Discuss The USC-Miami Game

Great trip to Greenville!

The fan boys wanted to crow about the school-record 26 victories. A false accomplishment with an easy schedule.

More important: A 1-4 record to end the season when real teams and real things were at stake.

A first-round exit in the NCAA Tournament? C’mon. Miami had what? Five players. USC lost this game with a sluggish first half. But it’s looked sluggish in the past 5 games.

Remember what I said this morning: “I’ve made it clear what I think of Andy Enfield, so when USC gets into the tournament, its best chance is to either overwhelm a team with its talent (Drake), hope the team is overrated (Kansas) or lays an egg (Oregon). That sums up last year’s tournament victories.

“If Miami falls into any of these categories, forget it. If Miami is well-coached and has its act together, USC could be in trouble.”

Thanks Enfield!

Andy Enfield: “Very proud of our team. Outstanding season. Unfortunately, we were a possession short tonight.”

34 thoughts on “Discuss The USC-Miami Game

  1. Scooter,

    I will tell ya what, I was listening to the post game show on KABC and at exaclty at 3 PM USC time, KABC went to regular programming and dropped the post game show. GET RID OF KABC. THEY ARE TOTAL CIRCLE JERKS AND UGLY HOMO BUDDIES. PISSED ME OFF. SC needs to go back to 710 A.M. radio, 830 A.M. Or 570 A.M. Get rid of the ruins on 570 am. Sc draws better.

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    1. I had the same issue listening the stream from 790 website – total agreement they need to move their broadcast of games to 570am or 710am.


    2. The Ladies of Troy are soft. Enfield couldn’t run a set play if he knew what one was.

      Those Ladies of Troy dish out the softest fouls you will ever see. If you’re going to foul someone going to the basket, foul him, make him earn it. This business about touch fouls is beyond ridiculous, little slaps to the wrist or a minor bump, you got to foul hard, let opponents know they’re not going to have a clear path to the basket.

      Enfield’s teams are soft, no fire, no killer instinct. They’re slow, out of sync, if they had signature moves in high school, Enfield has done a helluva job of coaching whatever it was, out of them.

      Oh and those Ladies need to focus on passing drills. Enfield might want to have someone explain what “telegraphing your passes” means, because he hasn’t done a good job of explaining it to the team…obviously.

      Bounced in the 1st round just like I told you all the Ladies of Troy would be.

      One and Done!


      1. Coach Enfield, do not ever say the other team made one more play than your team (and hence the reason for the loss). A game’s outcome should be decided before it gets to the 3-minutes left marker.

        If not, then the game suddenly becomes a virtual 50:50 tossup, and teams lose many of those types of games no matter how much more superior they are than the opposition.


  2. Well, that went exactly as I suspected it would. Bootleg Jim Boeheim out coached Enfield. The thing I don’t get is if Enfield is so good at drawing up plays (last Peterson shots) why the hell does he insist on running the stupid motion dribble offense the whole time and not just run different sets getting specific guys open and exploiting miss-matches?


  3. Flow. You win. You got your early Xmas present. USC peaked two months too early. What a shitty end. Coulda used Evan today.


  4. ugh,didnt evn now gaim wuz beeing plaid,and then we loose,im so angrey,they ruwinned my live agian,i dont now y thay aint maiking riter the couch,he is all ways rite,thats y he is a riter,cant be the onley one to figger this out,smdh

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  5. Let’s face it, Enfield is best USC can get. Very few USC fans care about basketball. What quality coach wants to coach before the massive crowds of 3,000 to 4,000 people. So SC will have to live with a talented team that looks like they never played together before. Thanks Enfield!

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  6. No matter how old we get, we never get used to losing, it always feels bad.

    But the good news, at least for me, is that other than SC I could care less who else is playing, so now I am free to do non-sports stuff for the remainder of March.

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  7. Yes extend him just like the shithead Helton so that when he later bombs its too late, last year was an aberration because we had an unusual talent (look what he is doing at nba) and not because of Antfield


  8. wolfman, as ALWAYS, we are on the same page when it comes to the trOXans!! As I told my trojie buddy earlier this year, that cream-puff schedule was gonna come back and BITE you dudes!!

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      1. No way Jose. The real Charlie was far more clever, and would never brown-nose up to Wolfie.


      1. I also wanted to let you guys know how thrilled I am to have Chip Kelly in charge of our storied football program. In four years he’s managed to beat a whopping four teams who ended their season with a winning record and he was able to go toe to toe with Clay Helton and take two of four games.

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  9. I don’t think that UCLA will get to the final 4 this year. They have to get past Baylor, which I don’t think is likely. But if they got past Baylor, by some miracle, then I think that they will get to the final 4. I do think that SC got a raw deal on that final foul that sent Miami to the foul line for the winning 2 free throws. In that situation, at the end of the game, on a judgement call that will determine the game, the refs usually just let them play. They generally don’t call that foul.


      1. You dimwits need to worry
        About sanctions coming down on your athletic department from all the cheating
        at usc… according to sources NCAA was at home Depot shopping for a hammer to drop on you fools!


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