USC Morning Buzz: Defensive Lineman Chooses Oregon

Former Nebraska defensive lineman Casey Rogers committed to Oregon this morning over USC and Auburn.

It seems a lot easier for USC to get skill players than linemen.

And you have to wonder sometimes if the trip to L.A. makes USC a standard visit for some players.

In any event, USC needs offensive and defensive linemen. And cornerbacks.

  • Former USC wide receiver Bru McCoy committed to Tennessee.
  • USC defensive edge rusher Eli’jah Winston has entered the transfer portal.

27 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Defensive Lineman Chooses Oregon

    1. This has to be a coaching issue…big time players trust our coaches at the qb, wide out and running back positions — but that’s it [for now]….


    2. So players have no intention on coming to SC just looking for a free trip to see LA …..Weed i’m out some people are not made for the bright lights of LA


  1. Can’t win them all. USC D-line should be better this year than last year in any case. Brandon Pili at NT missed all of last year with injury, he was on his way two years ago before getting injured. Romelo Height is the new edge rusher from the portal from Auburn, there is Tuli at DT, he was the bright spot on the d line last year, then there is Foreman, who is finally being trained, and Nick Figueroa at DE.

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    1. Nothing is improved ’67 on SUCC’s toilet tissue D/L since UCLA’s 62 – 33 romp. I mean Cal walked all over the bozo defense last year – LOL.

      Cue: Dusty Springfield’s “Wishin’ And Hopin'”


  2. Clay Helton’s stench still looms over the football program, their reputation of physical power football went out the window a decade ago. And Lincoln Riley didn’t exactly coach power football at Oklahoma either, so why would any 5 star linemen want to commit to the Trojans? If Riley displays some type of physical running game this season, then I’ll assume it may open the eyes of top high school players that play in the trenches. The coaching staff up in Oregon are off to a good start with their recruiting, so we should all keep an eye on them.

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    1. Riley’s teams average around 240 yards rushing per game, between 5 yards and 6 yards per rush. His play calling is 50% run, 50% pass, he runs the ball more than most, including ‘Bama and Clemson. In any case, USC missed on a d lineman here, not an o lineman.

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    1. Agreed. But the good news is that we recruited Shane Lee and Romello Height at edge rusher and MLB. They will make a big difference. Shortage of o-line guys. Look for NIL deals coming up for them. I suspect Oregon broke the bank for this guy.

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      1. A big 2022 (which I fully expect) is gonna take a lot of Helton stench off our program —we’ll be getting quality players to fill all the holes in 2023…..

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    2. The good thing is, USC plays in a weak PAC 12 conference, and they can win it without dominating the line of scrimmage. But if they happen to make it to the playoffs, then they’ll get demolished up front on both sides of the ball. Oregon has been dominating the recruiting trails on the west coast before NIL deals, so I don’t think they’re going above and beyond financially anymore then USC is.


    1. Well, Cal75, lately I note that you have been getting in a few good licks yourself.

      And if we rate the severity of kiddings from 1 to 10, with 10 being purely mean, MG probably comes in at 1 or 2.

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      1. LJ
        It was a dark and stormy night,

        I answered the call. “Cal75, you must help those lads at INSIDEUSC. Get over your fear of white spats and white belts. They are having a hard time with English. It’s ESL on that blog. You will be rewarded in heaven. ”

        If only I could have helped MG with the motion calender.

        Now even rents and peenus breadth(RIP) are model citizens.


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    2. …Sorry everybody!
      #BeautifulDayInMaui [InBetweenThunderstorms]….


    1. Yes….and guess who’s to blame….
      # [SisterMaryImmaculate’sFavoriteRefrainIn2ndGrade]

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  3. Maybe SC just didn’t want him that bad. There is going to be a lot more guys entering the portal. SC has to be careful that they don’t grab inferior players only to miss out on better players who enter later.

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  4. I wouldn’t worry about any of these USC players entering the transfer portal, they were all recruited and somewhat coached by Dimwit Helton and his incompetent staff.


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