Time For A Restaurant Break

Let’s take my mind off USC basketball.

Who remembers Woody and Eddy’s in San Marino? It was on the Huntington Drive and San Gabriel Blvd. In 1957, a deputy and robber were killed in a shootout there.

How about Johnnie’s Pastrami (1952) in Culver City? It’s still there.

Chronis Famous Sandwich Ship (1945) in East Los Angeles

Tony’s on the Pier (1952) in Redondo Beach.

The Magic Lamp Inn (1955) in Rancho Cucamonga

12 thoughts on “Time For A Restaurant Break

  1. Chroni’s! I’m not currently registered as a Chili Dog Expert, but when I was, I rated Chroni’s best in LA. Pinks has the hype, but Chroni’s has the snap.

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  2. Johnnies was (probably still is) exceptional. Most would go for the pastrami, but the “Big John” burger and the chili-cheese fries were excellent.


  3. The Magic Lamp is still on the old rt 66. In the winter, sneak in through the back side door and get the fireplace.


  4. Tito’s Tacos in Culver City is a legend. Stearn’s BBQ in Culver City was also, but now it is gone while Tito’s remains.


  5. Further evidence UCLA is having financial problems, and paying the rent at the Rose Bowl due to poor attendance.

    Is this a joke?? “The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UCLA seeks applications for an Assistant Adjunct Professor on a without salary basis. Applicants must understand there will be no compensation for this position.”


    1. Then & Now: Restaurant Edition

      Then: Gas Station Attendant
      Today: Petroleum Distribution Specialist- Consumer Division

      Then: A person ordered and ate a pastrami sandwich cause they liked it.
      Today: A person orders and photographs a pastrami sandwich for Instagram hoping it’ll make someone like them.

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      1. People are very needy. They need to be validated as often as possible.

        So glad we’ve never been on social media.


  6. Scooter,

    The Hat blows out Johnnies any day of the week. They have them in Alhmbra (original), Pasadena, Glendora, and other locations. You also have the resturant that was owned by the two KFI AM jocks before Bill Handel on Freemont and Huntington in South Pasadena. Thehy changed the owners. I remember the place in San Marino. Never went, but went by it.

    Don’t forget El Teypeacs in East L.A. The best.


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