What Will USC Do With Barrack Hall?

Did you know USC has a Barrack Hall, named after former trustee Tom Barrack, who resigned last week after he was arrested and indicted.

Barrack donated $15 million in 2014 for the honor.

Now here is where things get tricky. Barrack Hall is actually renovations that took place inside the famous Bridge Hall building on campus. I’ve written extensively about Bridge Hall, which has some famous gargoyles, including one of a bear holding a football.

So what is USC going to do about Barrack Hall? Take the name off?

It took Les Mooves’ name off a media center at the Annenberg Building a few years ago followin allegations of sexual misconduct and rejected a $5 million gift from Harvey Weinstein.

Like many things at USC, we’ll wait.

37 thoughts on “What Will USC Do With Barrack Hall?

  1. I think USC should tear the whole building down —-right after it’s legal department outlines each and every one of the federal statutes Barrack allegedly violated and provides a detailed summary of the evidence the prosecution will rely on in proving each and every element of each and every charge beyond a reasonable doubt to the unanimous satisfaction of each and every juror…
    Hope they pay particular attention to the evidence satisfying the “intent” requirements….

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      1. I have respect and admiration for you. I think you know exactly how much. And it’s not like you to get things wrong…so I hope you’ll allow me to straighten you out on this one. Criminal “Procedure” classes cover such things as arrest, search, seizure, warrants, wiretaps, right to counsel, right to cross examination, bail, pre-trial release, etc, etc.
        Here all I ask is, before a building comes down or changes names, somebody match up the evidence against Barrack to all the elements of all the charges the government is contemplating. You don’t need a Criminal “Procedure” Class for that —[but Criminal Law and Evidence books might be nice]…..

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      2. MG,
        You have stalker. With too much time on his hands

        Maybe he can coach Scotty how to spell MooNvees in his spare time.

        Nah, he’d rather be creepy.

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      1. Is it conceivable we’re living in a world of political prosecutions? Didn’t Alan Dershowitz say something to that effect lately (and how he wished we didn’t criminalize political differences)?


  2. Why should SC do anything? He has not been convicted of anything. His charge was of not properly filing his alleged lobbying. Failure to have a professional license isn’t a violent crime. And the deal around the Abraham Accords and arms deals were not secret or underhanded- it was extremely public. I’m sure some will note the double standard, inconsistency and lack of clarity, where say, AIPAC lobbies but doesn’t register points out how political this is. The last thing USC should do is to engage in that, or we would have to remove virtually every member of the BOT… Wait a minute, that may not be such a bad idea.


    1. A judge ain’t gonna slap a $250m bail on a dude if his only crime is not filling out a form. The thing I don’t get is he’s old as shit and already has billions of dollars. Just go home, chill, enjoy your fabulous wealth.

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      1. What are you talking about? He’s got billions and extensive business interests abroad, in the Middle East.. Of course he would have a bond since he could just leave, move his US money. That’s esp true since the real reasons are AIPAC doesn’t want the weapons systems going to Arabs, and Barrack is considered a Trump best friend, who may be leveraged to giving up info. The only charge is not being professionally registered. That information is everywhere.


  3. “Tom Barrack, who resigned last week after he was arrested and indicted.”

    “Barrack donated $15 million in 2014 for the honor.”


    2014, that was about the time USC with C.L. Max Nikias as president, was swindling and heisting UC San Diego out of it’s Alzheimer Research Program, a sleazy underhanded display of corruption and theft that profoundly tarnished USC’s image.

    USC eventually had to pay UCSD $50M and apologize for raiding its Alzheimer’s research program.

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  4. His name should be removed immediately. Damage to this fine university has already been completed before the trial. We need to cut all ties, and complete association with this man I don’t care how much money he has donated.


    1. tommyd,

      Then would you agree that the Greek, Folt, Bohn, Helton, BOT’s, an others that have brought down the ethics and allowing crime to be done on the campus and off campus, such as the gyncologist, and lack of support for the football team or keeping its prelevance should be let go?

      I say yes.


    1. I have one small disagreement with Reggie here. The “sham investigation” is not “ABOUT to get exposed.” A Judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court already characterized the investigation as “conducted “with malice and in bad faith.” Today the NCAA basically has taken the position that it’s in too deep to say “we’re sorry.”

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      1. Reggie really is a trash person. He screwed a ton of future USC players by not cooperating. He didn’t do anything that would’ve been a crime. Just cooperate and say you were young and dumb then everyone could’ve just moved on. But alas, here we are.

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    2. Blaming the NCAA for Bush’s greedy behavior is sure to soften the NCAA’s attitude vis-à-vis Bush’s pathetic HT request.


      1. F off little guy. You’re the very last person who should be talking ethical considerations when you worship that lying-cheating-corrupt johnie “sure I’ll take care of it” wooden.
        You’re a demented punk who refuses to see reality.


  5. hi folks, the myth of einstein a phony.his black hole theory that actually were black women whores holes he was looking at !!!!!!!!!!sincerely, E


  6. I know it sounds like a conspiracy and I know I will be called a Trumplican, but honestly this smacks as building a bigger case against Trump. The Democrats could not impeach him and couldn’t have him removed for being feeble minded when he had Covid, but they won’t give up. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear there’s a deal on the works where in exchange for testifying against Trump he will get probation. Time will tell.
    The last time I mentioned this I said I didn’t know him, I don’t endorse his ideology I am not in possession of evidence that prove innocence or guilt. Save your vitriol for the next time you buy gas for $2.00 more a gallon than it was before in November.
    Maybe Scott can donate the ad revenue for this site and get a stall in the bathroom named for him.


      1. Impeachment isn’t complete until he is convicted. He wasn’t convicted. That’s why they are still trying to convict him.

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      2. Did you even take look at the text of what Trump told that crowd? He used the term “peacefully”. How many politicians user the term fight like hell in political speeches? That phrase has nothing to do with phyiscal violence. Have you heard of a thing called the 1st Amendment? The bar for prosecuting someone for statements at a political rally should be incredibly high. Our country was founded on rebels who overthrew the existing government because it was corrupt and the wise founding fathers created a system intended to subvert the power of the government to oppress individual freedoms, including free speech.

        If you really believe that Trump’s impeachments weren’t pure political theater, you completely brainwashed.

        The collusion of the media and political parties is getting just insane. There are no stories that are not part of the political agenda of one side or the other.

        I loath Trump about as much as anyone, but the political left has thrown away all belief in the rule of law and is now engaged in liberal McCarthyism. What happened to the party of the ACLU?

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      1. We don’t know all there is to know about that day. Much is lurking in the shadows. We all need to wait for someone who has dedicated her life to goodness —Nancy Pelosi — to shed light on things.


  7. Hey folks, Barrack’s $250 million bail amt. isn’t usually imposed for misdemeanors or felonies. If Barrack intents to bolt, it’s going to hit his pocket book hard and fund the US Marshall’s search for him.


  8. Now America has a Senile dementia Criminal Joe Biden as President with his CRiminal cocaine son Hunter and brother in law. Wonderful Criminal Family. Having Open Borders with a Virus Pandemic…. with Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants walking over the borders with the Covid 19 VIRUS bring ing it IN to a city near you. ALSO senile Biden is Defund ing. Your Police. While Shooting s murders are the Highest in CHICAGO Portland etc…. While China and Russia are Laughing at Zzz Senile dementia Joe Blow Biden turning America into MARXISM


  9. On the topic of USC football, if USC wants to stay in the Pac-12, it should negotiate to keep all the rights to non-conference football revenues, both media and otherwise, and increase those games to 5 a year, then go to the Big 10 and negotiate a deal to play 4 non-conference games and have a rev-share deal. That could yield great matchups against Penn State, Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin, and others. Along with separate revenues for the Notre Dame matchup, a schedule of Big 10 non-conference games plus Notre Dame would really increase the revenue potential and visibility for SC.

    So each year we would have alot of games that have the biggest media viewership – USC/UCLA, USC/Washington, USC/Oregon, USC/Notre Dame, USC/Michigan, USC/Penn State, USC/Ohio State – all in one season could put USC in the spotlight for many weeks out of the year.

    But we need a really great team to be able to handle that schedule.

    There could be other ways to do it, but carving out the revenue from non-conference football games is one way to allow USC to stay in the Pac-12, but still maximize our revenues.

    I dont see any reason to stay in the Pac-12 and fully share revenues with schools like Wazzu. Playing a harder football schedule would also finally force the issue of improving the USC team.

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