Some USC Roster Tweaks On Eve Of Spring Practice

With spring practice starting tomorrow, here’s a few position tweaks.

  • Chris Thompson, a transfer from Auburn, moves from safety to linebacker, which is a pressing need for USC.
  • Eli’jah Winston is officially moving to rush end from linebacker.
  • Solomon Tuliaupupu, who arrived at USC in 2018 and has yet to be healthy, has moved from linebacker to rush end.
  • Cornerback Dorian Hewett appears to have left the program.
  • Meanwhile, five-star QB Nico Iamaleava of Long Beach Poly has committed to Tennessee.

21 thoughts on “Some USC Roster Tweaks On Eve Of Spring Practice

  1. Welcome home Michael I love you. Take off your SHIRT so I can say I’m glad to see you BACK and even if you don’t take off your shirt all of us are glad to see our leader has returned We look forward to more of your witty humor and insightful comments Please don’t ever leave us again honey dear. Remember always that I. Love so much !!!

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    1. “Robin Beauty Queen” — best posting name since “Cupcake.” [I loved it when one of the UCLA trolls thought she was “real” and started flirting with “her” — my favorite sustained lowpoint in the history of InsideUSC]….


  2. Hey MG. I see you’re getting lots of love from the board today. Count me in bro. As LJ said earlier you’re the soul of the board I agree.

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      1. Hi LJ. Good one. Not to DIGRESS again but re the Auburn game——. I watched it all—- Auburn was so bad that SC could have beaten them with you or I at the point.

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  3. To all Trojan fans who were disappointed over the weekend—- life is full of disappointments—- just ask the parents of Chip Kelly.


  4. Thankfully the basketball team bombed last week I’d hate like heck to have two sports to complain about at once. I’m in Nashville for spring break and made the mistake of wearing in SC hat about town. Who knew they’d still be butthurt over Lame Quittin’ as he is called here. Oh well good “hot chicken” and a bar every few feet. Vanderbilt is just a few miles up the road and Oiler/ Titan stadium is a big hole in the ground. There’s talk of trading Houston the Titans for the Texans and renaming the team after the most famous bar in town; Tootsies. It can’t be tuxedos because this is Tennessee and nobody owns one.

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  5. It would be nice to get Solo back. That kid was really a great athlete in high school. I think he was national defensive player of the year his senior year(but I could be wrong)


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