USC Saturday Buzz: How Is Your NCAA Hangover?

Normally, a loss like Friday’s 68-66 thriller to Miami would gnaw at me for a long time.

There’s an awful feeling when you fly somewhere and less than 24 hours later you’re done while other teams keep playing.

But the whole week I kind of expected USC to lose this game. I held my tongue for most of the season while USC racked up victories over powerhouses like Cal State Northridge (7-23); Eastern Kentucky (13-18), Dixie State (13-18), Saint Joseph’s (11-19), Pacific (8-22) and Georgia Tech (12-20).

USC feasted off an awful Pac-12 with six victories over Oregon State (3-28), Utah (11-20) and Cal (12-20).

That’s 12 victories over teams with 18-or-more losses. Nearly half the school-record total of 26 victories.

And yet before the game, it was pointed out that among Power Six teams, USC trails only Kansas and Baylor in total wins over the past 3 seasons. Total wins? Doesn’t it matter who you play?

Before Friday, San Diego State, UCLA and Arizona were the only teams USC played that made the NCAA Tournament.

So losing to Miami is not a shock.

USC had most of its team back and Andy Enfield still had that cream-puff schedule. The big non-conference game that got canceled was against Oklahoma State, who was 15-15 overall.

Next year he will probably seek a worse schedule with several veterans departing.

30 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: How Is Your NCAA Hangover?

    1. Common Chuck, Look who the author is. Kartje is a compete blithering moron. He’s a kiss ass, yes man for the program so he won’t get denied access. He’s a Michigan grad who could care less about objective truth. He has been stroking Bohn, Sosna, and helton for a few years now.

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      1. J Brady McCullough (another Michigan man) was advocating for Harbaugh to be fired after 2020, but didn’t call for Helton to be fired. Fast-forward to 2021, Harbaugh takes Michigan to CFP and Helton gets cashiered after Game 2; thereby wasting another season. Kartje and McCullough are no more than spokesmen for Bohn-head.


  1. My guess is that AD of the Year Bohn-head knew none of this before handing out that contract extension. Too busy catering to President Flo’s every need and whim.


  2. All Andy Enfield needs to do is win 20 plus games a season, and generate media interest regardless of the opponent . Well guess what ? Enfield has done all of that at a “Football School “ , so fans need to realize that USC is not, and never will be an elite NCAA basketball power.


    1. USC could be an elite basketball team with the right head coach, just as Gonzaga can be elite with the right head coach.

      More than just about any other sport, basketball can be quickly turned around with the right head coach. Enfield has never been the right coach. His teams have always fallen apart in games against tough opponents.

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      1. It’s a roll of the dice hiring a top assistant coach to build a basketball program, because a established winning coach isn’t leaving his program for USC. If Mike Bohn didn’t jump the gun, and extend Andy Enfield’s contract last week, he could’ve gone after St. Mary’s or the University of San Francisco’s coach, because they’re working wonder at their schools.

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  3. ugh,if the vetran playurs keap leeving then thare will be no one leffed,then who gonna play in the gaims,u so rite john,wye no one ells figger this out,its wye we keap r yuong poeple in the base mint so thay can nevr leeve us,

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  4. USC basketball is 50 years of f-ing futility. One regular season championship and one pac tour championship. 50 f-ing years! We wasted donor funds building the Galen (3-4 k average attendance), AD and administration satisfied with wins no championships and we have a fraud for a head coach. Thanks haden. ‘Thought Bohn, a Kansas alum, would make a difference and upgrade our program with a competent, genuine coach. Bohn extends his contract twice! Trojans don’t ever get too excited about our basketball program.


  5. Irrespective of the quality of opponents, the team peaked earlier in the year. Turnovers, defensive lapses, running a half-court offense that was poorly executed (so much dribbling, so much picking up the dribble, then getting trapped), so many shots deep in the shot clock, not exploiting their size in the post were the characteristics of this team the last month. There is a great recruiting class coming in, Iwuchukwu is a major upgrade over Goodwin. If Mobley stays (he should) and Anderson stays (he should), then they could go places next year.

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  6. I would not be so sure- all the players are going to be leaving-
    Issiah Mobley- overrated……….Can’t jump, no quickness, limited lateral movement. Just does not have the gifts his brother has. Good team player might be at the top of his skill set right now. Maybe last round NBA pick at best probably a very short NBA career, and then off to Europe. Showed some improvement, but not enough to wow the scouts. Slight chance he may have to return or play in the D-League especially with the poor performances at the end of the season.
    Drew Peterson- will return
    Boogie Ellis- very disapointing season. He will not be drafted, and might have to return for his senior season. Anyone notice how the high performing guards in the Pac 12 and Tournament (Miami) really neutralized his game made him look frozen in frustration at times. Would really benefit his game playing with a good point guard which USC does not have.

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    1. I don’t see Mobley getting picked in the second (last) round…your points about him are all valid, though I would say that he played better at the end of last year and earlier this year. In the last month, he has looked lost and certainly not dominant in the post.

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  7. Reece Dixon Waters- Enfield needs to builds the team around this guy he is going to be a star, and will play in the NBA. USC needs to recruit quick explosive type guards like Taj Eddy or get some from the portal. Drew Peterson will probably come back but should be a forward, and not handle the ball as much as he currently does.

    The future is bright with the talented players coming in next season if Enfield recruits some guards with speed.

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  8. Totally agree with upgrading the USC basketball non-conference schedule and being part of the early season tournaments that will see USC play top 25 ranked teams.

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  9. I guess I’m in the minority, but USC basketball is much better then the years past. They have a schedule basically like everyone else. Good teams, bad teams, and some in the middle. You can’t help what your conference will be. Last year the PAC 12 was solid. I think they should have had a couple more teams in the tournament. Big 10 always gets double digit teams in and they always under achieve. Enfield is doing a solid job. Scott you are never happy with anything. Must be a sad life. How long until you start criticizing Lincoln Riley. Very good year for the Trojans! Looking forward to next year!

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  10. GUARDS AND MORE GUARDS are what it takes to be successful in the NCAA tournament. Wow-those guards that Baylor are explosive, and the press changed the whole game Baylor just got too far behind, and probably was the best team.

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    1. Congrats to UNC, very exciting game. But I have to say, even at the NCAA tourney level, college refereeing of basketball is really, really bad.

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  11. Mike Bohn I double-dog dare you to come on the Scott Wolf blog and defend keeping Andy Enfield and especially Clay Helton for two years too long. You won’t because you’re an incompetent pussy! AD of the Year MY FUCKING ASS!!! President Flo screw you too!


  12. Randy Bennett- good coach, but in a very weak conference, and his teams never do a thing in the tournament to justify him being one of the top coaches.


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