USC Morning Buzz: A Thankful/Resentful Helton And Reggie Bush Update

In the USC newsletter, I look at whether Clay Helton thankful or resentful when he answers questions? It’s a weird trait of his.

  • The NCAA told ESPN this morning it did not intend to return the Heisman Trophy to Reggie Bush based on NIL changes.

“Previous penalties, including those that are several years old, will not be re-evaluated or reconsidered based on the recent changes to NIL rules,”

19 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: A Thankful/Resentful Helton And Reggie Bush Update

  1. As a prosecutor you learn not to evaluate people by what they say — for some, words are made for lying. You need to look deeper. The reason Clay has been pulling this bullshit since the day he took over is NO ONE calls him on it. If someone did, you’d get to see the REAL Clay Helton. If a reporter actually came back with “What fucking high standards are YOU talking about? You let the players go their own way when it comes to on the field attire, you’re famous for light practices, you voluntarily throw away practice days before bowl games, you leave players in the lineup who consistently screw up (and say you ‘love them’), you applaud the OTHER team’s cheering section when you lose, you embarrassed the university with blowout losses to Notre Dame, Alabama, Iowa and Ohio State, your teams don’t score in the 3rd quarter cuz they hate listening to your crap at halftime and you give the game ball to your boss while laughing like a jackass in front of your players” —THEN you’d see Clay drop the Father Flannigan routine and go full Charlie Manson. Guaranteed.

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    1. It almost seems like the NCAA has a bit of what’s called “animus” when it comes to Reggie [and USC], don’t it?

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      1. The NCAA is really a group of university administrators, dominated by SEC, Big 10 with the ACC pulling up the rear, even as the SEC constantly threatens the organization to pull the rug from the football business (the other members live off the hoops business so they keep their mouths shut lest they come for them. The P12 weakness in protecting and promoting its programs and brand have not changed with the new commish and this is more evidence that it won’t. If the P12 including and esp USC wants to be a I-AA league, just announce it, formalize (and really, break up the league), and stop us from pretending otherwise.

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  3. GOOD POINTS, AND WELL SAID Michael! The real Clay Helton is not grateful, or sorry about what he has done to USC. The reality is he is laughing all the way to bank with each and every bank deposit. His performance yesterday at the Pac 12 Kickoff Media Day was truely embarrassing for the University of Southern California.

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    1. …and he’ll never stop …until he’s stoppED…


  4. Clay Helton has been an embarrassment to USC since he became head coach. While the guy they should of hired Ed Orgeron won a natty at LSU. Way to go Pat Haden you grifting fool. They should of left you doing Notre Dame games where you belonged!

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    1. The Pat Haden Story … former Trojan Super Star & Model Citizen turned profiteering obsessed A. D. — seems like something dreamt up by Euripides…

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    2. No on Ed as well. He caught lightning in a bottle with an all world QB and great assistants. Not sure he will last long at LSU. The guy we should have hired then is Chris Peterson, the guy we should have hired a few years ago is Urban Meyer, the guy we should hire now is? Maybe Chris Peterson? But we will hire Luke Fickell or Daunte Williams when that time comes. It will be a huge upgrade over Clay, but who isn’t?

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  5. Helton spelled backwards is Not LEH. (Losing Explanation Here. )
    I initially believed Helton was a good hire. He had been the offensive coordinator for a team that wasn’t “that” bad. It turned out he was a place holder for a couple of egotistical coaches. He was proven a fraud when Ed O. took the team to Notre Dame and the offense wasn’t really ready. Ed took care of the defense but Helton didn’t have a clue on offense. Then as head coach Helton tried to have a place holding offensive coordinator. When that didn’t work he was given two new offensive coordinators. One saw Helton for what he was and leveraged his position into the NFL, the other wasn’t as lucky and has no respect for the boss.
    Currently Helton’s position is as a place holder while Bohn auditions replacement coaches.

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  6. The NCAA is comparable to a Mafia Family or maybe a soviet style stalinist dictatorship. They do what they want. They don’t bother with minor details like what the rules say. In that sense they are much like the libs and the tech companies. This organization should be buried and put to rest.

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    1. What a load of absolute BS!! Double o 7 why not sell your truck and use the proceeds to get your teeth fixed and then finish grade school?

      At first, I thought 22 had pulled a Lazarus , but on further reflection, 22 also thought Reggie Bush was a POS who threw the SUCC FB program under the bus to SUCC at the Tits of Avarice.

      #Cue “Lowrider”


  7. hi folks, remember the little red indian!!!!!! things ha ppen and the quake at freeman hall the wright place !!!!!! prediction here football wise a lousy season hellton goes slovich goes to nfl and stars as bench qb for well 3 to 4 seasons>
    Sincerely, Edward


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