USC Saturday Buzz: Restaurant Talk

Did you think I forgot?

Art’s Chili Dogs Stand, Los Angeles (1939, closed)

Damon’s Steakhouse, Glendale (1937)

Fosselman’s Ice Cream Co., Alhambra (1919)

Bay Cities Italian Deli, Santa Monica (1925)

Katella Grill, Orange (1993)

It closes Sunday.

Ricci’s Italian Restaurant, Bellflower (1940)

Western Bagel, Van Nuys (1947)

El Adobe, San Juan Capistrano (1948)

HMS Bounty, Los Angeles (1947)

The Ranch House, Ojai, 1956

37 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: Restaurant Talk

  1. For any Trojan fans feeling blue——————It’s only a paper moon—————————-Dressed up in a cardboard sky !!!

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    1. This is a long overdue apology Tirebiter, but one homecoming I had too many pregame Cape Fears and mistakenly kicked you instead of the flag pole. Seems I let the booze get the better of me. Sorry bout that.

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  2. One lineman does not a turnaround make… we’ll get ours, ones that want to be here, not those who can be swayed at the 11th hour.

    Fosselman’s is old school fantastic. Haven’t deviated from their original base recipe. Seasonal sorbets are on point. I’ve been loving them unconditionally at least twice a month since the mid 80s.

    Speaking of love, here’s a joint I’ve taken every new love of my life to since joining the freemans ranks. Great bar, great food, great attitude.

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    1. *amendment to the above re: Fosselman’s… at least 2x/mo is a Helton-esque stretch of the truth. Shoulda just said I go there like Yogi and Boo-Boo go the honey shack. Damn Helton.

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      1. As one of the many who’ve been tracking you by satellite, I was waiting for that amendment, boxisbento.

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      2. Don’t you think WE should be in charge of the architecture of the page?
        [I’m fairly sure I could improve pages with inordinate amounts of Cal75 stuff with just a bit of rearranging]….

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  3. Upon further reflection of yesterday’s disappointment, this guy was from a small town outside Seattle, and Eugene offers the same. Also, Oregon has kind of owned us the past decade, and SC was terrible last year requiring a complete overhaul. So there were other selling points beside greasing his palm (which SC was capable of doing as well).

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    1. Everybody —including your truly — is forgetting about the possibility that Josh mighta been all butt-hurt cuz Riley stopped aggressively recruiting him over demands that he start immediately. This mighta been a case of Riley saying to his guys, “I trust you’re gonna get the job done –I don’t need a baby o-lineman starting in September.”

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      1. MG. Yeah it was really HARD to go beyond Annette. Oh hell that sounds like something Robin would have said. However she was killed off and now the dog gets blamed for everything. Aw shucks….. I wouldn’t stop for a million bucks…. Ooh wee this feelings killin me. Check out the song DONT LET GO.

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  4. Not only will Nike market his personal Air Conerly shoes, but his picture will be on the toe of each shoe. All sales will be final with all profits going to the Conerly foundation.

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      1. MG. I wish one of us could MONITOR the board——- gotta go to bed now. I can hear the sigh of relief everywhere.

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  5. Of those fine establishments, sadly I only make it to Bay Cities, a great sandwich and also Italian specialty foods. Lunch prking can be a challenge, avoid 11:45 to 1:30.

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  6. 2,385 Rainier
    168,000 Eugene
    10,000,000 Los Angeles County

    One final thought of SC’s busted recruitment before we move on, is that his hometown of Rainier is tiny, so a move to Eugene will seem like the big city to him, whereas L.A. might have seemed too big, too cold, and too urban for his tastes.

    Besides, this kid is probably the hunt-and-fish type, being from his rural town planted in a forest, and he will find similar terrain in Eugene.

    And in their over-confident recruitment of this kid, SC folks were blowing their horns a little too loudly with their presumptuousness, which might have been off-putting for this country teenager and his family.

    Better to stick to home-grown Uglies, there are plenty of them around in California, but SC first has got to show some football progress before that stream can be transformed into a raging river.

    We are getting ahead of ourselves, me included, with this giddiness of a new dawn of SC football. It will take some time to develop.

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      1. No worries. It was a good thought, small town kids might be intimidated by LA. I think it had to do with proximity and NLI deals.

        Seattle to Eugene isn’t a quick drive. It’s 5-6 hours, possibly worse if traffic is bad. But it’s certainly closer than LA. The weather in Eugene is terrible, no coincidence they are the ducks. But Josh is used to that.

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  7. Wonder how long Coach Mobley sticks around considering son Isiah just signed with agent.

    My guess is he will be leaving soon.


  8. Issiah Mobley- will be very lucky if he even gets drafted in the NBA. Nice college player, but too slow for the NBA, below average jumping ability, average to below average outside shot, and no lateral movement to move around quick defenders in the league.
    He might be living off his brother’s salary for a long time just like the rest of the family.
    Nice kid long term his best bet might be to play in the Euro league.


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