Pac-12 Needs ACC, Not Big 12

Does the Pac-12 merge with the ACC?

Or do Oregon, Washington, the Arizona schools, Colorado and Utah go to the Big 12?

These are the two most likely scenarios right now facing the conference. Personally, I’d be interested in a Pac-12/ACC alliance, especially if it leads to games like Oregon-Clemson or Washington-Miami.

There would also be a Pac-12/ACC championship game in Las Vegas at the end of the year.

Right now is where George Kliavkoff has to earn his money. If he can’t pull off a merger, the Pac-12 might be doomed. The idea of Fresno State and San Diego State joining the Pac-12 isn’t go to move the needle.

Kliavkoff needs something big and the ACC is a lifeline. It offers big media markets and the academic fit that the Pac-12 prefers. But can he pull it off?


39 thoughts on “Pac-12 Needs ACC, Not Big 12

      1. “InsideUSC…and Related Topics” with Scott Wolf…


  1. The best shot for Pac10 would be merging with ACC and creating a conference that’s sizable to compare to where B1G is going. ACC may get their rights beaten in court and lose a few teams to SEC or B1G in the future and it would be good to have enough teams to fill the void. I do think Pac would bring teams who would fit the ACC. Big12 needs to stay on their path and grow it without the PAC10. Now watch someone come on and complain about the travel and the weather.


    1. weather is super toasty warm, no blizzards xcpt at Dairy Queens…travel is a bitch unless they have their own private charters or planes…or maybe you don’t mind the cost of fuel and pilots these days…


    1. In related news, JOwns falls to #4 in his own household. His boy friend’s list, in order of favorites:

      1. Pet Dog–FiFi
      2. Pet Cat–Miss Pinky
      3. Pet Hamster–Trixie

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    2. Just Rent,

      that is calling the kettle black, how are the two stalwarts doing? I am referring to spa boy who never beat a pathetic SC team, the kid from St. John Bosco and the qb that held the clip board while a Cal graduate, Rodgers is winning? Are they still in the league? LOLOLOLO.

      U Clowns Lose Again


      1. Rosen was never considered a franchise QB like “the Piglet” He’s just another NFL QB BUST!

        Since 2018, Mayfield and “the Piglet” are #1 (56) and # 2 (52) in INT’s.

        Ding, ding


      1. Of course! They’ve got to print SOMETHING, Michael!

        We all know they’re not going to report on Dementia Joe being caught leaving Hunter a voicemail saying “he was in the clear”, on his dealings with China. This, after Joe has claimed more than once not to have any knowledge of Hunter’s “business dealings”.

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      2. Well, I guess you weren’t listening, So Cal. EVERYONE on Biden’s team has explained they won’t comment on Hunter’s business problems …ESPECIALLY if they involve the President and impeachable behavior.
        [The funny part is watching the catshit- for- brains press corps accept this answer, nodding their heads….”Oh, We see! Thank you! No Further questions!”]……

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      3. You mean the press corps who asked such hard hitting questions as, “What flavor ice cream are you having?”

        I guess they have to lob softballs since Biden is afraid of the media. It’s no wonder Putin & Xi knew he wouldn’t be afraid of them!

        I’ll never forget Dementia Joe’s visit to a NJ elementary school:
        “When you’re president, do you see all these people here?” Biden asked the kids about the media in the room. “They get to ask you all kinds of questions and you try to figure out how you avoid answering them sometimes.”

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  2. The last alliance with the Big Ten and ACC worked out so well. Oregon, Washington, and Stanford aren’t committed to the Pac12 which diminishes the Pac12’s bargaining position.

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  3. Scooter,

    The logistics for Oregon, Wash. St., and oregon are horrible. if they travel to either Portland or Spokane, respectfully, then their drive to the airport can be around 2 hours, then get on a flight, then come home and have another 2 hour drive. That is 10 hours on the road. Long time.

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  4. Scooter,

    The PAC12 commissioner could do this, he could call it the PAC 10 once again and try and save the conference. He would have to get a better tv contract and time exposure. Then he would need to recruit two more schools that would be good in terms of the teams being good. If not, then the PAC 10 might have to stay the way it is and be irrelvant and take the scraps off what is left.


  5. Personally, I’m starting to see that this move to the Big-10 may be the best move for USC. I still don’t like it but it does seem to be the right move. I would say that the next move would be the expansion of the playoff system. That seems to be the most logical move. If you are going to have 2 super conferences, you would have to expand the playoff system to at least 8 teams(I favor 12). Otherwise you will have a lot of teams(who could potentially win the whole thing) that will not even make the playoffs.



    There is one positive to all of this. We get to see the bands from Michigan and Ohio St. when they come out here. If they bring the bands, that is worth a ticket alone. It is cool to see the three greatest bands. You have even mentioned this. Also, you have had vido clips showing them dotting the I for ohio st. You love the bands. Then SC playing Conquest and watching Traveler take off down the sideline would be cool.

    Fight On!!!


  7. This is one time I am in agreement, that the PAC 12 need to immediately seek a merger with the ACC. This must happen quickly before the Big Ten is ready to pluck Stanford, Oregon, Washington and the Cal, to give USC & UCLA some company on the west coasts, plus to cut down some of the long distance traveling for those two LA teams.


    1. The BIG10 nor USC care about travel costs. They will only take teams that grow the revenue for everyone, I don’t think those 4 will do it. Oregon has the best shot, followed by UW. The other two will never carry their water. They aren’t football schools. Also USC and UCLA now get votes in the conference, pretty sure they don’t want Oregon in there to muddy up recruiting waters.



    “Either fill the stadium or get evicted from the Rose Bowl. We need tenants that can pay their annual rent, and draw people to the events held at our beautiful historic stadium so we can generate revenue in our city like we do for the Rose Parade, and Bowl game which only happens once a year. We are hopeful that UCLA will address this problem for the upcoming football season, or we will have to look elsewhere for another tenant.’

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    1. Thanks so much TommyD for editing the last line of the City Of Pasadena’s letter from “we are pessimistic the fucking bruins will EVER get their act together” to “we are hopeful that UCLA will address the problem”……


      1. Hey mg I am a nice guy and probably let you off the hook on the bet but your shiny new head coach QB and 50 WRs are not going to help in all the other phases to win a football game


      1. TommyD,

        I know that Centenal field that is under the flighrt path of LAX is availabe. That is where we played. It is home to the Ingelwood school district. That would be perfect for them. High school size football stadium under the flight path. Sign them up. Or they could go back to the Colisuem. I am LMAO. Can you imgaine a phone call from the ugly AD asking for a lease from Bohn. Hilaroius.


    2. Ucla is going to bitch slap your team all over the field just like last year and you know it maybe 2023 but not this season


  9. My uneducated guess is that Notre Dame could take up to another year to decide to join Big Ten. Maybe ND would prefer Stanford joins and Stanford brings Cal. If ND says no, maybe Big Ten would then take Oregon and Washington instead. AZ schools, Utah, Colorado don’t want to be left out in the cold. OState and Wazzu rooting for Kliavkoff.

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  10. Notre Dame will not join any conference and will still sue to have access to the playoffs. The Pac Dumpster Fire will go the way of the SWC and merge with the SEC. They are all chasing money. ACC is small change. Big 12 is the Texas Pac 12. The group of Others will sue the SEC and Big Frauds and a new national collegiate football league will emerge.


  11. USC effed up, stop being sour grapes. The Big 10 rustbucket was looking to survive. Take out Ohio State and Michigan (but only when it plays Ohio St.)

    It’s just futility and unattractiveness: Illinois, Rutgers, Iowa, Minnesota, State Penn, Mich St., Northwestern, Perdue, Nebraska, Indiana, Wisconsin…

    All those teams and all that poop. Oregon, Washington, Utah and on a good day Stanford, Utah are pound for pound (10 vs 16) more interesting, and potentially so is Colorado vs the also rans of the Big 10.

    The ACC is a better set of brands by far vs the Big 10– Florida St., Clemson, Miami are a trio head and shoulders brands above any three teams in a conference outside of the SEC, and all three won a championship in this century, something only the SEC can say as a conference. UNC, Duke, Virginia, Syracuse, Louisville, and Maryland while in the ACC have won NCAA national championships in basketball, by far better than any other conference.

    UCLA?! LOL Sure they have a brand but they haven’t won a NC in about 30 years, and Wooden isn’t coming back to life. And unless we forget, without the 6 years of pugnacious Mike Garrett whose approach is now an anathema, and Coach PC and Chow, we have almost a half century of futility.

    Notre Dame already has a contractual agreement that if it joins a conference by 2034 it has to be the ACC. And the ACC has a stipulation that if it expands by a certain amount of teams their contract is renegotiated, and it will be a contract, with the reams involved, that will make any other TV contract look like chicken feed.

    The PAC 10 is however in a position where it may just have to jettison its weakest brands like WSU and OSU because it is really trying to make itself attractive and make room for the Big 12 raid, where teams also will likely be winnowed with the best brands, (including recent brands added would make the cut, like BYU), but weaker brands like K ST would be abandoned. That national religious flagships like BYU and Notre Dame would be in the same sea-to-sea conference is marketing gold.

    (Scott Wolf on a recent post tried to explain to you guys that there is a chess game with Fox and ESPN and the more astute commissioners also, and that its all become about money and branding, and that the culture wars (which USC and UCLA got tied up in to their detriment) are now taking a backseat– and in all this most journalist aren’t talking to you about it very informatively because their paychecks are tied up in this.)

    Anyway if you combine those two conferences they make the Big 10 look pathetic, with SC included. But they are also talking about raiding the Big 12 for what teams are good, creating the sea-to-sea conference that the Big 10 wanted to be only with Florida, California, Texas, the entire Sunbelt with its talent and (growing) population. All this was available to the P12 while USC and UCLA were around, but the presidents, with their hatreds and woke biases, against religious schools, against Southern schools, against major athletics, against change…

    USC and UCLA, unless their is a will and some contractual wiggle room, may have missed the BIG BOAT which was there circling all along to pick us up, only to have become the Rust Belt distant outposts, as that conferences attempt to not fail again, as it had with the Rutgers/Maryland then the Nebraska expansions. #dealwithit


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