Lincoln Riley On Air Tonight

USC coach Lincoln Riley will be on the Trojans Live radio show tonight at 7 p.m. on 790-AM. It will also be streamed by USC.

Riley intends to speak to the media 10 of the 15 spring practices.

  • Five-star offensive lineman Josh Conerly will announce his decision on April 8. Conerly still has a visit scheduled with USC and his final choices are Washington, Oregon, Miami, USC, Oklahoma and Miami.

24 thoughts on “Lincoln Riley On Air Tonight

    1. I’ve always liked the line about players who don’t pick USC being afraid of competition. It covers a multitude of sins. But we need a new line to explain why we lost so many first stringers from last year. I propose we say they were players who once like to compete but then started getting afraid of competition as the year went on.

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  1. If Josh Conerly commits to USC, then that would be a coup for Lincoln Riley, and maybe it will start a trend. But for whatever reason, I noticed that the five star offensive linemen prefer a physical offense, which is why they lean towards the Alabama’s and Georgia’s . Riley didn’t get the five star linemen at Oklahoma, and he probably won’t at SC either.

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    1. Ohio State passed 55% last year, Bama 53%, Oklahoma 49% of the time. Not that many 5 star linemen, but Riley has a much better chance recruiting them to USC than to OU.

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      1. In his 5 years as head coach at Oklahoma, Rileys teams ran 4485 plays…..1980 were passes….2505 were runs. That works out to 44.1% passing and 55.9% running.

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      2. In Riley 5 years as HC at Oklahoma, His teams averaged 5.7 yards per carry rushing and he produced 6 1,000 yards rushers.

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      3. In Rileys 7 years running the Oklahoma offense(5 as HC and 2 as OC), he’s had 9 players rush for over 1,000 yards rushing in a year. Everyone thinks of Riley as a strickly passing coach because he has developed so many Heisman trophy winners (and finalists) at QB but the truth is that his offences run the ball 56% of the time.

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    2. Consensus opinion was Oklahoma had the best o-line in the Big 12 every year Coach Riley was there. Now best o-line in the Big 12 isn’t anything like best o-line in the SEC —but it ain’t bad.

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      1. He’s not in the sec,thats the conference he ran from because he knows he can’t beat theme will win the sorry pac12 for ya but don’t expect anything more because he is way overrated.


  2. I was glad to hear him say:

    “nothing from the previous years matter”

    “winners do things differently”

    “every day at practice counts. You’ve got to get better every day”

    “I like the humility and the eagerness of the players”

    He obviously didn’t direct anything towards the village idiot now at Georgia Southern, but it was clear what he was saying. Everything is now different.

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