If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

Quite a week that is still reverberating with the news of Jaxson Dart in the transfer portal.

What else matters other than quarterback transfer portal news?

I’m still hearing from people at the McKay Center/Heritage Hall that Caleb Williams is coming to USC. They’ve been consistent for more than a month on this topic.

Maybe Williams is convinced the USC offensive line is good because offensive lineman Andrew Vorhees was just named one of the top 101 college football players in 2021 by Pro Football Focus.

I’ll always have a soft spot for Dart, even if Williams is the future of the program. Dart had “Trojan” written all over him and would have been thrilled to start for the next 2-3 years. It wasn’t just a business decision for him.

  • I might be wrong but I find it hard to believe Williams would move to Los Angeles to play at UCLA.
  • Look at the QB’s USC lost lately who committed or signed: JT Daniels; Bryce Young; Matt Corral; Kedon Slovis, Devin Brown and Dart. Who did I forget? Jack Sears? Anyone else?
  • Is Bru McCoy the least surprising player in the transfer portal? It’s a smart move given that USC would never reinstate him. But I’m incredibly tired of hearing about him, especially with so little on-the-field exploits.
  • Meanwhile, wide receiver Joseph Manjack is transferring to Houston. That’s where he should have gone out of high school but USC was desperate for recruits and overused its Texas pipeline.
  • Former Missouri defensive tackle Mekhi Wingo has upcoming visits with LSU Jan. 12-14, Oklahoma Jan. 14-15, and USC Jan. 16-17.
  • What’s the over/under on when JT Daniels enters the transfer portal?
  • Ex-USC running backs coach Mike Jinks is going to be the running backs coach at Houston. He was actually one of the good guys from the Texas mafia.
  • Former USC kicker Chase McGrath will return for another season at Tennessee.
  • Some of us pointed out at the time the real story of the video below was the shambolic tackling of the defense. And how did the defense play in 2021?

And now for some history:

  • George Lucas sporting his USC jacket during the making of “American Graffiti.”

By the way, one story I heard when Lucas decided to donate the money for two Cinema School buildings was that after meeting then-USC president Steven Sample, Lucas decided he better construct the buildings himself.

You can tell he did too because the buildings have higher-quality materials than other USC projects.

  • Have you ever heard the story of Eugene Orowitz, the USC javelin thrower from New Jersey?

He didn’t possess great grades and Cal reportedly sent Orowitz to Santa Barbara Junior College. That was when USC athletic dept. employee Dick Bank went to work and paid Trojan track team member Bert Purdue $10 to take the USC entrance exam posing as Orowitz.

Orowitz got into USC but in his first meet, hurt his arm and was out for the season. He dropped out of school and worked as a shipping clerk. One day, Orowitz and a friend read for a part in a movie along with dozens of actors.

Orowitz got the part in “I Was a Teenage Werewolf,” changed his name to Michael Landon and the rest is history. Landon starred in “Bonanza,” “Little House on the Prairie” and “Highway to Heaven.”

Michael Landon in the 1957 film, “I Was a Teenage Werewolf.”
Bob Falkenburg at Wimbledon in 1948
  • Bob Falkenburg, who won the 1946 NCAA singles and doubles titles at USC and became a Wimbledon and U.S. Open champion, died on Jan. 6 in Santa Ynez, Calif. He was 95.

Falkenburg won the 1948 Wimbledon singles title along with doubles titles at the U.S. Open in 1944 with Don McNeill and at Wimbledon in 1947 with Jack Kramer. Falkenburg, who went to Fairfax High School, won the 1946 NCAA doubles title with his brother, Tom.

And here’s an amazing fact: He won the Brazilian amateur golf championship three times.

  • And finally . . .

Last week I ran an ad for Zachary All.

Well, look how Zachary All (Edward G. Nalbandian) turned up (far left) in this picture with a lot of legendary comics/actors/entertainers.


50 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

    1. Caleb Williams another business decision. College football is big business. Love of the university or loyalty are gone. I am sad to lose Dart. I so wanted to watch him develop. He lit up a space with his smile and enthusiasm. He will be missed, but he will be successful wherever he lands. I hope he will find his special place and enjoy his life.

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  1. so, Dart enters the portal, but he is all trojan and would have been thrilled to be the q/b…if it is handed to him,and does not have to compete?

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    1. Caleb Williams and his father stated that he didn’t care about the school or playing for whatever school, that it was strictly a business decision about his son getting paid what he could and getting positioned and paid on the next level. That means he’s not coming to any school without a guarantee. That means there’s no competition, even more explicitly than a coach bringing his former starter with him to a new college. I respect William’s perspective and his pursuit of his self interests, but that excludes any opportunity or competition for any other player as starter when he comes.

      The part that I really don’t get here btw is pretending that Dart didn’t come to a school with a QB already signed on as seemingly the unquestioned starter that was personally recruited and connected by Harrell, that had all the hype, and coming in with a top ranked QB signee, and not only competing, but putting his health on the line and playing with reckless abandon when there was nothing to play for except your team and your school.

      Compare that perhaps with a guy, in Caleb, who he and his father say (albeit with refreshingly honesty) that he’s playing for himself, will leave teammate and school at a drop of a dime even as a starter for more money and just a hint of competition, competition because even though the new OC (Jeff Lebby) praised Caleb and refrained at first in bringing his QB from Ole Miss until he was sure Caleb was gone, Caleb still felt he wasn’t secure enough or getting enough.

      And as long as we are comparing, compare that to a Head Coach that had him and his staff recruit for another school, lied about his intentions and decisions, and ran away from his job before OU entered the SEC, because he apparently only likes the challenge of having top 3 talent classes to play vs the worst and least talented conference (check the stars and the NFL drafting) and an OOC schedule that puts schools like Texas El Paso, Tulane and San Antonio on their schedule, often in the same year, yet still drops a few games and goes 0-3 in the playoffs. He rightly picked USC as the next best set up for a non competitive guy.

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      1. Well said…but…the truth is many great players are egotistical WITHOUT being selfish (a lot of USC greats come to mind). They are out for #1 but they want to win not only for themselves but for their team (and you can see that by their reaction when they score TD’s in losing causes). Caleb puts his interests ahead of his popularity with fans. I’m fine with that…. as long as he comes to USC and DELIVERS.

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      2. Ahead of the fans, his team mates, his school, winning… You’re definitely right about there beign egotistical players without the selfishness– I think it’s part of the psychological profile for many successful athletes (and others). Sadly we have a father who sees things in a simpler way, of ME, ME. ME and not only has impressed it upon kids but has no issue with the world knowing that…

        Williams will later become better at hiding because being so out in the open with it undercuts his interests.

        But there are two problems that are related for the rest of us if he comes: the first being that there are other rewards that come from altruism, commitment, giving, sacrifice, commitment, bonding, and many other things beside getting the bag and the fame. A successful football program requires that understanding.

        The problem for us as fans (and maybe some larger implications to society I’m not going to think about) — a QB and a new HC will make the culture and mentality of a program for a long time, and that culture in this case is “screw everyone and thing it’s all about me and my self interests mostly defined by individual fortune and fame”.

        LA, Hollywood, the NIL era, the new culture arising at ‘SC with kids wanting to be “famous for being famous” along with the postmodernist douchery and adding to ‘SC always being a place with many wealthy and famous or children thereof… This is poison for a CFB program, and for student-athletes, (and of course for the important purpose of developing good young men in a life-long brotherhood through football).

        I think for his own sake our new HC Riley has to sell the student athletes and high school coaches out West, etc. on his believing in teamwork, brotherly love, sacrifice for others and self, loyalty, mutuality, integrity, commitment, values beyond money and fame and self promo, etc. whether or not Riley really believes or consistently or genuinely acts upon such things himself, or it will take a toll sooner or later.

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      3. Truthfully, why spend one’s younger coaching life trying to compete with Saban when he has built such a juggernaut at ‘Bama and has shown no interest in ever moving on or retiring? Had either one of his NFL-ready WR’s been healthy vs UGA, then Saban would have hoisted the Natty again. Kirby is pretty good, but I still think he loses this week with either Metchie or Jamison playing for ‘Bama. This natty comes with an asterisk. (I know, injuries are a part of the game…)

        All the best HS players (with NFL intentions) are bound for the SEC, diluting the talent for other schools. tOSU could be slightly competitive with Bama and UGA over the short haul, but I don’t see them beating the SEC regularly. Heck, Oregon pants’d them. Clemson is sliding and likely will never compete with Bama/UGA again. ESPN (ie, the money interest/corporate clout) and the CFB playoff committee continue to prioritize the SEC and Bama/UGA. TAMU has been pure mediocre in the SEC, and OU and Tejas will also be mid-pack.

        CFB is religion in the South, and academic achievement is absolutely quarternary (not even secondary) in the South. OU will blend in nicely. The SEC?–a football conference where athletes have to attend class.
        The Pac?–the premier academic conference where they play competitive FB.

        I’m cool with Riles coming to USC, rebuilding the offensive prowess with West Coast and Texas athletes, hopefully developing some defensive (NFL destined) recruits, and bringing competition back to the West Coast. Nothing will change the balance of power in CFB until Saban retires. Even then, I doubt much change will happen.

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      4. wow…that is a whole lot of presumed judgment on a person,who has been quite successful, and I personally think just making a BIG Bowl game or the final 4 is quite an accomplishment , win or lose…70 yrs of going to SC football games and other SC sports,gives me at least a small chance of being correct


  2. A new conspiracy theory is brewing. This one involves Caleb Williams hanging out in the transfer portal until Dart accepts a new school, and then going back to Oklahoma. This in order to get back at Riley for dragging him to Oklahoma and then leaving. And Paul Dee is still alive, hanging from a huge machine which keeps him alive, he’s telling Williams to strike him down to take his place as the new Sith Lord. Fortunately young Dart will only pretend to sign with another team to flesh out the conspiracy and finally return to the sidelines before the last reel. Lucas has the serial (and cereal) rights (and writes)

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    1. Ghost,
      That’s no conspiracy theory. It’s an accurate account down to the last detail —according to many other members of the spirit world.

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      1. Yes, tb, beware is right! [It seems like a lot of people have been mind tricked the last couple of years]….


  3. That picture of the various comedians proves one thing– you should not be too
    good-looking if you want to make people laugh.

    So Michael Orowitz Landon knew he was too pretty for the Laugh Club, so he decided to scare people instead. Good move, Michael.

    And this entangling of Dart and Williams is interesting to see how it all plays out. Based on Williams’ sometimes flippant remarks, he has a bit of a con-artist’s mastery in him, so do not be surprised at anything he decides to do, like return to Okie-land where he has a good chance to win the 2022 National Title, and leave disloyal SC begging for Dart’s return, although that ship has sailed away for good.

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    1. Let’s just put it this way —I’ll breathe a sigh of relief when Williams announces for USC. I wish there were some inside info on what exactly is holding things up, though. We all know that Lincoln wanted this deal done yesterday….so Lincoln isn’t getting what he wanted….but that doesn’t mean we’re not getting Caleb in the end. [I bet Caleb’s dad is asking around to see where the smart money is on USC’s recent additions to the O-Line]……

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      1. I hope he goes somewhere else,obviously he and his dad think they run things due to their GIANT EGOS. Looks like a 3rd stringer might be the new 1st string q/b which is fine with me…just get him ready this spring.Dart can sweat it out in Miss or wherever he wants to go.Miller Moss …it is your chance to shine,take advantage over these super ego losers.

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      2. I believe Caleb and family are enjoying all the fanfare the schools are giving them and they are milking it for every last penny. Watching this soap, I think whenever Caleb does sign with whomever, he will make it a monumental event with all the horns and whistles. I’m worried about that ego, but if he can score points and help SC climb out of the helton hole of horror, the ego will be overlooked when he puts his money where his mouth is.

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      3. I wonder if this is related to Caleb wanting more USC boosters to step up with NIL deals? Maybe he has to wait until the deals are enough to entice him.

        This is a problem with keeping Helton around for so many years. The USC support is just not what it used to be.

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    2. DISLOYAL? why because like McKay and PC teams one has to compete to be the starter at each position, unlike pathetic hellton years? Some q/b’s wait until senior yrs to start, that is when they won the competition…so be it. Same for linemen, etc…

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      1. We can hope Lincoln Riley changes the slug culture of the helton years.
        If Caleb as good as advertised and his Oklahoma film validates that, he would win any competition. I love Dart and he may one day exceed Williams, but Williams is NOW a proven commodity which SC needs to dig itself out of the hole as quickly as possible.

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  4. I see Bob Newhart, Norm Crosby, Phyllis Diller, Dick Van Patten, Buddy Hackett, Red Buttons, Angie Dickinson (the OG MILF, woof!), George Burns, Danny Thomas, Don Knotts, Dom DeLuise, Tom Poston, Sid Caesar, Don Rickles, Joey Bishop, Louis Nye, Jerry Vale

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    1. I was on campus at UCLA and ran into Louie Nye —looking very tan and healthy and prosperous in an expensive gray suit (I think he was there for a graduation ceremony that was about to start) —and I musta looked so astonished to see this zany comedian looking so dapper and dashing that he turned and pulled up the back of his coat by the vents in a dainty little gesture meant to humorously say “it’s me!”


    1. I agree, gamer. Jinks is a good guy and took a job with a HC who had no ability to run a blue blood CFB program. He took a group of RB’s who were adequate and had them run hard behind a line that was sub-standard for most of his term. I suspect he did not get to play Stepps nor Christon in the manner he would have preferred.

      Fight on, Coach Jinks! Thanks for your service to school.

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  5. Quite possibly the most epic “If it’s Friday” post in ISUSCSW history.
    I’m thinking we could hit 500 replies….if Guarino would wake up and get going.

    Still, never will quite match the 10,000 hits we got in the Summer of 2020 (or was it 2021)

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    1. I’ve been remiss. The Lucas photos [& the sly dig at all USC buildings not erected by Lucas], the photo of Zachary All’s Ed N. with every comedy genius of the ’70’s, the tribute to the great Michael Landon (who told Johnny Carson that his cancer was gonna “knock the hell outta all my health food endorsements”), the seemingly unending list of names of QB’s who’ve fled USC — yes, it was a Scott Wolf Extravaganza….
      –Mike Meyers to Alice Cooper in Wayne’s World

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  6. Not that anyone cares wtf I think but I’m fascinated by the qb transfer portal saga at SC and ou.

    When parents get too involved with their children, it’s 50/50 things turn into a fustercluck.

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      1. Ha! Very funny, Bourbon. Reminds me of Mario Cuomo saying in a debate with Newt Gingrich that no one should vote for Bush because there was a 50/50 chance that Dan Quayle would end up president and Newt Gingrich replying that if people voted for Dukakis there was a 100% chance that Dukakis would be president.

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  7. Gotta admit I never got a suit from Zachary All, but the ads were all over Channel 5, 9, and 11.

    Remember when So Cal was the entertainment capitol of the World, and every star had a home in “Hollywood?” Probably wasn’t so hard to get 25 of the greatest comedians of their time to sit together for a single photo.
    Man, we lived in LA in a really cool time.

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  8. “Look at the QB’s USC lost lately who committed or signed: JT Daniels; Bryce Young; Matt Corral; Kedon Slovis, Devin Brown and Dart. Who did I forget? Jack Sears? Anyone else?”

    …with the exception of Mac Jones, it’s hard to come up with a QB willing to sit the bench to their “senior” year with the expectation of starring and then signing a mega-NFL deal. If you are not a starting QB in your soph year, then transfer.

    The unifying concept to Mr. Wolf’s question above? A single, mis-placed/mis-guided Head Coach. Those days are over, and I’m moving on.

    All Hail Riley!

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  9. Looking like a clown college again with this QB nonsense. Get your shyt together Riley and stop getting punked by 2 punk ass Qbs and their dads. You are the fucin man tell them 2 to shyt or get off the pot already. Enough of this desperation nonsense. Pathetic! Get er done!

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    1. Riley’s first 3 QBs–Baker Mayfield (Heisman), Murray (Heisman), Hurts–transfer (Heisman candidate). All in with a single season under Riles.

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      1. And how does that help USC? When he’s getting punked by 2 kids and their dad’s right now. Only has Miller Moss as a QB on the roster.


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