USC Morning Buzz: Does Size Matter?

The same USC fans who are complaining that Caleb Williams is taking too long to make a decision are the same ones who will be cheering loudest in the fall if he does play for the Trojans.

The only one who should be complaining is Jaxson Dart because he wouldn’t mind returning to USC but has to wait on Williams.

  • Meanwhile, USC might have the biggest coaching staff in the country.

34 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Does Size Matter?

  1. I’m complaining [and I won’t be cheering for this asshole if Riley still wants him] —and it’s not cuz Caleb is taking too long per se. Williams has every right in the world to explore his options. But how many times & how much time does a player have to go over, study and dissect the strengths and weaknesses of a particular program or it’s coaches [and that includes NFL coaches who are joining the college ranks]? Everything there is to know can be learned in 4 weeks, right?
    Caleb is giving off all the signs of being a problem child. Ask Jim Mora what it’s like to build your team around a player who puts his own interests ahead of everybody else’s.


    1. Close but not 100% accurate — Nikias actually said “Clay, you’re dumber than I thought.”

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  2. NFL scouts are probably already thinking two years down the road and how difficult it may be to sign this kid.
    See a potential John Elway/Eli Manning situation materializing.

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      1. P. S.
        “Caleb Williams’ Agent sez problems can probably be cleared up before first game of season….but, then again…..”


    1. He’s got one year of college football and we’re now anointing him the next John Elway? He’s got a LOOOONG way to go. (But yes, this behavior does not help.)

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  3. Lincoln Riley should text Caleb and his father this message.

    “Hi Caleb: As you probably know I was hired by USC to re-build the football program, and within that there are rules I must follow not only at USC, but also with the NCAA.

    We have known each other a long time, and I really value that relationship but I can’t bend the rules for one football player, and still have the respect of the University, our football team, and the entire student body, alumni, and boosters of USC.

    You have a tough decision to make, and we would love to have you as a student athlete at USC. The academic standards at USC are very high all athletes here must attend classes to remain elgible which was not the case at Oklahoma. For your information the last day to enroll here for the Spring Semester is Friday, January 28, 2022.

    Ultimately, I am sure you will make the correct decision for you and your family. However, to attend USC we will need your decision to transfer here by Friday, January the 26th at 1:00PM, or our entire coaching staff will have to move forward and explore other options for our quarterback position.

    Fight on Caleb!

    Lincoln Riley
    USC Head Football Coach

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      1. Cal75,

        Still too many words, Caleb, by Friday. LOLOL

        Do up like that CAL kept Wilcox? I like that, but Wilcox will have to improve. However, CAL is so apethetic that if he gets to a bowl game, then they will be happy. Too much apethy up there.

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      2. CalSeventyFive showing his age. TWEETS are 140 char. Texts are as long as you want them. (Ask my mother.)

        I actually think the above was a MEMO. You remember those, right? 🙂

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      3. PT,
        I don’t know what I think re: Cal FB.

        Wilcox can’t seem to attract playmakers. Sirmon has no charisma for 4*. Maybe we have to be satisfied with beating SC and furd last 2/3 with walk ons. Who the hell knows. I don’t.

        You guys are going to score points. Helton on steroids. BTW, the less time your O is on the field then your D is on 30 to 37minutes. The D breaks in the middle of the season. Trust me on that one.

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  4. Dart wouldn’t mind returning to SC, says Scott. Is that what Dart is saying? After what has gone down with Caleb I would not be so sure about Dart’s loyalties today.

    By the way, Caleb was a Hebrew leader who spied in the land of Canaan more than 2000 years ago. Our modern day Caleb may be wearing the same cloak of deceit

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    1. Joshua was one of the greatest leaders the ancient world….. and look what his namesake did to UCLA….
      Nothing keeps John down!


  5. I don’t think Caleb wants to register, or attend classes after all that was not a requirement for an athlete at OU, but Riley told him at USC he will have to register, and attend classes on a regular basis.

    My thinking is Riley needs to set a deadline for Friday, and if he does not make a committment by then stick with Dart, and the Portal.

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    1. It’s like some kind of showdown: Caleb and Jaxson waiting until the very last minute to see who enrolls in classes first, i.e., “Will there be a QB competition?” or “Is it safe for me to stay at SC?”


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