USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


Drew Peterson

USC’s Mr. Clutch hit the game-winning shot vs. Oregon a week after his career night vs. UCLA.

JuJu Smith-Schuster

The former USC wide receiver was asked how long before USC wins a national title?

“Soon, man,” he told TMZ Sports. “This year and whatever God has planned. I think we just gotta keep pushing. I think it’s a great move. We have a great coaching staff, so it helps us out a lot.”

Michael Hutchings

The former USC linebacker was hired by Western Kentucky to coach outside linebackers. Western Kentucky’s coach is Tyson Helton.

USC baseball

The Trojans swept Omaha over the weekend. Gotta pile up easy wins before Pac-12 play.


Carol Folt

Who becomes her consigliere with Rick Caruso running for mayor?

Andy Enfield

Didn’t want to say if he has had any contact with Maryland. That doesn’t tamp down the idea he wants the Terrapins job.

Stanford basketball

The Cardinal scored 39 points vs. Cal on Saturday. Thirty-nine points!

USC basketball

A regular-season record 25 victories but with a creampuff nonconference schedule.

42 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

      1. It isn’t easy being around you, Cal75….. but your reprimands are making me into a better soldier….
        —- General Cal Patton75

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      1. According to reports the fight was a draw….
        [But Scott didn’t start calling everybody “assholes” afterwards]….

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      2. Wait how could you call it a draw? Scott sitting in stands with his mom and Own’s. He enthusiastically lights up when Enfield talks to him. Than is humiliated when Enfield turns around and tells the masses what he really thinks of Scooter. Enfield gets the victory and goes home to his house by the beach with his beautiful wife. Scooter takes his mom home and goes back to work as an Uber driver. #Scooterdownforthecount.

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  1. ugh,all thare usc wins gotta be cuz of eezy sckejule but wen thay loose,it cuz thay no good,smdh,and then the couch say meen things and he got other plaices to getta job but i got none,dubble smdh

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    1. There’s a UCLA board? What could you guys possibly be posting about? They accept all kinds of folks here. Rather you are white and catholic or catholic and white, you will be welcome.

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      1. Ok, Funny —but your posting “qualifications” don’t apply to the blogger or 75% of the rest of us…

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      1. Michael, the “embrace” part has changed since the village idiot coach left and took his neck hugs and pledges of “I love you, man” to destroy the good people of Georgia southern.

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      2. I wouldn’t wish what is about to happen to Georgia Southern on my worst enemy….

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  2. Despite COVID, USC MBB records 72 W’s in the past 3 seasons–a few of which have come at the hands of the Bruins.
    Highly ranked recruiting classes each of those 3 years.
    A great 2022 class ready to enroll this Fall.
    Enfield is doing a lot of things right.

    Academically, USC is far and away superior to anything in the B1G (10+4), though the fan base and Big10 network assure more money flows to the 14 schools. East Coast Andy? Not for me.

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  3. Scooter,

    I disagree with your comment about the SC basketball team. The PAC 12 is tough. They beat ugly again, as usual, and were in the game against UofA. When they are on the same page they are good. They could beat most teams in the nation when they play like that.

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  4. Oh please, Scott really? At the bottom of the loser’s list? I remember when this team couldn’t break 500 with the same cream puff schedule year in & out. Looking at other school’s all time best season records, I wonder how many of those were built on the back of soft schedules, but SC basketball should be held to a higher standard? When were they ever IU that one could hold them to that?

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  5. M G. Ha ha. Good one. Victor did have very large boobs. When he got old can we say they were mature ?? Please don’t PROSECUTE me for that one !!

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  6. “Soon, man,” he told TMZ Sports. “This year and whatever God has planned. I think we just gotta keep pushing. I think it’s a great move. We have a great coaching staff, so it helps us out a lot.”

    How many clichés can you count in this statement?

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      1. The best defense is a good offense !!!?? Just ask Lincoln Riley. No offense taken counselor. Does the prosecution rest ?? Where are Perry Mason and Della Street when you need them ?? Not to mention Raymond Burr who always wanted to give me the chair—- his chair. Erle Stanley Gardner I’m not !!

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  7. M G. Let us not forget Lt. Tragg assuming you read some of the books. And yes like Clark Kent I do have a super secret identity. All I can request of you is that you keep my secret and don’t tell Lois Lane. Some of us are not yet ready to be outed like Clay and Lynn were

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    1. Your secret dies with me, Robin…
      [The producers were so devoted to the actor that played Tragg that they kept his name in the Perry Mason credits all through his illness …and kept it there several months after his death]…


  8. Michael. I remember a while back a lady posted that she loved your sense of humor. And I am impressed by your vast array of knowledge on virtually any subject. All I can do is try and reward you with a RICH joke. Which is the wealthiest country in the world ??? It’s Ireland cuz its Capital is always Dublin !!! I know. I know. I should stick to my day job by george.

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    1. No. I like it! [Maybe Biden should change Delaware’s name to Dublin]…


  9. M G. Let’s try another. I took my girlfriend

    to a Dodgers game and said. Honey I’ll kiss you on the strikes if you’ll kiss me on the balls !!!

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  10. Another goody. MG I try to give you likes but I don’t know how. I’m just technology moronic and old and pretty much out of it old pal. As that guy posted earlier in answer to him. Well I’m white and Catholic. But have doubts. In bad shape bro. As Scarlett said I’ll worry about it tomorrow.


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