Did Todd McNair Settle Case For $8 Million?

Reggie Bush cannot stop talking, because he wants his Heisman Trophy back.

Bush talked a lot less when USC and its football players needed his help.

But did he admit on twitter that Todd McNair settled for $8 million.


12 thoughts on “Did Todd McNair Settle Case For $8 Million?

    1. Assuming McNair actually got exactly 8 mil, I hope there’s no provable relationship between Reggie’s tweets and any conversation he’s recently had with McNair— this agreement didn’t allow McNair to reveal indirectly what he’s prohibited from revealing directly.

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      1. I was thinking the same thing as I read it MG. Everyone always wants to shyt stir right away to create a narrative or a story. Nondisclosure to the media or USC, not to friends of his. I’m glad Bush, put out there how much it was. After 10 years of this saga I’m disappointed that it was settled out of court and the NCAA admitted to nothing of their wrong doings.

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      1. Since when has Bush cared about the needs of others. Bush and Trump, birds of a feather – me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me ad infinitum


      2. So true. It was that damn Trump who told Reggie to publish the amount…


  1. Bush and some boosters backed Todd McNair over the years obviously. As for disclosure that stuff is impossible to prove how it gets out, and it gets out if there is curiosity about it.

    I have no idea why Scott pretends Reggie Bush didn’t speak to investigators, because he did. And I have no idea why he pretends that there weren’t people trying to get a slice of his money thus meaning that it was as far as he could go. Wolf knows this too. And Wolf, like everyone else at the time pointed out the glaring factual and timeline errors of the NCAA’s case, and the judicial finding of malice and bad faith, exemplified in the communication between NCAA investigative committee.

    Wolf is in a golden era right now for his critical-for-critical’s-sake, “anti” nature because USC is dysfunctional, it makes him usually right. But his jealousy and hate toward SC former stars still sticks out as ridiculous.

    Reggie has held back on specifics going public and stated publicly that he was quiet on a number of fronts at that dildo Haden’s request, and by extension Emmert. Bush was smart enough to be quiet until the ban was lifted to remove that leverage and now he is advocating for himself, and really by extension for USC and many others.

    We all know the NCAA’s findings were corrupt and inconsistent and motivated by the politicized business of multi billion collegiate sports and the many people competing to be in control of its trough. Expose it Reggie. And get your Heisman back!

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    1. You’re right –there is no legal downside to Reggie telling the truth about what happened. He does have to be careful about accuracy, though — the NCAA would just love to file a libel suit. In fact, I’m sure they’ve got their legal team scouring every Bush press release for falsehoods. [Let’s Face It Department: The NCAA has so much to answer for, it should be easy to make them look bad just by playing it straight]….

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  2. If Bush really wants to stick it to the NCAA, he should say an “NCAA” source told him even if McNair told Reggie.

    That way, the NCAA will look even more the fool than they already are and negate any option for the NCAA to blame McNair for leaking the info.




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