USC Spring Practices Closed To Public

USC announced all spring practices will be closed to the public except for the spring game at the Coliseum, which will take place on April 23 at 12 p.m. (PT).

As I wrote this morning, spring practice begins Tuesday.

The April 23 game will be on ESPN with a broadcast team of Matt Barrie, Kirk Herbstreit, Joey Galloway and Molly McGrath. The game will be free to season-ticket holders and students. USC has not announced how much it will cost for anyone else.

It was expected Lincoln Riley would not allow the public at practices, which was his policy at Oklahoma.


10 thoughts on “USC Spring Practices Closed To Public

  1. Did someone say Spring? Don’t know if any of you gents follow, but the Grand Sumo Spring Tourney is in full flight. Earlier tonight i watched a Maegashira launch an Ozeki with a sweet Uwatenage while eating some tacos.


  2. I always got in underMcKAY, Robinson and PC—-the others I didn’t really care to get in. Will Riley let me in ?? I really dunno yet ———Whaddya think??

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  3. The practice being closed doesn’t concern me. It just an adjustment for Lincoln Riley in wonderland. In past few months we’ve been exposed to everything Riley does and thinks. He just wants to focus on the team. There’ll be time to watch him get a haircut and nail trim, after the spring practice period.
    He’ll probably make some pronouncements to the team about earning open practice, but I doubt he cares about people seeing what he’s doing.


  4. When you have confidence in what you’re doing, then practice should be open to the public, championship coaches allow it. Somebody tell Lincoln Riley that you can’t hide from criticism in Los Angeles, this is not Oklahoma.

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    1. Like Wiley did not get criticism in Oklahoma, right?– They are more nutty about their football than LAers.

      No, these Ton-o-Hel leftovers need to be read the Riot Act, they require 3rd degree training. They were coddled by the prior regime and are spoiled rotten. Wiley will wake them up, and they are at first going to hate having to actually train like true footballers. But they will be grateful when they start to win again.

      And to accomplish this Wiley needs their undivided attention, hence the closed practices. But I bet Wiley will eventually open them up when he has his players eating out of his hand.


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