USC Students Craving Cookies

USC students might not spend the night waiting to get into the Galen Center but they will wait in line for cookies.

At 2 a.m. Saturday, hundreds of students were lined up around the USC Village for the opening of Insomnia Cookies. Beats going to the Galen Center.

Christina Chkarboul/Daily Trojan

34 thoughts on “USC Students Craving Cookies

  1. ugh,wye r theese yuong poeples haveing fun and doin what thay wunt to doo,thay shuold be lissening to old mans like joan and me so thay can be moar seareus in live and stop haveing thare stoopid fun,smdh

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    1. Ed, these cookies sell for $2 a piece or more. Maybe you and the missus can fire up the propane oven and get into a competition for the usc student demand? Scottie can provide free advertising.

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    2. If you could hear them talking — about Netflix and cosmetic surgery and perverse sex — you wouldn’t be joking about it, Ed….

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  2. Check out the 1950s song Rockin Robin by Bobby Day. 1958. All the little birds on jay bird street. Love to hear the Robin go tweet tweet tweet. Did the writer anticipate the coming of twitter ?? And. Michael. Sometimes you just have to let them marinate awhile. Right ??

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      1. I’m withdrawing that pledge I made about not prosecuting, Robin….

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  3. The Blogger might have to post a “rivalry” poll for this blog post.

    Which cookie shop is better?
    -Insomnia Cookies (USC)
    -Diddy Riese (UCLA)



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    1. THE place was the Bratskellar on Westwood Boulevard —where you could find your favorite USC English and Philosophy Department T. A.’s trying to pick up UCLA freshman girls…..

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      1. The other place to mingle with UCLA coeds was Maloney’s back in the day although I heard it changed it’s name to O’Hara’s before it closed recently.



      1. Please don’t prosecute me MG. I’m being persecuted as it is. They say I’m giving them the creeps. Well. Clap for them then !!!


  4. 67–
    Scott needs to stake out Insomnia’s. Sometime in the late 1970’s a 390 pound Los Angeles man tried to hide his gluttony by disguising himself as a nun & ordering 4 dozen chocolate fudge-nut cookies from Fairy Tale Bakery in W.L.A, saying, “they’re for my Sister Family” …

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    1. Michael, it was no coincidence that the share price of Hostess Brands, parent company of that little baker of Twinkies and Ho-Hos, skyrocketed the day that Chip’s extension was announced.

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      1. I’ll let you in on a secret —I’m working on a comedic graphic novel about an overprotected kid who knows nothing of the world except what he’s seen in 9 Italian Renaissance paintings his babysitter showed him— sometimes I work all night on the writing or the drawings…. but I like stopping by here when I’ve written myself into a corner… I call it “taking a break with Scott and my pals”….


  5. The most important basketball game of the season is tonight and Wolf is taking about tossing cookies? If you want to see the price of those cookies drop (roughly enough to buy the ingredients for a whole batch per each cookie) just organize a protest that says they are made using Putin’s recipe for democracy.

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  6. Arizona favored b 4 1/2. Kind of a meaningless game because even if SC wins Arizona only has to beat Cal and Stanford for the title.

    And anybody can beat Stanford, right?– Oh, SC got beat by them, I almost forgot.

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  7. Scooter,

    I bet you a dollar to a donut that the little midget, Folt jumped the line and declring that since she is the president and she can declare any time and any where on any student or person, Off with their heads, that I can jump first in line.

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