This Was Quite A Day In 1977

The 1977 NFL Draft took place today 45 years ago.

And what a run USC had at the top:

With the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected Ricky Bell, running back, USC.

Ricky Bell

With the No. 4 pick in the NFL draft, the New York Jets selected Marvin Powell, offensive tackle, USC.

Marvin Powell

With the No. 5 pick in the NFL draft, the New York Giants select Gary Jeter, defensive tackle, USC.

Gary Jeter

55 thoughts on “This Was Quite A Day In 1977

  1. And on this day in 1952, the Kentucky Derby, the most prestigious American horse race, was televised nationally in the United States for the first time.

    Because of my love for vino, I think I’ll go with 30:1 longshot Tawny Port this Saturday!

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    1. Lol @ So Cal you play the ponies too.
      White-Abarrio Florida Derby winner
      Taiba- Santa Anita Derby winner
      Cyberknife- Arkansas derby winner
      Messier strait speed horse
      Watch out for long shot- Smile Happy. Kentucky Jockey stakes Because of the name and pedigree. That’s the horses 🐎 I like in the derby. Good luck. I’ve got a few Derbys by the way.

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      1. I rarely bet anything less than 10:1. No fun winning if it doesn’t pay! I will on occasion box a long shot with one of the top 2-3 favorites.

        I did bet “I’ll Have Another” of course. I also turned a dearly departed neighbor on to him and he had more fun waving his winning ticket around than collecting. (He lost it. LOL)

        He didn’t wager much, but thanks for making me think of him. He was a LONG TIME employee of the world’s best egg nog maker! I know a couple of you lurkers have had it.

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  2. Marvin Powell-came to USC as a tight end, and was converted to an offensive tackle. John Robinson and Mckay knew the importance of offensive linemen. Clay Helton, and his staff would have moved him to defensive end, and he probably would not have played. That staff had no clue what they were doing.

    Ricky Bell was a linebacker, became a fullback, and was then converted to a running back which is another example that Mckay and Robinson knew what they were doing.

    Bob Chandler, the “pride of Whittier”- behind Scott Wolf came to USC as a Quarterback, switched to defensive back, and then converted to a Wide Receiver.

    Very important to put your best athletes at the key positions to make your team stronger. I don’t see as many great athletes at USC today that are capable of playing multiple positions all at the same high level. Brandon Pilli currently a big, slow currrent defensive lineman but a good athlete with good feet might deserve a shot as an offensive lineman if we need more depth there.

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    1. You’re right about Powell ….but you didn’t take it far enough, tommyd. Helton would have left Bell at linebacker and Chandler would’ve stayed at QB. Needless to say, Marcus Allen would’ve stayed at fullback…

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  3. What’s SUCC done FB wise lately?

    (4-8) It gotten so bad Clown U has to buy FB players. What happened to SUCC “…recruits itself.”?

    #Cue: Mary Hopkin’s “Those Were the Days”


    1. Lol Owns troll on while we all fight on. Keep on stalking these boards Bruin Rob! Waca waca wacah! UCLA still sucks last time I checked. So bad under armour dumped them how’s that for Bruin pride.

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    2. Dear My Friend Owns,
      November 19th 2022 –in some ways it’s just ONE day out of 365….but I’m betting it’s a day that will live in your memory for a long time…

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      1. MG me hearty, whenever the Bruins punk the tomato can bozos it lives in my memory. In a couple hours it will be 13 minutes to 9 PST.

        BTW, just asking for a friend, but who’s blocking for the Clownsters?

        #Ah, ding, ding

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      2. I hope we all see that day come, MG. With the weak, senile old man some people put in the White House, pretty much hanging up the “Do Whatever You Want” sign for our adversaries, we may be deep in it by the time November comes.

        A shame they were too dumb to see it coming, when they stuffed those ballot boxes, especially for all of the dead & homeless Ukrainians.

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      3. So Cal,
        If Biden ruins the ’22 season there’s gonna be hell to pay….

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    3. Jmoans is a member of the UCLA knitting club. Right now they are working on their “Let’s go you big strong hunks” blanket for the opening game. Can’t miss them, they will be the ones with their cute little powder blue tambourines with frills chanting “Oooh, go you big strong bruins guys”.

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  4. OWNS reminds me of a combination of Walter Mitty and Mary Poppins.
    You asked what USC has done lately??? What has UCLA ever done in football especially in the last 20 years with zero Pac 12 Championships.
    Bruin fans like yourself dream of a better day, but rarely attend games and must face the reality that the program is rarely successful. Bruin fans have little to hope for so they wait for the next government stimulus check, and stalk the USC sites because they fear the enemy is once again becoming a super power.

    Yes, USC via the NIL is buying players that UCLA can’t afford because of the lack of support for the Bruin football program, and BUYING PLAYERS IS NOW LEGAL IN NCAA football. The Bruin program is broke, and can’t even pay the rent at the Rose Bowl because Bruin fans like yourself sit at home on the internet watching the enemy known as USC instead of attending the games.

    Stick to UCLAWomen’s Softball and Ping Pong Owns. You have something to talk about with those program, but you are not in our league on this board talking about college football.

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    1. Damn tommyd, what bozo FB did in the 20th Century is irrelevant. Those FB NC’s the rah-rah’s refer to were voted, not won in a competitive CFB tournament. In fact, all of this year’s Clown U team were born in the 21st Century and are ignorant (or uninterested, or both) in SUCC’s geezer FB past.

      So my original point is still valid: What’s SUCC done FB wise lately?



      1. JustieQ’s UCLA knitting group will be holding a special sale this weekend. To celebrate the 5th anniversary of their appearance in 2017 Cactus Bowl, they will selling commemorative tea cosies “2017 Cactus Bowl Runner Up”. Other tea cosies also available, including “Please don’t tackle so hard” and “Holding me is no penalty, big man”.


  5. And speaking of sensational school drafts, Georgia set records this week with
    5 defensive players chosen in the first round and 15 picked overall

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  6. Just Rent,

    I was at the USC vs ugly track meet on Sunday. You should have gone but that means you would have to leave at 5:30 A.M. to take the bus to get there on time at the start of an 11:30 A.M. schedule.

    Just Rent,

    You will be happy to know that the ruins showed their true colors and that is, classless crap and junk. See after SC beat ugly in the track meet, some ugly hooligan who lost in the 4 x 400 meter run, and who happened to be the last runner, lost to SC. But in true ruin fashion and history of ruin trash, he goes over to the SC’s football team and starts showing gang bang signs. What a maroon (Bugs Bunny), not only do the ugly men’s team get stomped on but he loses the race and then goes and shows gang bang signs. Not too smart.

    Then the skanks of ugly, women, while the SC band is playing TUSK, starts their ugly eat my shorts chant close to the band. Very rude and classless. They thought they won, but knowing that U Clowns Lose Again, the jaws of defeat showed up and made USC the women’s winner. So ugly got smoked and swept by USC. Then don’t forget USC women’s beach volley ball beating the ruins yesterday. Good day to be a Trojan.

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  7. You can always tell when Michael appears on the blog as he generously sprinkles little likes all about, whether earned or not.

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      1. The 13 to 9 comment actually did crack me up —I wanted to reply but I realized my clock never reads fifty to nothing….

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      1. Michael, you clock won’t read 66 to 19 either, but nevertheless, here is some interesting footage from that 66-19 game, including the inimitable Keith Jackson narrating:

        Ironically, Karl Dorrell was the best coach the baby bears have had in the last 25 years. I doubt the chipper will ever have as good of a season as Dorrell’s best year, yet Dorrell was shown the door, and the big donut was extended. Looks like Jarmond is ucla’s Swan.

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      2. The hard running, determination, blocking, the huge, excited Trojan crowd — it’s all coming back in 2022.

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      1. Siggy me noon and midnight always look the same on the clock….

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      2. Ed wrote his PhD thesis on noon and midnight, and the various nuances regarding clock theory. The findings shook up physics. It seems Ed disrupted the space-time continuum.

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    1. Forget Mars, So Cal. Bacteria is the only form of “life” presently occupying the White House….


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