USC Adds Defensive Lineman, Pursues Linebacker

Tyrone Taleni, a defensive lineman at Kansas State, committed to USC today. He had five tackles and two sacks in two seasons with the Wildcats so who knows how impactful this signing will be.

Meanwhile, USC has offered linebacker Lorenzo McCaskill, a transfer from the University of Louisiana. He led the Ragin’ Cajuns with 85 tackles last season.

13 thoughts on “USC Adds Defensive Lineman, Pursues Linebacker

  1. Can’t find a 40 yard dash time on Mr. McCaskill. Gets in on a lot of tackles. Hope he has some speed and/or “field sense.” Big leap from the Sunbelt to Power 5 football.

    He was recruited out of Detroit by U Cincy in 2017 and a few MAC schools. Otherwise, not much to say.

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    1. Do you even watch football? PAC12 went 0-5 in bowl games not including the game UCLA canceled. Sun Belt went 3-2. There’s not as much of a difference between the two as you’d like to think.


      1. Well, smack, the short answer is “yes” and “no.”
        I watch good College football when it’s on.

        The Pac played mostly lousy football ALL this year, so I did not watch much. Watched the second half of the Rose Bowl–which was a mistake on my part. Watched a bit of the 2 preliminary playoff games.

        My time on Earth is far too precious to waste it watching CFB games where two JUCO quality academic schools battle it out for supremacy in the Sunbelt Conf. or the MAC or the CUSA.

        Did enjoy watching UGA vs Bama from start to finish–
        though I do understand that they are not what most of us would consider “Centers of Higher learning.”


    2. ….and yes, I’m hoping Mr. McCaskill earns a stellar degree (from either the Ragin’ Cajuns or the Trojans) and has an 80 tackle season for the Trojans. Just can’t find a 40 yd dash time.


  2. I’d like to know more about the Bru McCoy incident. Was there ever any proof that he did what they accused him of or was it just a case of “he said-she said”. It seems nowadays. if a woman accuses you of something, the old tradition of “innocent until proven guilty” is past history. Today it is “guilty until you prove yourself innocent”(which in many cases is impossible to do). As a result, we have cases like the Duke Lacrosse case where a Lacrosse coach and many of his players had their life ruined because some girl accused them of rape and then 2-4 years later she said “oh, remember that rape case…..actually I just made it up…..sorry about that”. Or the Kavannaugh Case where one of the women who accused him has now admitted that she lied…..she now says that she made it all up and that she has never met the man. USC is always quick to crucify SC football players for crimes that, in many cases, never happened. It’s feminazi justice.

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      1. hello sports fans eehhh what ever, clay this mccoy is a problem well why did you bring him in? its not who you recruit its who you dont recruit coach!? your helton plane mobile the wheels came off all at ounce!??? Regards, E


      2. “Pretty Sure” used to mean absolutely nothing in a court of law. It shouldn’t be what you think is true that matters. It should be what you can prove that counts and the burden of proof used to be on the one who makes the accusations. Maybe things have changed in america.


  3. Appreciate Riley and staff’s desire to bring in truly quality recruits. The transfer portal represents short-term fixes where USC can bolster certain position groups. It’s not sexy, though I hope in some cases it turns out to be.


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