USC Notes: Isaiah Mobley Turns Pro; Football Top Defensive Playmaker

USC forward Isaiah Mobley has announced he will enter the NBA Draft. Significantly, Mobley said he hired an agent, which means he cannot pull out of the draft.

Back in January, I wrote about a Pac-12 head coach who told me cornerback Mekhi Blackmon, a transfer from Colorado, would be USC’s best corner.

Well, here’s what Lincoln Riley said Saturday about Blackmon.

“He’s a very instinctive, talented player who up to this point defensively, he’s maybe been our biggest playmaker out there halfway through spring,” Riley said. “Certainly has been in the secondary.”

  • Riley on chances of Bru McCoy returning to USC: “As I understand it, I believe he’s going to transfer.”

22 thoughts on “USC Notes: Isaiah Mobley Turns Pro; Football Top Defensive Playmaker

  1. Good luck to the big man. (IMO I think Isiah should stay and continue to develop.) I don’t think that hiring an agent should be the death knell of a player’s college career if a guy changes his mind, but that is the NCAA for you.

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    1. When you’re as free of error & above criticism as the NCAA has been over the decades —enforcing regulations fairly and impartially, not bullying some schools and letting others skate, ensuring that your appeals board honestly reviews complaints and doesn’t simply rubber stamp the Commission’s findings, affording defendants rights of discovery & cross examination, not appearing in public looking like a bunch of redneck motherfuckers —- I guess you can be as Draconian as you wanna be….

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      1. MG rightly corrected my assertion that his complaints of the NCAA unfairness were constant. I believe he claimed he complained every six weeks. I stand corrected. The word I was searching for was endless.

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    2. Cal75,
      Court Reporters sometimes asked to be reassigned when they saw me walk into their court……

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      1. The law uninitiated (thank God that means most people) might not get that, but when speaking rapidly in a deposition, the poor court reporter sometimes could not get down all that was said.

        So Michael, and many other aggressive attorneys, would get after them a little bit.
        Not little ol’ me, of course.

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    1. Owns, my dear friend, it would be just the bestest day ever if you and Cal75 would make up once and for all with a 7 minute, full force, manly hug…. [with Carol in the middle fighting for air]….

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      1. K-I-SS-I-N-G!!

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  2. Transfers Caleb W, Shane Lee, Mekhi Blackmon standing out so far in Spring. Just think how much progress they and others will make by Fall.

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    1. Love to hear Lincoln say “I’m blown away by how far Brett Neilon and Andrew Vorhees have come…!”

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      1. They are finally being coached by a professional not a pushover scumbag! Makes a world of difference

        Helton is rotting in GA standing there with a dumb blank stare on his face as his OL continue to whiff and the thugs he recruited spit on his tennis shoes, sell drugs and rape his wife


  3. He’s not going to get drafted or have much of any of an NBA career. Not athletic enough. That’s why Bennie Boatwright never made it.


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