USC Morning Buzz: Time To Rewrite History

Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff got the “Coach Kliavkoff” treatment Wednesday at USC as he kicked off his listening tour of the conference.


I always feel like Clay Helton rewrites history. Below, he is talking about how JuJu Smith-Shuster built his brand at USC.

I remember a junior year where Smith-Shuster didn’t get as many opportunities as expected and some doubted his pro prospects, mainly because the offense featured him less. Helton never addressed it.

Remember when Alabama held Smith-Shuster to one catch for nine yards and the USC coaches said it was because the Crimson Tide double-teamed him?

Other teams started double-teaming Smith-Schuster too so what did USC do? Did they move him around? Line him up somewhere else?

But a few years later, he’s 100 percent behind whatever Shuster did to build his brand.

51 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Time To Rewrite History

  1. I’ve never seen a drop to catch ratio for Juju, so I can’t say much about his performance. I remember he had some good games and he really stepped up eventually.
    The problem for him is he was under the placeholder coach while being directed by the head coach.
    The only legend to come out of the Helton years is going to be Helton. His legendary realignment of the conference power structure makes him a hero on eleven out of twelve campuses. When he leaves a book of his platitudes will be the best seller list across the league. You can find it in the humor section.

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  2. “Los Angeles –the place of one word names —Kobe, JuJu, Adoree —and yours truly, Dipshit.”
    Listen to the tape —at end Dipshit refers to his players —not as “student” athletes —but as “stand-in” athletes….. Freudian slip (like the ones the other Dipshit —named Joe— is making daily)…….

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    1. And Trump, the ultimate Loser/SUCCer, lost the Election to Sleepy Joe.

      But, Trump has all the qualifications to replace Ms. Folt as President of Clown U: He’s a congenital liar; a two-bit tax cheat; a money grubbing thief; a stinking coward/traitor and guilty of sedition and the murder of 400k US citizens caused by his deliberate failure to stem the spread of the US’ CV-19 Pandemic.

      SUCC and Trump, a match made in heaven.

      Trump, a synonym for ingrown rectal hair.


      1. Wowsie. Great list of particulars…

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      2. just rent,

        did you watch again Communist News Network and take their indocturation again? How many lies are you gonna tell us? i know, tell us how Johnny Chettin’ Wooden is Saint John Cheetin’ Wooden in your eyes. This will be a duzy.

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  3. I guess it’s a good plan… get em so drunk they forget the game before they get to their cars.

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      1. trojan1967,

        they already sold their souls to the devil when Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden was cheatin’ back in the 60’s. They already sold their whores to addidas and not underarmour. Nothing else to sell.

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    1. Well Pisley, you porcine slut, it’s a better business model than a $29.99, SUCC, P-12 South Conf. wiener tee shirt.


      1. Tinkle, tinkle little DTR….

        Poor little guy just can’t hold his water…. 💦💦💦☔️

        Hahahahaha 💋🖕🏽

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  4. Clay Helton sure as hell hasn’t helped build any players brand, he just continues to waste talent.

    What players can Helton say he developed?

    Answer…there aren’t any.

    When Sam Darnold got to the Jets the coaching staff couldn’t believe how little Darnold knew about reading defenses and the overall fundamentals of the QB position in general and Helton supposedly worked his way through the ranks (LOL) as a QB coach.

    Helton should have just remained an errand boy, the position he held under Steve Sarkisian, seeing how that’s the only position Clay has ever been qualified for.


  5. Sixty-seven your synapses are misaligned – no surprise there! The deficit you refer to belongs to the Athletic Dept. and has nothing to do with UCLA’s academic/administration public funding. The Athletic Dept. has to pay the University for the athletic scholarships it bestows on its athlete recruits.

    #’67, under go a comprehensive brain scan ASAP. Early onset of dementia SUCCs.


    1. You must take great pride in and put in untold hours of practice to being so STUPID. But it is the perfect response in this thread as the whole topic is rewriting history.

      Mud, dumb as dirt only wetter.

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      1. Says Dear Pisley, the mongoloid who has his cuboid head rammed up his kazoo sideways!

        #SUCC FB: Tough as Pisley’s mushy polyhedron head.


      1. Memo to: MG

        “Yesterday, USA Today broke the story that Guerrero’s Athletic Department ran a $21.7 million deficit for the 2019-2020 school year. That brings the deficit for Guerrero’s final two years at the helm to over $40 million. The school did not indicate how the 2019-2020 deficit was covered, but it is expected that the school issued another low interest loan from the main campus.” ~Joe Piechowski

        The UCLA Athletic Dept. still owes the University the LOAN amt. + interest for Guerrero’s mismanagement.

        On the other hand MG, Clown U being the ethical private Methodist College doesn’t have to report its Athletic Dept. losses or it can rudely lie about its shrinking revenue stream.

        The SJST. game will most likely be a revenue loss leader for Clown U’s FB program. You can rest assured SUCC will report a false paid attendance figure and fudge the game deficit bottom line – like $5.00 spent for every dollar earned – the Boner won’t be happy.


      2. Why do you worry about SJSU so much? Don’t you play UH the previous week? Aren’t they projected as the worst team in the conference this season? That game between bottom dwelling irrelevant programs should be a real show stopper, eh?

        Remind everyone what time and station it will be on so we can tune in.

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      3. Owns, my friend — Every appellate lawyer (which I wasn’t) is supposedly taught “never burn time on a losing issue.”
        Defending Dan is a loser. Let it go.

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    2. owns, owns, owns…it makes no difference that the athletic dept. takes out a loan from the university. There is a consolidated budget. There are revenues, and expenses, and there is a budget from the UC regents. The $40 million loss is a $40 million loss, ultimately covered by the taxpayers. No free lunch here, sonny boy.

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      1. Official bruin Reply: It’s only 40 mil! Biden’s run up 20 trillion in debt!

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      2. Not so ’67, that $40 million can be covered in a multitude of ways. The UA litigation settlement could cover half the deficit.

        You need to worry your little head about SUCC’ continued demise as anything more than a C- or D+ FB program and it’s declining attendance.


      3. Hypothetically, yes, there are other ways to cover ucla’s beautifully managed athletics deficit: leasing out Block’s residence on Airbnb when he is out of town, not fixing the roof on Royce Hall, there you have are a couple of others. But at the end of the day, it will be covered by taxpayers. Just like ucla’s other mistakes.

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      2. I hope Reggie continues to try his case in the press. He’s already absorbed whatever taint there is to absorb & has nothing further to lose. Emmert is the one who is gonna look increasingly bad as more facts come out.

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      3. I was thinking the same way. The ncaa is trying to stay somehow relevant (not much unlike sow) but how do they justify their oversight role if the details regarding McNair start becoming front page news again.

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      4. Pat Haden gave the NCAA’s Appeal Board a HUGE gift by not taking Reggie’s case out of their corrupt universe and into federal court. By keeping the pressure on, Reggie is gonna [admittedly belatedly] force the crooked NCAA to explain why they placed 100% confidence in the word of a VERY problematic witness……and denied Reggie, not only the right to cross examination, but participation in the process.

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    2. Ah, snore! Whiny Reggie Bush gaslights the gullible, bozo Rah-Rah hicks.

      #SUCC FB: Tough as a pile of weanie Bush, BS PR.


      1. And yet he’s still more relevant than any sow player in any sport. Must be shameful to realize the total unimportance of ruin sports. And then you wonder why they’re hemorrhaging cash..

        Poor mud, even poorer sow…💋

        ☔️What’s that dripping from Dtr’s panties?

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  7. Not very impressed with the new Pac 12 Commissioner George. He seemed very nervous at the Pac 12 Media Day as he answered questions. He came from the entertainment industry in Las Vegas, and does not appear to understand athletics or the challenges ahead for the Pac 12 which are many. I am sure he has a learning curve, and might be very good in a few years for the conference, but why didn’t they search out one of the top athletic directors in the country for the position like from the SEC, Big 12, or Big 10 who would immediately be able to get in the trenches and fight the battle the Pac 12 has ahead. Just sayin the Pac 12 is already behind the other super power conferences throughout the country can we really wait for this guy to develop in his job.

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    1. “Very good in a few years.”


  8. MG, I’m the last UCLA fan to defend Mr. Guerrero on any point of his regime. I couldn’t wait for Guerrero to retire- I say good riddance! Guerrero is UCLA’s model St Pat!

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      1. Sure MG, right after you defend Osa Masina’s Pepsi bottle sexual follies or explain Bryce Dixon’s unique used car acquisition business model.

        #Paging Junior Pomee


  9. What’s that dripping from Dtr’s panties? ~ Dear Pisley

    I don’t know AH, but since you’re so interested why don’t you lick the dripping and give me a hint. While you’re at it why don’t you sniff check ’67 and MG for halitosis. Pisley, you rabbit slut, even you’re good for something.


    1. Ah… somebody’s butt hurtin?

      Why don’t you lay off the constant homophobic diatribe. I thought all you good liberals swam in the same pool, but I guess that’s only when you need their votes. You’re a creep on so many levels it’s not funny. But then look who you try and represent.

      Sow wannabe homophobic cretin=mud


  10. Unlike so many other big-time recruits, JuJu overcame the #ClayHeltonEffect at USC and is now thriving in the NFL.


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