The Sports President!

Carol Folt seems to have stepped up sports tweets in recent months. Whether it was Lincoln Riley, Caleb Williams, spring football or today’s coaches confab.

What’s the explanation?

  • She always liked sports.
  • She is promoting sports because she sees its importance at USC.
  • Or maybe sports is a way to talk about USC and take people’s minds off some of the other things a President deals with, like that Rossier School of Education scandal last week.

Sports can also help improve relations with some of the older boosters, who seem to be one of the groups she is least popular with.

36 thoughts on “The Sports President!

    1. Does it mean anything that Lincoln sent Carol’s written invitation to join her for the photoshoot back to her office —smeared with human feces?


    2. Folt was getting hammered on her twitter page when Clueless Clay was the head coach. Didn’t matter what she tweeted about, 95% of the replies she got all said the same thing, “Fire Helton”.

      Didn’t take long for the replies to read, “Either Fire Clay Or Resign” then they read, “Fire Clay And Then Resign” and they got progressively worse.

      Folt still needs to resign and fire Mike Bohn at the same time. Took those two clowns years before they figured out that they needed to fire Clay Helton. You can’t fix stupid so what’s the point of keeping them around?


  1. With her being a woke liberal I am sure it is a diversion from some other stupid woke event or program she is undetaking. “Talk about sports, that will fool them”.

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    1. Carol doesn’t need to be “diverted” from the world of woke —in fact she’d prefer to drown in it.
      And, btw, when did she start caring about coaches who “inspire” athletes?

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    1. Remember when Darby thinks he’s caught her in a potato sack in Darby O’Gill? And tries to display her to his pals at the Pub? Great scene –nobody can see Carol inside cuz she’s magical.

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      1. Actually, now that I think about it I don’t recall her disappearing altogether —she transformed herself into a rabbit —-

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      2. My favorite Sean Connery movie. Disney cast an unknown Scottish actor to play an Irish gardener. And he gets the girl. His accent was almost Russian like the won he used in Red October.

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  2. Carol learned quickly at SC that making money at SC is very important for her job security so she is making sure our coaches perform at the highest level so she too can live in a 15 million house like Coach Riley.

    Don’t be fooled by her height she loves tall/ athletic men.

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  3. Michael. You’re just being your usual modest self. Also I noticed nobody liked my post to Tommy. Gee I was only horsing around. I’m sorry.

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    1. Yeah, Charles is very okay —except for his take on Will Smith.


  4. Wow. Michael. You’ll never guess what happened. Somebody liked my post. I think I just didn’t have enough patience. Yeah. That’s gotta be it. Hahaha. Tho it’s funny. Someone liked my other post. Oh well. Different horses for different courses. Or something like that. I guess. Anyway I feel much better now. It’s good to feel loved.

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    1. Robin — As my Sicilian grandpappy half jokingly told me –“It’s good to trust, it’s better not to trust…& it’s good to be loved but it’s better not to need to be loved.”

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      1. Your Sicilian Grandfather was a wise man MG. I’m dealing with that in my life right now. Wish I would hade some of this advice when I was growing up in life. Thanks for sharing that MG.

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  5. Folt was exposed once Caruso left to clean up the liberal scum in our city

    Wasn’t she his secretary or something? Send her back to Bloomingdale’s. Get a real leader in here to clean up the mess and instill a culture of leadership. Bohn is just a figurehead controlled by his corporate woke liberal morons. Bring in some white strength to lead us back to greatness

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    1. I wonder: Would SouthOfOC’s post sound less crazy if Caruso, Folt and Bohn weren’t white?


  6. Right after Folt was hired one of her assistants asked her why all of her speeches were made from a soap box. She replied that Maintenance hadn’t shortened the lectern.


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