USC Saturday Buzz: Is This A Packed House?

There were 813 fans at the Galen Center for the USC-Pepperdine men’s volleyball match last night, but for some reason, USC called it a “packed Galen Center.”

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s video of the match. Does it look like a packed house?

13 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: Is This A Packed House?

  1. Trojans win that is the important thing!! Attendance is always the same for Volleyball there are too many other entertainment options in Los Angeles. Definitiely not a packed house though, and should not have been written as such.

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  2. Scott the number is paying customers. There was the band and 1300 vendors so it was packed. BTW that’s the last $30 bacon wrapped hotdog I buy from a lady with a shopping cart. It not only cured my constipation but also may have given me a tapeworm.

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      1. MG outside the coliseum or Galen center on any game day. Look for the lady with giant cookie tray and a shopping cart. Ask about her bathtub cheese. (But only if the shady looking guy isn’t around)

        BTW GH was all that the site registered when I put it in earlier


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