Chip Kelly Gets Contract Extension

UCLA coach Chip Kelly has received a four-year contract extension.

The removal of defensive coordinator Jerry Azzinaro paved the way for Kelly’s extension.

I already said two weeks ago I would have fired Kelly on Jan. 15 when his buyout expired.

This now sets up Lincoln Riley vs. Chip Kelly for the next few years.

There are a lot of negatives regarding Kelly but I heard from a UCLA assistant that Azzinaro never did game-planning during the season. Whoever gets hired to replace him will be an upgrade. So there’s that.

57 thoughts on “Chip Kelly Gets Contract Extension



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    1. Silver Lining: Now there is no way in hell Caleb goes to UCLA.

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      1. “…UCLARemainsDogMeatForRecruits.”

        Right MG, this from a bozo FB Rah-Rah whose team to date has a new HFBC cleaning house, no returning veteran QB or QB, an O-line little better than a Jr. College O-line, a dubious defenses, and an ugly 2021 team 4 – 8 record. Talk about dog meat.

        Ah, ding, ding.


      1. No one is shouting. There’s no sound on this site. Oh wait! You’re one of those dweebs who thinks all caps is shouting! LMAO

        To normal people, they’re just letters to be read.

        Chip is 18-25 at SUCLA. Yes, Trojans have good reason to be happy about that extension. Aranda or Campbell would have been a reason to be concerned.

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      2. If I might speak for tommyd –I believe he’s shouting cuz he’s happy. All Trojans were hoping against hope UCLA wouldn’t be able to find a real coach …

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    2. Shouting or not, I hear you loud and clear.
      DTR will give USC fits in 2022, but he’s no Brett Hundley–whom I thought could have been a real quality NFL QB. DTR has no FB future,
      so he may as well have an extended college career and maybe earn an advanced degree.

      Bru to UCLA would be a great move for Bru.
      We will see about Dart. Why would he sit behind DTR for a year?


    1. Well let me see here, the sucla football coach, the one who has a beach ball body with appendages sticking out, was signed through 2022, so a 5-year extension carries him through 2027, 6 years hence.

      So 6-years of Riley vs the “Beach Ball” will probably result in SC 5 sucla 1 over the
      6-year period.

      What was sucla thinking?– I don’t care, because Kelly was the only coach Helton could beat consistently.

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      1. Helton could’ve even beaten Chip for the millionth time in 2021…except (1) Clay sucked so bad against everyone else he got his fat ass fired before he had the chance and (2) if Clay had been retained UCLA would have cancelled the game 1 hour before kickoff…

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  2. I think that Kelly is a great offensive mind(one of the best in the business). The problem is that he couldn’t care less about defense and he hates recruiting. He needs an AD to come in there and demand that he hire a great DC and a great recruiting staff…….sort of like what Pete Carroll did with Norm Chow. Norm Chow wanted to just throw the ball 50-60 times a game(he couldn’t care less about the run game). Pete Carroll went to him and demanded that he balance his offense. He did and the offense took off. That’s why when the pundants were praising Chow’s offense, he would say “this is Pete Carrolls offense”.

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  3. I hope that you are right YoungDole. It has been an excruciating wait for one of the biggest and loudest KABOOMS of all time. Once the first KABOOM goes off, it will be followed by a number of slightly smaller ones. I also hear that there are a number of KABOOMS ready to go off from class of 2023 recruits. I’m hearing that the 2023 class will rival and perhaps surpass, some of Pete”s greatest recruiting classes.

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  4. Michael G is 100% right I am jumping for joy Cheeseburger Chip is returning for another 4 years with still no bowl games for the Bruins during his tenure, and don’t tell me you made a bowl game this year when in fact you canceled the game or in reality surrendered rather than get blown out by North Carolina State.

    As I stated UCLA is very..very pleased with 8-4 seasons or worse. Darian Thompson-Robinson should have entered the portal as it stands now he will not even make it into the Canadian Football league. The expectations are very low for UCLA football that’s the main reason they kept him along with saving some money. Let’s face it Bruin fans a good program with high expectations would have dumped Chip on January 15, 2022 when the buyout clause in his contract expired now your going to have to pay big time for another big mistake. 8-4 gets you nowwhere in college football today, and with Lincoln now across town along with our next Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams transferring in the future looks even darker for the Bruin football program.

    Now you have a midget for a basketball coach, and the Pillsbury Dough Boy for a football coach in Westwood and yet Bruin fans are still very happy because they are use to losing seasons.

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      1. It’s not that simple to secretly move all of that Ukrainian money into Caleb’s dad’s Swiss bank account…

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    1. Damn Tommy, for a half-baked Rah-Rah you’re at least funny. UCLA retains its starting 5th year QB and its RB that shredded SUCC’s defense for a 167 yds. In fact, Chip returns virtually the same team that mauled the “elite” bozo’s 62-33 at the crumbling mausoleum.

      SUCC and their new HFBC on the other hand are still at the crap tables hoping to cobble a FB team together.

      Two in the bush is better than one in hand, eh Tommy?


  5. Wtf when did he change his name to cheeseburger chip from Krispy kreame donuts Chip? Did he get an endorsement deal from in and out we don’t know about?

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  6. That is some kind of “outside the box” thinking by westwood to extend a guy for 4 years who doesn’t have one victory over a ranked team in his first 4 years. Where the Rose Bowl is 3/4 empty, despite giving away tix.

    Last time Chip faced a Lincoln-Riley coached team, it was 35-7 midway thru the second quarter at the Rose Bowl. Riley cleared the bench at that point. Welcome back, Chip!

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    1. Well ’67, Chip never lost 52 – 6 on national TV, while claiming at the same time elite FB status.

      SUCC shocked the world.

      Ah, ding, ding.


      1. You mean the way many Bruin fans thought they would instantly become NC contenders the day they hired Chip?! That was hilarious!! I’ll never forget all of the ridiculous posts over the 48 hours that followed his hire.


  7. Being honest as I have rarely been, Chip has had difficulty getting students to buy into his program. He’s a good coach but he’s one way with his methods and the socially aware students attracted to Ucla are not in tune with his methods.
    They are like, “you want me to impede that man from performing his duty?” “Can you tell me why we shouldn’t wait for the other team’s players to get off the field- that would be fair.” “Will I harm the quarterback if I hit him when he’s not looking?” “ The best way to win an argument is to not argue in the first place.” (PBIS the California mantra)
    Chip finally gets the right pieces in place to look good and USC finally figured out Helton. The only reason Bohn got Riley is that someone wrote jokingly that he should go after the best. He was just as surprised as we are the Riley agreed to accept a monetary amount just shy of the National Debt to coach at USC.
    Both teams are clearing house through the twilight zone portal, looking to improve the acceptance of their coaching systems. If Chip has 100% buy in, then look for more wins going forward.
    If you want to rankle Owns, just casually mention that Trump was a better president than Biden. Trump handled the pandemic better, the economy and foreign affairs. The fact that Trump was a loudmouth blustering a-hole doesn’t matter, because we knew that when we hired him.

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    1. Best line ever: “Bohn was just as surprised as we were when Riley agreed to his offer.”
      #Bohn: I just wanna make sure I heard correctly —you said ‘yes’?
      #Riley: Yes.
      #Bohn: Yes—as in yes?
      #Riley: Yes.
      #Bohn: Yes –you’re coming to USC?
      #Riley: Yes
      #Bohn: With me and Carol here?
      #Riley: Yes.
      #Bohn: Why?

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    2. Oh, but it DOES matter to whiny, snively, crybabies who are more concerned with getting their feelings hurt, than watching the country fall apart.


  8. Hearing Caleb Williams and his wide receiver Mario Williams will sign with USC early next week possibly on Monday. Buy some stock in USC football early rather than later. Once we get 1 or 2 more defensive linemen, offensive linemen, and a linebacker maybe two we will be set for a good run next year. I hear also SC is looking at bringing in another running back possibly the guy from Oregon who is in the Portal. Lincoln, is using all his resources including Marcus Allen to rebuild quickly.

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      1. Friends and money don’t mix. C. Williams will do what’s best for him, not M. Williams. Besides, MW commit in etched in stone.


  9. OWNS- Please double check your UCLA returning players….several are in the transfer portal, and some are turning pro. Dorian Thompson Robinson came back because NFL scouts told him he would not even get drafted, and now that your offensive line has to be rebuilt he will get destroyed this season even though the schedule is a cupcake. You should be proud of your Bruins going 8-4 this year it has been quite awhile, and make sure you renew your season tickets this year because with Lincoln and Caleb Williams it might be a long…long time until UCLA gets to play in the OFFICIAL ROSE BOWL game on New Years Day ago. UCLA has not been a factor even in the weak Pac 12 in many years, and that’s why no one goes to the games.


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