Jaxson Dart Looking At Some Big Schools

Quarterback Jaxson Dart and tight end Michael Trigg are considering Mississippi and Oklahoma among other schools.

A move to Mississippi makes sense because Matt Corral and is gone backup Luke Altmyer appeared in only four games last season.

Oklahoma is a little different because Dillon Gabriel transferred there and already played for new offensive coordinator Jeff Lebby.

So unless Dart wants to sit out a season, I would take Mississippi over Oklahoma. It’s a great deal for any school if they can get Dart/Trigg as a package.

24 thoughts on “Jaxson Dart Looking At Some Big Schools

  1. I’m looking forward to Lincoln Riley [and all Oklahoma’s former players] facing off against Lane Kiffin [and all our former players] in next year’s National Championship.

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    1. News is that Riley apologized to Jaxson Dart and told him that he thought Jaxson’s mom was his girlfriend and it was okay. Riley is bringing back the Kiffen culture.


      1. Teddy,

        How did you know that i have called bingo at Sacred heart Parish in Altadena, CA? it was on Saturday’s though after Mass. yes I do go to confession right before Mass and receive Holy Communion on the same day. NO I don’t cheat at calling bingo. However, in all truth, are you talking the truth about Riley? If not, then that is the 10th Commandement, though shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.


      1. pasadena, you know how when you go down to the church on Tuesday night for bingo and it is your turn to call the letters and numbers… Even if your dad wants you to call a certain letter and number but you have to read the actual ball that comes up… I know you want me to tell you that Jaxson Dart is transferring because “he didn’t want to compete” I could only report what is true. Riley is a sexual deviant and there is nothing I could do to change that. You being one of good Christian folk would want me to tell you the truth.


  2. All these kids think they are superstars including Dart who has yet to proven he can become a top QB in the country. The potential is there, but the question is will he develop. I don’t see him leading a team to a national championship. Just like Max Brown he had too much hype coming into USC, and in Brown’s case when he finally got the chance to shine he was average at best at Pitt.


    1. Don’t know why Sanders decommitted from OU, but he was committed to them for 18 months.


      1. Muleshoe wanted Sanders at TE, Saban swooped in late and convinced Sanders
        he had a brighter future at LB/DE. Early word around these parts for Sanders
        services are the Whorns, Arky, and OU.


  3. sure, and he will play for a decent team and offensive guru Kiffin…but they do not compete at the top levels of college ball the way SC is going to; last time I recall #2 Ole’Miss in top 5 was the 50’s when their all american Charlie Flowers vs Billy Cannon of #3 LSU in Sugar Bowl , top 5 teams and both heisman candidates…good times.

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    1. I think the Kiffer is slowly building a good program at Old Miss and could regularly win 10-11 games there. He is becoming a bit of a QB whisperer.

      I’d like to see Dart go to Miss and develop his skills.
      He was exciting in that one Wazzu game last year.


  4. Go ruin your career playing for Goat Kiffin … Dart will be out in 3 weeks playing for that 4 play O fraud. It was a miracle Corral didn’t blow his knee until the last game.
    Play for stupid Kiffin and risk your career for that idiot


    1. Corral is super competitive …never slides,takes on all…KIFFIN coached Ol’Miss to its best record in years and years…you are so subjective there is no objectivity in you whatsoever…wolf jr….


  5. Since this seems to be a slow news day, how about them Lakers?

    They lose to the Sacramento Kings?

    Thanks Vogel!!
    Thanks Palinks!!


    1. they need to admit a mistake in wanting to leave first…there are football players that wait 2-3 years to get a chance to start…they think they deserve it now,thanks to hellton ball and the ‘soft’ approach…


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