Will Lane Kiffin Land Jaxson Dart/Michael Trigg?

Jaxson Dart and Michael Trigg went to a Mississippi basketball game last night but these are the pics they posted today from their visit. If you notice snow, remember Dart is from Utah. Lane Kiffin must be holding his breath he can pull this off.

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16 thoughts on “Will Lane Kiffin Land Jaxson Dart/Michael Trigg?

  1. The qb killer Goat Kiffin … don’t do it Dart, no chance you make it through a season unhurt with that two trick stupid pony.


  2. Scooter,

    LMAO. snow just plain sucks just like ugly. The onlhy problem though is ugly will never melt unless they get off the State of Ca’s support.

    Go to mississippi. ur going to a medicore program. Sc has been that way for years, but they have also won championships unlike ugly where they backed in the 1/2 natty in 1954. They did not play in the rose bowl but they still got a 1/2.

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      1. Just mule
        In defense of PT, he was accepted and graduated from school.

        I understand you just got a promotion from towel boy to fluffer.


  3. hi football fans, heres a history lesson on fraud in history!! this luther krug guy was actual a bald headed nazi imposter who posed as a negro?? this is hilarious those donations there collecting in his behalf are being used to offset the problems with the negros in society in general ? Regards E


  4. Being a big fish in a small pond has its perks. Fwiw, I still don’t think Dart is going to be a guy that wins games. I ain’t even heard of the Trigg dude until now. I wish them well. Just question their decision making. They literally signed up to play for dumbass Clay Helton.


    1. Except Slovis was good before he got murdered by running a stupid offense behind a shit offensive line. Look at his game log. The media and analysts all said he was a Heisman candidate and potential #1 pick. JT Daniels the greatest high school QB transfered out b/c he wasn’t as good as the Slovis. The legit only reason Clay Helton was kept around and got the stupid contract extension was from Sam Darnold and the Slovis carrying his ass.


  5. I mean, Helton ruined a season by starting Max Browne over Darnold despite a year of Darnold and the scout team wrecking the the starting defense in practice. He started JT Dirt over the Slovis b/c of some sort of mysterious agreement that led him to say “my hands are tied” when it came to playing JT over Slovis. So yeah, shitting on Slovis really shows your intelligence. Dart will be lucky if he ever plays as well as the Slovis did before he died four times on the field courtesy of the new WV Offensive Coordinator w/ the pro wrestling championship belt.


  6. Ol’Miss has a good program and is winning unlike previous years.Kiffin has upgraded it like he did Bama’s offense and FAU program too. It is a top 25 program under Kiffin,maybe a top 10 in its future. Dart and Trigg do not want to be at SC ,so happy trails.

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  7. I am wishing Dart all success. He could have been a great Trojan. Any player that escapes graham harrel will do better. With the right coach he is a winner

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  8. ….I’m not taking my New Aston Martin out on a day like that.
    Heck, I’m not taking my Aston anywhere near Mississippi.


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