USC Morning Buzz: Transfer Portal Tricky And Kliavkoff Jumps Shark

Some USC notes on a Wednesday morning:

  • USC linebacker Shane Lee on the defense still having some lapses in the running game vs. Fresno State.

“It was a lack of communication, guys not being in the right spot and guys not doing their job,” Lee said. “I would say it’s more of us not doing something right than somebody getting beat.”

  • The transfer portal is tricky business especially for the wide receivers. Gary Bryant probably should have left USC in the offseason and Terrell Bynum (pictured) should have stayed at Washington. If Jordan Addison had transferred to USC in January instead of May, they might have done that.

Now they are both in limbo. Bryant wants to preserve his eligibility and redshirt, which would allow him to transfer and have two years of eligibility. Bynum is just hoping for more receptions after catching one pass in three games.

  • True story: When former USC linebacker Lofa Tatupu walked through the crowd at the Coliseum on Saturday night, a Trojan fan said, “Is that Toa Lobendahn?”
    • Has Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff finally jumped the shark? Kliavkoff said UCLA will break even if it goes to the Big Ten. “We are sure they are better off staying (in the Pac-12).” Will this cause a few less media members to fawn over him even after losing USC and UCLA?
  • The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, which is being constructed next to the Coliseum, will open in 2025 instead of 2023. The delay is being attributed to the pandemic and supply-chain issues. The museum is the creation of George Lucas, who spares no cost when he builds something, so this should be an impressive building when it is completed.

25 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Transfer Portal Tricky And Kliavkoff Jumps Shark

  1. hi john,intresting storey abowt u ackshwally heering sum wun say the rong naim,thoose kined of poeple r a meniss to susietey,il but u he evin got sum wuns naim on hiz shirt to,smdh

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  2. PAC 11? Media streaming deal will be like crypto currency value. USC will not carry your agenda now Commish K. Who will carry the torch Oregon? Washington? Just do us all a favor just fold while you can with sports integrity. Let me send Wolfe some bitcoin money, for his great work on keeping this blog in an uproar. Our team defense is comparable right now 2005 team they gave up 360 yards a game n we are giving up 380 n they made the title game against. I based my prediction based on analytics not being a FANBOY JESSIE. Using Kevin Garnett phrase “Anything is possible. I don’t get it Wolfe you stop people from speaking the truth with facts WOW SMMFH JESSIE!!!!!

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    1. I don’t see that…I guess Fanduel is getting a lot more money than expected on OSU. What is strange is that the line moved for the Beavs even after they lost two of their best offensive weapons.

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      1. At the last minute, look for the sharps to swoop in, lay the deflated number, and cash a fat ticket….the art of sports betting


      2. This

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      3. From a betting angle, if you had bet on all the NFL dogs in 2021. We would have finished at a win-rate of 64%’

        The point is, in the long run, the dogs prevail when taking the point spread into account


  3. Thanks for the info on the Lucas museum, Scott! We had wondered about that interesting looking building when we left the first home game and I had forgotten to look it up.

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  4. Now with the ncaa portal rules players cannot enter the portal until December, at which time teams may contact them for 45 days. Then there is a period in May also they may enter. I think those periods are really going to be the wild west with coaches going at a maddening pace reviewing, contacting and convincing players to come to them. Should be fun for the fans, lots going on.

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  5. I’m sorry to see Gary Bryant not catching on. It’s a big loss, because someone has to run the decoy routes. Honestly the portal has caused some interesting competitions in the off season. The San Diego State coach came up with a new saying regarding the portal. Brady Hoke said, “If he ain’t playing, he ain’t staying.” During SDSU’s game, on Saturday, the first string quarterback went down, the second string quarterback went in for one series and was then replaced by number 3 for the next series . This put number 2 in the portal (see what I did there?) It kinda sounds like what Kim Helton did to his son.
    As for the art museum in the parking lot, once the government started giving out money to stay home during the pandemic, plenty of healthy people stayed home. I cannot remember a time when one party deliberately destroyed a country’s economy to gain seats in government. Anyway as ugly as that thing looks, it’s better looking than the parking lot it replaced. This begs the question, where do people park when they come to the coliseum? I park at the metro gold line station.

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    1. Wow!!!! he’s a “big loss” because he was the dedicated decoy…. that’s an interesting way of looking at it.

      The kid doesn’t like the hand he was dealt, so he’s folding…..Poker eye!


  6. Gary Bryant will have a good year somewhere. He caught 44 balls last year for 579 yards and 7 TD. Hopefully he doesn’t go to sucla. I’d like to root for him.


  7. When the third-rate blogger Scott Wolf walked through the crowd at the Coliseum on Saturday night, a Trojan fan said, “Is that guy homeless?”


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  8. That rendering of the new Lucas museum looks like it would be more at home on “Coruscant” than Exposition Park.


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  9. I don’t like mixing architectural genres. The Coli has such a wonderful classic look and the Lucas museum detracts from that look and the whole historic experience. Put it next to the Metro station. For this same reason, I am not a fan of the Disney concert hall across from the courthouse and administrative building. Of course, I really can’t stand Cardinal Mahoney’s LA cathedral – a building that seems to repel one’s call to prayer and contemplation of the presence of God in the Eucharist.

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  10. So the Pac 10 commissioner goes off and makes a stupid statement, no one asked him for proof that the costs would consume in excess of $100 million that the television money would bring UCLA? Or the higher attendance fees they’ll get at the Rose Bowl games than what they get now? Or the higher jersey sales and other merchandising sales, increased marketing opportunities for travel packages, more NIL deals for students. . .am I missing something because they just got Under Armor to settle their lawsuit because they’re moving to the Big 10 which the owner of Under Armor has a relationship that he doesn’t want to jeopardize.

    Why can’t he just admit that he doesn’t want his job anymore and quit and go back to Las Vegas?

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