USC Sunday Buzz: Drama At Matthew Knight Arena

One year when USC played at Oregon, Pete Carroll had people videotape when the Trojans walked from the locker room to the field because he wanted to record the comments hurled at the team.

Last night, it sounds like things got ugly after USC defeated Oregon at Matthew Knight Arena — on both sides.

USC players celebrated by stomping Oregon “O” at midcourt. Oregon students and USC players thn exchanged words as they left the court. Andy Enfield had words with the crowd. Some USC players reportedly tried to get back to the court.

USC managers and staffers were reportedly flipping off the Oregon student section.

Whatever happened, it wasn’t crazier than this 1999 USC-Oregon game at Mac Court.

31 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Drama At Matthew Knight Arena

  1. Great post of the ’99 game!

    Oregon has always been a classless bunch of punk quacks. Worse than Stanfurd.

    25-4 is a great year, they are in the driver’s seat, let’s take the ‘cats and the baby bruins this week.

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  2. hi joan,did couch maik u cry agian cuz he say meen things?suonds like u and me r deeling with simlur poeple,missus ed all ways call me naims wen i skrew up and it maik me want to go bite my pilow,it maik me so skeered joan,

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  3. I asked the cheerleader coach who were the worst fans in the Pac 12 since they are right on the field and right on the front lines. If you guessed Oregon 1 and Cal 2. you were right. Rude, crass, and saying things to the ladies that are way past unacceptable and I cannot print. Real class act

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    1. Pardon me youz guyz,
      I’d appreciate it if gooberino would observe the standard 8 character limit on words. No need to confuse ‘S'(so named by mommy in order for him to remember his name)
      Furthermore, I’d like to remind all gentle souls that Cal operates with the philosophy that, ‘ the enemy of thine enemy is my friend’.
      Our trouncing of the MBB Oregon Poverty with a View was our gift, no charge.
      As to the matter of crassness, Cal being #2. That’s an insult.


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      1. Just a reminder,

        school/active NFL players/yearly $$

        Alabama 68 $1,144,814,212
        Louisiana State 59 $1,062,753,739
        Ohio State 66 $998,294,350
        #4 California 22 $859,176,117
        #15 Southern California 29 $499,901,321


      2. Just a reminder,
        SC has what? 6,000+ Chinese students whose parents live in COMMUNIST CHINA. Oh, I suppose they are in the USA to teach people how to cook chop suey.
        Everyone of those students is expected to bring technical information back to China.

        And people are worried about calling an SC song girl, hey babe, nice ass.

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    1. You know how hateful peace loving socialists can get when things fail to go their way….

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    1. Oregon’s Athletic Director is the guy being given lethal dosages of drugs by the Army during the first scene of Seth Rogan’s “Pineapple Express”….

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  4. I have to hand it to Andy, perhaps he is building something special at USC, like a winning tradition in basketball. Wouldn’t that be nice to have a contender year in and year out.

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  5. I don’t know how many readers here that are SC partisans have been to football games in Eugene, but I go every time SC plays there. Oregon fans are the worst pieces of sub-human shit in the conference, if not all of sport. They really are trash. I’ve seen some of the worst displays of vile behavior there, including them throwing urine and dog crap on UW fans and the very worst thing I’ve ever seen there (or anywhere else) was at the 2001 game in Eugene (Pete’s first year there, if anyone remembers that narrow loss.) For starters, the game was on September 22, 2001. It was 11 days after 9/11, and there was a false rumor going around that on “9/22″ there would be bombings at college football events or planes flying into stadiums, etc. (Which obviously didn’t turn out to be true, but people were freaked out and the country was newly at war for 11 days.) The Willamette Valley can get pretty hot in early Autumn, and and it was a night game. Pulling into town in mid-afternoon, all the Eugene hippies and trailer trash were out at the Saturday famer’s market with large signs reading ” U.S. DON’T BOMB AFGHAN CHILDREN ” and all of that stuff. Weird, demonic vibe throughout the whole town from the hippies and meth-heads there. It was still in the high 80s even at 6 pm, and then came the almost pre-game fight during warm-ups when whOregon’s team ran through SC’s pregame warm-ups at Mike Bellotti’s behest, leading to a shouting match between he and Pete. Additionally, it was the Saturday night before classes began the following Monday, and the entire student body at whOregon was liquored up and rowdy. SC blew the game (I won’t go into detail, but they should have won but went 3-and-out, leading 22-21 with the ball and a minute and half left and whOregon won on a last second field goal. The entire stadium post-game behaved like the demons of Hell probably did on the day they crucified Jesus Christ. Leaving the stadium, I saw an 80+ year-old elderly SC fan (the guy looked like Mr. Rodgers, wearing tan dress slacks, a white collared shirt and a cardinal-color cardigan sweater with an interlocking SC hat) who was so old that he slowly walked with a limp get pushed down from behind by an Oregon student who ran away into the crowd. For absolutely no reason, other than being an SC fans. An old guy who could hardly walk and was limping along slowly. A few of us stopped and picked the elderly gent up, who had a gash on his forehead from the pavement and broken glasses from where he face-planted into the pavement right before crossing that bridge that goes from Autzen Stadium over the Willamette River. That was only one thing of many I’ve seen from their fans there. They are vile scum. Husky Fans says it’s worse for them when they visit there. I’ve never understood that type of mentality from “fans”.

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    1. Thank you for this Oregon Reminder. We’ve all seen the same kind of crap coming from their fans for years. [One more reason I was so disgusted Clay Helton didn’t have the team ready to kick their ass in the recent Pac 12 Championship].
      A lot of people don’t remember what you astutely pointed out: Pete’s first year was made even more difficult by constant rumors Los Angeles [and, specifically, the Coliseum] was a terrorist target. The 2001 USC team had that possibility to deal with –while Stanford, Arizona, etc. didn’t.
      I recall thinking the same thing you did at Pete’s first game in Oregon: “you’re playing it too safe —don’t try to nurse a less than touchdown lead —you’re gonna blow it.” I could FEEL that last minute loss coming.
      The following year, Pete came back with a new weapon and a new outlook – called Killer Instinct.


      1. Yes, Michael. I was at the 2002 game yet again in Eugene, and it was a thing of beauty. Nice, bright and sunny frigid 36F degree day at the 12:30 pm kickoff, and Carson, Fargas, BMW, Kelly and Colbert all went to town on those clowns. 44-19 before garbage time, with a 44-33 final score. A thing of beauty.


      2. That 2001 game at Oregon was after our close 10-6 loss to Kansas State in the Coliseum the previous week, which we could’ve (or at least had a good chance) to win on a late-game drive where Carson fumbled the exchange with center, thus ending the game. I was at that one, also. That 2001 team was not “ready for prime time”, but you could tell from the close losses that they were going to turn the corner, just like they did in 2002.


    2. They have always been a low class fan base. Went up there once and experienced a few assholes. The basketball game showed how they are rude and then get out and run to the exits when they get beat


  6. Scooter,

    did you see the game on tv on Sturday night? oregon fans are horrible. After the SC win Mobley shots into the crowd and all you see is the crowd packing up and going home. Couldn’t happen to a nicer entity


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