USC Still In NCAA Tournament

Andy Enfield might not have gotten past the first round of the NCAA Tournament, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a USC presence.

This Buick commercial was shot on campus. The most amazing part is a private vehicle pulling up right in front of Bovard Auditorium.

9 thoughts on “USC Still In NCAA Tournament

      1. It is all speculative, George, because SC might have been beaten by Auburn.

        One good thing is that Miami has proved it is no pushover, so that bides well for the Trojans.


  1. hello sports fans, well good fortune to wilson and denver looks like things are heating up there in denver ! really heating up ?????? regards , E


  2. hello sports fans, well what a awful game houston v villa both of those teams el stinko ??? was that bad basketball or what !!!!!!!! Regards , E


  3. hi fans, well miami hit the wall at the four minute mark in the second half vs villanova !!!! the final four looks like duke v kansas and with duke wrapping up the whole thing !!!!! regards , E


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