A Transfer Portal Evaluation

It’s easy to lose track about USC’s transfers but I spoke to a Pac-12 head coach about Colorado cornerback Mekhi Blackmon.

“What you have to realize is Colorado had no pass rush last season, so they probably had two of the best corners in the Pac-12 with Blackmon and (Christian) Gonzalez.

“I think he’s better than anyone USC has coming back from last season.”

That’s good news for the defense and Alex Grinch. Especially with Donte Williams coaching the corners.

36 thoughts on “A Transfer Portal Evaluation

  1. Riley won’t be able to baby these kids at USC. This is a high stamdard academic institution not a jock factory like Oklahoma. CALEB NEEDS TO RECEIVE A TEXT-as shown below REPORT TO SCHOOL, OR SEE YOU LATER!

    “Hi Caleb: As you probably know I was hired by USC to re-build the football program, and within that there are rules I must follow not only at USC, but also with the NCAA.

    We have known each other a long time, and I really value that relationship but I can’t bend the rules for one football player, and still have the respect of the University, our football team, and the entire student body, alumni, and boosters of USC.

    You have a tough decision to make, and we would love to have you as a student athlete at USC. The academic standards at USC are very high all athletes here must attend classes to remain elgible which was not the case at Oklahoma. For your information the last day to enroll here for the Spring Semester is Friday, January 28, 2022.

    Ultimately, I am sure you will make the correct decision for you and your family. However, to attend USC we will need your decision to transfer here by Friday, January the 26th at 1:00PM, or our entire coaching staff will have to move forward and explore other options for our quarterback position”

    Fight on Caleb!

    Lincoln Riley
    USC Head Football Coach


    1. tommyd,

      It is January 26, 2022, and it is past 1PM. If I am Riley, I am telling Dart to get ready for next season and that he is the starting qb. I would tell him that SC is no longer pursuing Caleb and if he wants to join he can but there will be no special privilages for him.

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    1. Ed G’s wife = “the missus”
      Scottie = “John”
      Lincoln Riley = “Okie John”
      Caleb = “Slippery John – can’t pin him down”
      Michael Guarino = “Maui John”
      owns = “ucla john jr.”

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  2. Pasadena…….you got it –Friday is the 28th and the deadline not today which is the 26th. Sign on the dotted line Caleb, or we are moving on period.

    Caleb Williams appears to want special treatment after just 1 season of playing football, 1 minor bowl game, and 1 semester only at OU Who knows he might want to be on Dancing with the Stars before he even plays another football game. The guy has talent no question about it, but it is starting to look like he is going to be a huge risk.

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    1. Caleb could be holding out until the last possible second to force Dart into signing elsewhere, and thus assuring him (Caleb) of minimal competition at the QB spot. It’s like a game of chicken between Caleb and Dart.

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    2. You and me are on record as wanting a dual threat at QB — but I don’t believe we asked for “a dual threat with a tiny bit of psycho in him”….
      # HarbaughHadOneOfThoseAtSanFrancisco…..

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  3. I could be wrong but the way I understand it, the NIL contracts are put up by the rich donors to the university. Is it possible that Lincoln Riley has told Caleb Williams to hold out until the last minute as an incentive to get some of those donors (who really want to see Williams come to SC) to put out more money for his NIL contract?
    I showed the video where Caleb was packed up and ready to leave. Surely he wouldn’t be packing his bags so early if he was not going to leave for another month. And if he is ready to leave, he must know where he is going.

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      1. It’s going to be hard to find a picture of him in the next few days. I heard that he was in the Portland area near the Columbia River with Sasquatch retrieving DB Cooper’s millions.

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  4. Still could be a surprise, but pretty much every college football service has Williams as 100% to USC. I suspect Parcel is right, that the NIL is taking some time to put together.

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    1. Whatever he’s up to, it’s sure making him and his family popular! Just about everybody sez they are really pleased with all the stalling.

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      1. Michael, I am thinking of a school whose mascot is a fledgling, a baby of the species, a cuddly little item that sits on kids’ beds…

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      2. Ha!
        Please post video of this exquisite battle on November 19th of this year…

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    1. Ha! Will do! And the funny thing is that the little guy is about the sweetest, most gentle dog you can imagine until you give him the little stuffed animal, then all hell breaks loose. A bit like what will happen on Nov. 19…

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      1. “All Kindness until he sees a stuffed bear.” I like him already!
        P. S.
        Is it possible this Caleb Williams delay is all about academics? Does he not have the requisite GPA? Does he need to take an extra class [which he doesn’t feel like taking] to get in?


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