Morning Buzz: USC Winners And Losers Of The Week


Jim Larranaga

The Miami coach has taken the Hurricanes to the Sweet 16 three times (2013, 2016, 2022). Andy Enfield has one Sweet 16 at USC and has gotten three contract extensions.

USC football

The long, long wait for spring football finally comes to an end Tuesday.

Chuck O’Bannon

The former USC player scored a career-high 23 points in TCU’s loss to Arizona.

The Galen Center

It looked like around 3,500 attended the Alexis Rocha-Blair Cobbs fight at the arena. That’s more than some USC basketball games.

Kaitlin Dobler

The USC swimmer won the NCAA title in the 100-yard breaststroke.

Robert Woods

He gets discarded by Rams despite being a model player so he’s still a winner in these parts.

Indiana cheerleaders


Andy Enfield

Auburn was obviously an overrated No. 2 seed, which really magnified why it was a disaster to score a season-low 20 points in the first half vs. Miami. Or would the Trojans have underachieved against Auburn too?

The Big Ten

In the past two years, it got 18 bids to the NCAA Tournament and three teams advanced to Sweet 16.

USC baseball

Since taking 2 of 3 from highly regarded UCLA, it lost 3 of 4 games and dropped its first series to Cal at Dedeaux Field since 2014.

Coach Bohn

Timing is everything. A contract extension for Andy Enfield was announced and a week later USC has a first-round exit in the NCAA Tournament.

USC athletic dept.

The Boston judge in the Jovan Vavic Varsity Blues case denied motions by USC water polo coach Marko Pintaric and three other USC employees (Joseph Aguirre, Scott Wandzilak, Alexandra Reisman), which means they will have to testify if called by Vavic’s lawyers.

They had cited travel concerns as a reason to not testify.

35 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. couch infield musta reely up set john cuz he wineing end complaneng abuot him like a skool girl who got her foot brokin,smdh


    1. I bet you’d whine if you broke YOUR foot…


      1. Once again Andyain’twinning is “One and Done,” and the day after he starts whining and blames the refs for the bozo’s ugly defeat.

        Cue: “It’s Not Unusual”


  2. Lincoln Riley’s blue print will resemble Andy Enfield’s, because the Trojans Football team will get to the playoffs and loose the first round. They recruit lots of skill players without putting an emphasis on controlling the line of scrimmage, which sounds a lot like Oklahoma the last five years, so expect the same at USC.

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    1. Steve —Maybe you’re right —but, in the meantime, what’s better 11-1 or 4-8?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ha! As Sark himself said after one of his many 7 win seasons, “the year has been a qualified success.”


    1. Lia didn’t just shave his legs, Charles —he shaved his beard too. Lia worked real hard to become just barely womanly enough to join women’s sports….

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Caruso is a mixed bag. He’s well spoken and smart. He’s also a guy who understands most mistakes in public life are mistakes of diplomacy —and he himself is a first rate diplomat. He gets the idea that politics is all about staging the surfacing of controversial issues —accordingly, he takes problems one at a time. On the other hand wasn’t one of the illegally admitted youngsters on his yacht as the “walk-on” scandal broke? Didn’t Caruso put out a namby -pamby, jacksie-offskie statement about his support for BLM as L. A. suffered through riots that caused billions in damages? And wasn’t he the prime mover in bringing Carol Folt aboard? [btw, Carol’s hypocritical “path of righteousness” is gonna take a nationwide drubbing in November]…..
      P. S.
      Great piece, Mister Wolf. If EVER two fellas belonged in the loser column it’s Bohn & Enfield.
      Question: Did Enfield lose EVERY game after he called Scott an asshole? Or did he manage to scrape by some last place Pac 12 team in the tournament?

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      1. Michael,

        Speaking of Caruso, at my high school, Loyola High in LA, Loyola had an auditorum called Xavier Center, namde after St. Xavier. Caruso comes along and has it rebuilt with his money. After is is finished he named it Caruso Hall. I don’t care for the naming rights like that. he should have kept tradtion by naming it Xavier Hall sponosered by Caruso. Besides, when has Caruso become a saint? He also built the Cathlolic Church down at SC and he named Caruso Catholic Church. Just a little ego there.

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      2. If Caruso supported BLM in any way, shape, or form, he’s not getting my vote. As for the other asshat in the race, Karen Bass, she’s as worthless as they come for the simple fact that she’s a liberal.


      3. Bass is a mess –if 50% plus 1 of L. A. voters elect her they deserve what they get…


    2. “The lucrative severance package Nikias negotiated has never been fully disclosed. Public tax filings reveal it has included millions of dollars in compensation and a loan for a $4.1-million house in Manhattan Beach.”

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    3. “When interim President Wanda Austin forced out the popular business school dean later that year over the handling of harassment and discrimination claims, other billionaire trustees, including entrepreneur Ming Hsieh and Lakers’ co-owner and developer Ed Roski, wanted Caruso to intervene. He refused.

      The dispute at one trustees meeting grew so heated that security was called and Hsieh ejected — a move that Roski later suggested was motivated by racism on Caruso’s part. Opponents reportedly scuttled the developer’s [Caruso] application to join L.A. Country Club.”

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      1. Personally, I always respected the right to gag & handcuff your opponents …until Biden abused it & made it seem dirty….

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    4. “Under Caruso’s tenure, the sprawling, quarrelsome board was whittled down from more than 57 members to 40, and by the end of this year, 35. Its bylaws were rewritten to set term limits and its workings were made more public.”

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      1. I’m not a Caruso-hater. He’s got plenty going for him. Let’s hear how he intends to end homelessness [which, it seems, is about to become half of L.A.’s population with Biden at the controls]…


      2. Do they have to debate? Will Bass have to defend joining Jerry Nadler (?!) in attempting to rob police officers of qualified immunity in the performance of their official duties? If so…


      3. Bass & Nadler would like to do it for the whole fricking country, Charles…


      1. Welcome back, MG, I hope the week off inspired you to do writing other than Wolf-Blog scribbling.

        And yes, it was disheartening to lose to Miami, although the Hurricanes turned out to be more than a gentle zephyr. Still, most years SC does not even make the Tournament, so there is that.

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      2. Great to be back, John. Thanks for helping hold down Fort Wolf. Now, thankfully, we’re on to FOOTBALL.

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