USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


Jaxson Dart

Whether he goes to Oklahoma or Mississippi, I just want him to tell us what his conversation was like with Lincoln Riley when he realized he didn’t have a future at USC.

Mario Williams

The Oklahoma wide receiver beat Caleb Williams to the punch by committing to USC. Did you know he is 5-9?

Lane Kiffin

He is in pole position to land Jaxson Dart and Michael Trigg. How much does he love Lincoln Riley?

Miller Moss

He’s one injury away from being the starting QB . . . if he stays at USC.

8 historic NCAA tournament games to remember from Kentucky coach Joe B.  Hall's career |

Joe B. Hall

The former Kentucky coach died at age 93 on Saturday. He won a national title in 1978. I’m mentioning him because in 1979, USC athletic director Dick Perry tried to hire Hall to replace Bob Boyd. Hall declined and stayed at Kentucky until 1985. Perry ended up hiring Stan Morrison.


The media

Are the people who built up so many of the players Lincoln Riley is getting rid of going to criticize him for doing it? Never. But they made some of these players out to be future stars at USC. So either they were wrong or Riley is wrong.

Instead, they will pretend they never wrote such flowery praise of the players because they won’t want to be seen as disagreeing with Riley. That’s how the fawning media works.

USC basketball

How many times did you read how USC was ranked higher than any Trojan team since the 1970’s? Did anyone besides me mention how easy the schedule was?

And let’s remember USC was ranked No. 1 by UPI and No. 2 by the AP in 1971. This current team is not to be compared because it doesn’t compete against the best. And that is Andy Enfield’s fault. Not the players.

If you disagree, read this look at the 1973-74 schedule and tell me how this year compares?

Dave Miller

The former USC assistant coach turned Fox analyst needed to be prodded Saturday night to admit Oregon is a top 4 team in the Pac-12 after it beat UCLA and USC in L.A.

Bru McCoy

His USC career is over before it hardly began. Good luck at Texas or wherever he ends up.

JT Daniels

He got beat out by a three-star at USC (Kedon Slovis) and two-star at Georgia (Stetson Bennett). Next stop, Zaxby’s!


42 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

      1. I’m wondering if Carol (“Death Wish”) Folt isn’t concerned with some imaginary legal hurdle involved in Caleb’s recruitment.

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  1. well, the food looks good, have to try it sometime…schedules are made years in advance,but don’t let that fact bother you,just keep being inane and obtuse.

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    1. USC hasn’t looked good since they returned from covid vacation. Could Smackyd be right about Pac 12 coaches knowing Enfield’s offense and being prepared to beat it?

      Liked by 2 people

      1. MG
        Every coach knows other teams offense. You just have to have the horse power to match up and the will to overcome.

        Every college spoiled brat should read… Endurance by Alfred Lansing. That will demonstrate ‘will’ for them.

        Liked by 3 people

      2. Lansing’s Endurance. Yes!
        [Shoulda known you’d love it].
        But to my point –teams within a conference play against each other twice a year, every year. Coaches get ready for any opponent —but they KNOW their conference opponents inside out.

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      3. “How many times did you read how USC was ranked higher than any Trojan team since the 1970’s? Did anyone besides me mention how easy the schedule was?” ~ S. Wolf

        Yeah me. Andyain’twinning thrives on cupcakes & cream puffs, not on legit competition.

        Hence, bozo bb dives from #5 to #16. Expect the bozo bb dive to continue Clownsters.

        Thanks Andrew.


      4. of course…like football there must be a plan to readjust, but one also needs the dominant athletes…this yr SC has a good team…no mega stars.

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  2. Mater Dei QB’s who’ve lived up to expectations (lately):
    Matt 1, Matt 2 (Leinart, Barkley); Bryce Young;

    Mater Dei QB’s not living up to expecations:
    Max W, JT,

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  3. USC Hoops will be tested over the next 7 weeks, for sure.

    A “roadie” to ASU (not so competitive) followed by UofA that Saturday.
    A week of rest, then a “homer” vs UCLA.

    Gotta wonder if they reschedule the postponed UofA game at the Galen
    for that week just prior to the Saturday home game vs UCLA. Wildcats-Wildcats-Bruins? What a week.

    Then, close out the season with three roadies to OSU/OU/UCLA.
    Then, the Pac tourney.

    This veteran team will get to shows it mettle, no?

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  4. I won’t criticize the media…
    It’s their job to hype, sell newspapers, get people to tune it, take click bait, etc.

    The dour performance of USC FB for the past 10 years falls on lousy leadership at the top and lousy coaching. Some really talented HS FB players showed up on campus and were “let down” by the adults in the room. My only hope is that most of the FB players received a good education along the way, as many likely had NFL calibre skills which were wasted.

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  5. ….and finally…

    Mecole Hardman–5’10, 4.33
    Tareek Hill–5’10, 4.29
    Mario Williams–5’9, 4.4

    I’m still captivated by the speed KC showed on a very cold field last night. Reid truly is an offensive FB genius.

    …of to the gym, fellas.

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  6. Caleb Williams has better options than Clown U FB. He will graduate to the NFL(?), long before he comes close the CFP’s with SUCC FB.


    1. Charles,
      Why are you assuming Chip will be around for all 12 games?

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      1. “Ah! That….uh…thh….ah…that’s too bad. That’s …just too… uh… too bad”
        –Jimmy Stewart Being Insincere”In Mister Hobbes Takes A Vacation”

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      2. P. S.
        Is the SAME guy writing all these “goodbye –it was wonderful” portal letters?

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  7. OWNS– IF YOU TRUELY DO REPRESENT UCLA FOOTBALL THEN WE ARE NOT WORRIED ABOUT UCLA FOOTBALL’S- 18-25 RECORD DURING THE CHIP CHEESEBURGER ERA. I must admit though there are not many loyal Bruin fans left like you despite poor performances by the Bruin football team in the last twenty years as indicted by the attendance each Saturday at the Rose Bowl.. Beating a broken USC football team this year without a football coach is nothing to brag about neither is finally being invited to a bowl game, and then canceling the game for the common cold, and a fear of losing another game. Your football coach is a coward, and in reality canceled the game because he knew another loss would destroy his chances of getting a contract extension, and eating cheeseburgers for free for the remainder of his life at UCLA’s expense.

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    1. You have to hand it to Owns —he’s still playing in the orchestra as the Titanic goes down…..

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      1. Mercy is in short supply after the 62 -33 beat down of hapless Donte…


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