Ceyair Wright Lands Acting Role

USC cornerback Ceyair Wright said he has joined the cast of the TV show, “Grown-ish.”

Wright was in the movie, “Space Jam: A New Legacy.”

Remember during spring practice, Wright was criticized by assistant coach Donte Williams.

“Ceyair’s biggest problem is Ceyair,” Williams said. “He has a lot of things going on. For all I know, he may be in Space Jam 3.”

Wright had an inconsistent spring and Loyola coaches were furious with Williams’ comments.


23 thoughts on “Ceyair Wright Lands Acting Role

  1. Panthers trade for Baker Mayfield. Darnold has played for some weak NFL teams and has had some injuries. Going to a quality team like the Rams as a backup initially could be a good thing!?

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    1. Pffft Darnold was running for his life at USC in 2017 no thanks to Clay Helton. Darnold needed another year in college, but we can all understand why he left.

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  2. I could not care less if he is in ‘Space Jam 3’. Ultimately, the only thing that counts is that you put the best performers on the field. If he can balance academics, acting and football in a way that he is one of the best performers, then more power to him. But if he can’t then you must demote him to 3rd or 4th string.

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    1. Something better is around the corner — “Jurassic World: White House”..

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      1. Michael, on Jeopardy today, we have:

        “This NFL QB was 2 for 11 with 19 yards and an interception in 2021”

        Hint: think “this must be a brubaby.”

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      2. That’s DR. Jill Biden, Mister!!! 😛

        The excerpts from the dissertation that got her that degree were laughable.


  3. I trace Sam’s problem back to the off season after the Rose Bowl win. Helton said, “Sam has some mechanics problems, so we’ll work on that for next season.” They took an instinctive player and taught him to think like Helton. It’s been all down hill from there.
    He needs major retro conditioning teaching him to not think like anyone, especially Helton.

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    1. The Helton effect is not undone that easily…..
      Helton took a Rose Bowl Winner….. and made him into mini-Helton….
      [And…on a lesser scale… he did the same with Kedon]….

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  4. Scooter,

    As a Loyola cub, he might have too much on his plate or he might not be the player SC had hoped for. We will see. I was watching the Angels play the Marlins. The Angel announcers said that Garret Cooper the starting first baseman was from the L.A. area. I looked him up and he is from Torrance/Palos Verdes area and he went to Loyola. Go Cubs.

    Geroge Tirebiter, what do you think?


      1. George Tirebiter,

        As a fellow Loyola Cub, you are outstanding. I was listening to the Angels game last night and Garett Cooper, the 1st baseman for the Marlin’s went to Loyola High in LA. The announcer, Gubizeck who has coached at Chaminade about Loyola said, Loyola is Outstanding, Outstanding.

        I don’t know if you had JUG or any type of form of discpline at Loyola, but when I was there, detention was called JUG, Justice Under God. That alone puts the fear of God into you. I had JUG one time when i was a freshman and I did not know what to expect. So I show up and the instructor says to the guys there, You will write a 500 word essay on the social life of a ping pong ball. I thought, who in the heck thinks of these things. Well, he hand out sheets of paper with lines on it. about 100 lines on each sheet. You were to write a word on each line. You know, at that moment, I had stuttering problem in writing. I would write, “The ball ball ball ball ball will will will will will bounce all all all all day if if if if you you you you hit it it it it it all all all day. I wrote 500 words and they took it. I wonder if they are still grading it to this day. LOLOL. True story.


  5. Mark Sanchez, the kid that beat ohio st, rodney peete, the espn announcer that played for the chargers, spoke ill will of SC, Vince Evans, and the list continues. I think at that time SC was a power running game and the qb’s did not develop the way they do now. I think with Darnold, Helton jacked him around. They are great college players, but they are a step slow in the nfl in terms of development. My opinion.


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