved that it can be relevant and grab a great coach to take SC to the next level if there is no swimming with Enfield.


  11. Got talking with my brothers, con cerveza, about the backyard bbqs & late night poker partys our old man used to host at our house, in the massive den his hands built, and under the roof his American dream provided. Once a month, every month, year after year, it was chips, dips, sunflower seeds, Bob Ostrow jerky & dills, 1/2″ t-bones from Bills Butcher Block grilled spot-on med-rare, Olympia pop-tops, A&W root beer for us kids, Jerry Lee, Merle & Cash in the air, and of course Amanda, the cute as hell daughter of my Dads buddy Ed I crushed on first time we met. It was during those days long since past that I also fell in love with the Cardinal & Gold. Out of all them Kodak memories the thing that still stays with to this very day, is the pride my Dad took in his personal, top secret, never compromised, prep of those tbone beauties. I always got the sense it was his way of uniquely & unapologetically stamping those evenings as “hosted by Jimmy B”. So why am I randomly going down this lane with y’all, seemingly good folks I’ve never met, never boozed with, etc, etc? Pretty simple reason from my dented perspective… much like those days and those friends, this small, anonymous part of an overly digitized world ain’t afraid to voice an opinion. No one here seems to be worried about having their dessert card taken away if they don’t fall in line with the tissue paper strong narrative the USCs of the world are pushing down our individual throats. These days there aren’t any backyard shindigs where neighbors join in instead of complaining. These days celebration is muted and compliance is exalted. And while I still can, and where it’s still recognized, I’m gonna bang a drum to my own beat as loud as I can, as long as I can. And to all those who choose to clap like a seal for the nothingness a Helton, and now our University stands for, too afraid to stand alone and speak against the sheeple machine, I hear Applebees is running a home delivery special on crappy and completely forgettable ribs. And if you like & share an “I Fuckin Love Applebees” msg with your friends, they’ll give you a dollar off some lame side dish… Forever and a day, Fight On!

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    1. Nice, some good sentiment. But mixed with much anxiety about the present and future.

      We cannot change the present and only have a small amount of power regarding the future. So I guess the only “way out” is to accept the reality and try not to let it negatively affect us too much.

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  12. MG: Pussying seems reasonable, but I’m willing to give your definition for SUCC FB’s reason to ditch their “Any team, anywhere, anytime” motto just after a humiliating P-12 FB Championship runner-up defeat a shot.


  13. Push the reset button…

    I Mobley returns, Chevez Goodwin returns, a bunch more return from a really good team that played winning team BB.
    Three sharp shooting G/SF are coming in: #20, #24, #42 per ESPN.

    I’m fine with MBB for 2021-2.

    With NIL, the G-league, etc, a large chunk of the best HS BB players are not going to play college BB anywhere. (There will be a few “one and done’s” in NCAAM, but it’s hard to get excited about MBB when the best 18-19 year olds will not be on campus–anywhere.)


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