Morning Buzz: USC Still In Transition Mode

Remember all the hoopla from USC and the fanboy media element whenever someone gets hired for the recruiting dept.?

It’s a game-changer! But then barely a peep or explanation when they leave.

The most famous example was probably the LSU hype video guys who didn’t last a year and no one mentioned they left.

Well, USC quietly updated its roster Monday night and some names are missing.

Director of scouting and player relations Jeff Martin, who came with some fanfare from LSU, is no longer listed.

Neither is director of high school relations Armond Hawkins Jr., the brother of former player/coach Chris Hawkins.

Bryan Carrington, the offensive quality control analyst last season, received a ton of publicity when he came to USC from Texas because of his recruiting prowess. I’ve heard he was paid around $150,000. He is now at TCU.

I’ve heard a few in the dept. are still concerned Lincoln Riley might replace them. As a policy, it’s better to get excited over the hiring of Riley than support staff.

  • Another fuss was created last year when wide receiver Jake Smith transferred from Texas. He is no longer on the roster. He had foot surgery last year and apparently will never play for USC.
  • USC announced Monday night that Luke Huard will be the interim inside receivers coach indefinitely while Dave Nichol “focuses on a private medical matter.”

Huard is the brother of former Washington QBs Damon and Brock Huard.

  • Riley said Monday night to expect another transfer rush after spring practice: “The way we’re positioned right now we will take a large number of transfers again after spring.”
  • USC has taken 13 transfers since Riley got hired.

28 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Still In Transition Mode

  1. In college football, that is the nature of the beast. If you don’t want to be moving around a lot, don’t go into college football. It’s usually not an occupation where you get settled in one place and then work there for 30 years and retire.

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  2. probaly got thare loop holes from the fan boys and then leffed cuz thay is all raysissed,hapens alot and moar then u think,smdh

    Ed. G. #1 Class of 1969

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    1. Eddie Boy
      I’ll bet you were #1 in the class of 1969 or whatever class you graduated in. I’ll bet you are a doctor or a lawyer and this whole thing of making yourself look like a hillbilly from the Osarks is just a big joke. If it’s not a joke then…..#1 Class of 1969?……What Class?…..your kindergarten class?


    1. “Oklahoma hopes to lose speed edge and anything resembling offensive philosophy!”


      1. Ha! [Sooner “seriousness” will turn to ashes after Texas game].


    2. Brent Venebles may turn out to be a Hall Of Fame college football coach. I still think that Oklahoma took a big chance hiring him. He has a proven record as a defensive co-ordinator but no record whatsoever as a HC. Because someone is a great co-ordinator or position coach doesn’t mean that he will be a good HC.

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  3. “ it’s better to get excited over the hiring of Riley than support staff.”
    Ya think? Who gets excited over support staff than the hiring of a top head coach?

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    1. One of the biggest reasons PC was so successful was his strength & conditioning coach, Chris Carlisle. If you recall, USC always looked as fresh in the 4th quarter as they were in the 1st. I was always blown away at that!

      Of course, he took Chris with him to Seattle when he left.

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    1. Charles –It’s time we establish a Babylon Bee branch within Inside USC [as a matter of fact maybe we should call it Within InsideUSC].
      Our challenge? False headlines and stories. I’m starting off with this: “Several players report an argument breaking out between Coach Riley and Caleb Williams after practice. Although the two didn’t exactly come to blows —well, maybe one punch was thrown — Riley was heard to say he wanted Caleb to transfer back to Oklahoma so that USC could grab Kedon Slovis this spring. Caleb said some things about a $100,000,000 lawsuit against Riley and USC. This could be much ado about nothing. Or it might be the beginning of World War Three.”

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      1. How about this headline?
        “Brent Venables Hires Graham Harrell as Offensive Analyst” … quoted “Graham actually played at Texas Tech.”

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  4. Wiley Riley– “The way we’re positioned right now we will take a large number of transfers…”

    Translation– Not only did Ton-o-Hel leave the cupboard bare, I can’t even find the cupboard.

    How did these guys even win 4 games last year?

    Heck (I would use stronger language but I am from the Bible-Belt), if I could bring in 50 transfers I would ship out the entire SC squad.

    I am glad my $110-million contract is guaranteed for 10-years because I will probably need that much time to turn this mess around

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    1. John — You couldn’t be more right. There is no other way to read Riley’s remarks. He’s saying “I hoped I’d see the potential for a championship squad —and I’m horrified by what I see.” Most of what Riley sees is Helton’s fault — but I wouldn’t be feeling too good if I were Donte Williams. These are the players he evaluated and recruited. And coached.

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      1. Ken forgets that Scott was on to Sark and Helton before anybody else dared say a word. Scott saw Sam was better than Max WAY before our quarterback guru, Mister God, Family & Football, did. He also called out Enfield for stunting his team’s growth by scheduling creampuffs.
        Special Note for a Special Someone: Sometimes it’s okay to announce the emperor has no clothes, Ken. It can save a lot of trouble down the line.

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  5. Scott is a Trojan and he cares about what that used to mean in all facets of our community. The behavior of the athletic and university administrations the past decade has tarnished all that Sample accomplished re-birthing USC post the 92 riots.

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