Chip Kelly Is Stealing

The details of Chip Kelly’s new contract were revealed by Ben Bolch of the L.A. Times.

Although the terms are viewed as favorable to UCLA, I still think he is overpaid at $4.6 million next season and three more seasons at $4.8 million.

Why is he overpaid? How many good teams has he beaten? How hard does he recruit? Does he have a good staff?

The answers are obvious.

  • USC has sold the historic Freeman House in Hollywood Hills for $1.8 million. It originally wanted $4.25 million last July for the house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

USC let the house fall into disrepair and valuable items were stolen but not reported missing for more than six years.

44 thoughts on “Chip Kelly Is Stealing

    1. Small point –but, Charles, have you noticed how much Chip resembles Helton in this photo? Same 29 inch neck, same [lack of] chin, same flat belly –same gazelle-like running style.

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      1. USC Social Media missed a golden opportunity by not focusing on the love affair between Clay and Miss Angela. Who says Hollywood marriages never last!? Granted it’s not as good as Pete Buttigieg taking two months leave to breastfeed his adopted children.

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  1. Wright’s Hollyhock House was well looked after by USC’s very lovely Art History Instructor, Virginia Ernst [who had become Virginia Kazor by the time she began her work maintaining this treasure for the City]. No one would have stolen anything from a house under the care and protection of Virginia.

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  2. I don’t think people realize that a coach can only take UCLA so far, and the same goes for Cal, and Stanford. The Bruins are decent, and have improved every year since Chip Kelly has been coach. We’ll soon find out if Lincoln Riley is overpaid too, because his salary is rumored to be over twice as much as Kelly’s, so we’ll see when they go head to head who’s really the overpaid coach.


  3. Not a very good recruiter at all. Doesn’t like recruiting. Sort of like Clancy, our former DC. But a great offensive mind. What he proves is that you don’t win NC’s by trying to outscore the opponent in every game. He never cared about defense. That should be a lesson for USC. If you look at Rileys record as a HC and OC at Oklahoma and East Carolina, his offenses are explosive every year going back to 2010 when he was first a DC. But his defenses as a HC are underwhelming. That needs to change. If this DC that he has now doesn’t get the job done, they need to go out and get a great DC. Helton couldn’t do that. Why would a great DC want to work under a HC that might not be there next year? But that isn’t as problem with Riley. There are a lot of great DC’s who would love to come to SC and coach under Riley. SC needs a great defense to win NC’s.

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  4. ugh,hes steeling cuz he all reddy got the moneys but he wunts moar and we get none of it,its like poeple think u gotta work and do some thing wirth wile now a days or u aint gonna get the moneys cuz the banks took it all,smdh

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    1. I agree Eddie Boy. The good Lord didn’t put us on this earth to spend our time working. The government owes us a great living. We are entitled to a chicken in every pot, a Mazerati in every driveway, a mansion for every individual, caviar on every plate. And you’re the only one who can give us what we want. EDDIE BOY FOR PRESIDENT!

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      1. USC now passes UCLA in the rankings just in time to give bruins ONE more reason to want revenge (to go along with the other FIVE)…

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  5. What a gutty performance in one of the toughest arenas to win on the road.!!!! Who keeps saying USC has a cupcake schedule? Thank you Enfield- 25-4. Whether you like a coach or not reporting the news must be objective correct. This team is special like it or not Andy Enfield deserves alot of credit. Reece Dixon Waters is going to be a very special player with a bit more experience. He might be the best pure shooter USC has had in a long time. That last minute of the game was excellent coaching after 2 timeouts, and that last defensive stand was outstanding most teams would have fouled, and lost the game at the line.

    BEAT ARIZONA ON TUESDAY- It won’t be easy so this team needs our fans to fill up the Galen Center.

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    1. The only downside is Scott does not get to grouse–it is always fun to see the he spins it. He will now store up his grouseness waiting for the next opportunity. Scott is a prisoner of his own reputation and past comments. He has painted himself into corner with Enfield…he simply cannot say anything complimentary about him without massively contradicting his previous comments. If USC wins the NCAA tournament (yes, I know, long way to go), I predict Scott will be conveniently sick that week, or better, yet, come out with something like “USC barely eeks out a victory to win the tournament. This is what happens when a team faces a weak schedule” or “USC almost blows big lead in the final…..”

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  6. PRESIDENT CEO OF THE UNIVERSITY OF OREGON IS NOT HAPPY TONIGHT. USC might have knocked the Ducks out of the NCAA tournament, and that a tough one for Phil who has been pouring money into the University like water.

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