Sunday Buzz: A Hurtful Portrayal Of Jerry West

Have you watched the new HBO series, “Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty.”

It’s interesting to watch the show if you are a Lakers fan as it covers the birth of a dynasty. But there’s been a lot of blowback on the portrayal of Jerry West.

This interests me because West was my favorite player as a young child. I also had limited dealings with him as a reporter when I covered the NBA and he was fine.

West in the series is constantly angry, yelling, throwing fits and spewing profanity. He breaks golf clubs and tosses his NBA MVP trophy threw his office window.

I spoke to a friend of West who has known him as a player, coach and executive.

“This is nothing like the Jerry West I know,” the friend said. “His office at the Forum didn’t even have windows. He didn’t act like that. It’s a hurtful portrayful.”

In one scene I disliked, Lakers owner Jerry Buss turns to the camera and suggests West is a loser because he lost to the Boston Celtics six times in the 1960’s.

“The Celtics had Bill Russell at center, the Lakers had Jim Krebs!” the friend. “They had Sam Jones, K.C. Jones, Satch Sanders, John Havlicek and Tommy Heinsohn.”

  • The NFL is a business but aren’t Rams fans unhappy the team discarded Robert Woods for a sixth-round pick? Woods is such a team player that his value is more than on-field contributions.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Buzz: A Hurtful Portrayal Of Jerry West

    1. Dude, back in his time he was one of the most capable and respected PLAYERS in the NBA. Why anyone would want to portray him as something else is purely evil.

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  1. gee,intresting that john can get so up set abuot his favrit poeple like west and couch infield,seams like he neads to tuffin up if he wunt to do this riting job or may be shuold go be come a policy oficer or some thing ware he cant get his fealings hirt so much,smdh


  2. For whatever reason the Buss kids don’t like Jerry West. Jerry Buss was a once in a lifetime type of person. Different time, different rules, different landscape. The Laker organization is trash now. Run by the Chinese prostitute LeBron James 😂😂😂


  3. Scott, let me break it down for you. HBO is a Hollywood cesspool of degenerates so you know that a White, Protestant, Heterosexual, Male, who has always carried themselves with class and dignity, fits perfectly for their narrative Woke White Man Bad would be there target. Remember, there is nothing a liberal can’t screw up.


  4. It’s entertainment, not a documentary.

    It does seem that the show is portraying Bus as a very likeable guy and everyone else, including Magic, seems to be a tragic figure in some way.


  5. hello sports fans, dear coach carroll ,consider london if hes there when you draft !!!!!! kindly dont draft a mississippi state player instead in the first round !!! Regards , E


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