USC-Oregon State Atmosphere Won’t Be Quite What It Was

USC’s game at Oregon State is considered by some a trap game but the atmosphere won’t quite be what it normally is at Reser Stadium.

The stadium’s west side stand was demolished and is being rebuilt, which means the current capacity is just 26,000. Normal capacity was 43,000.

This could be USC’s last game at Reser Stadium because it is moving to the Big Ten.

  • Here is a Reser Stadium memory courtesy of John Canzano from the 2006 USC-Oregon State game, involving Beavers broadcaster Mike Parker and former USC radio analyst Paul McDonald.

“The home and visiting radio booths used to be adjacent to each other. There was a glass partition separating the sides. Parker was shouting and going nuts, finishing off his radio call of the 33-31 Oregon State win in 2006.

“McDonald, working as a radio analyst for USC, looked over at Parker and raised his middle finger.”

32 thoughts on “USC-Oregon State Atmosphere Won’t Be Quite What It Was

  1. Wolf… and others calling this a “trap game” have no clue on what defines a trap game…. the term was developed in the sporting betting community.

    Often used in handicapping the right side of a bet….


      1. Wait, wait!!!!…. Elmer Fudd, how easy you forgot about the two middle fingers you flashed me at the last home game… Given your logic, that would qualify you as a double-dunce



  2. hi john,iz u tawkin abowt climit chaing,algore iz smartist expirt on that subjecked so may be he got sumthin to say on how it gunna affecked the gaim,


    1. Ed: Al Gore’s true expertise is on how to generate climate hysteria in order to fleece the public into buying his book and movie. He says that climate change is an existential threat while living in a 10,000 square foot home and flying a private jet. He opposes nuclear energy which is clean and cheap. According to big Al, Manhattan should be under water today. Virtually all his predictions on climate change have been wrong but he has made hundreds peddling false information. You can blame the high cost of gas and fertilizers on radical environmentalists like big Al and the fools who listen to him. How’s the green new deal working out for every one?

      With respect to the game, if a player slips on soggy turf due to over watering, I am sure someone will blame it on climate change. If it is too hot, too cold, windy, foggy or rainy, it will likely be attributed to climate change.

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      1. Hey, road apple!… you know I love you like a step-brother, just had to remind you.

        Given your expertise, P.H.D in environmental science, you’re telling me that fossil fuels/energy have not damaged the ozone layer, and the change in weather patterns is an act of GOD. You fixed my confusion.

        I’m also led to believe, anyone, supporting EVs and renewable energy has been duped by Al Core and the science behind climate change.

        Dude, I have always pegged you as a stable genius, pat yourself on the back. You are definitely on to something really big.


      2. Goober: I said that: 1) Gore generated climate hysteria; 2) that his prediction that Manhattan would be under water has now been proven wrong; 3) that he opposes nuclear energy; 4) that he made hundreds of millions peddling false information; 5) that he still flies private jets while claiming climate change is an existential threat; and 6) you can blame the high cost of energy/inflation on radial environmentalists like Gore.

        As is your practice, you claim I am wrong without addressing the validity of any of my statements. Instead, you address something that I did not say, attribute it to me, and then attack me for saying it. You are the king of the straw man argument. Hope that makes you feel good about yourself.

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      3. Hey, road apple…..Why in the fuck would I address the “validity” of an opinion? An opinion is a subjective state of mind. Opinions are like an asshole, everyone has one, and yours just stinks more than others. I question your intelligence

        You look foolish!


      4. He makes shit up all the time. My favorite is that anyone who was smart enough to know an 80 year old with dementia should not be President must be a Trump cult member.

        A true moron.


      5. ONCE AGAIN!!!!!…. looking for someone to support your stupidity…..

        After trump ran this economy into the ground you still voted for him a second time. That action alone confirms your own dementia…..

        Hey!!!!! you voted for twice, but take no responsibility for his incompetence, instead deflect all blame on Biden to help ease your mistakes


      6. Goober: You now say “why the fuck should I address the validity of your opinion.” You did weigh in on climate change and EV in the form of your reply to my post. And you attack my intelligence! Please.

        Of course, denial is a pattern with you. I recall a few months back I specifically asked you if you supported Biden’s policies and performance. I listed things like the attack on the oil and gas industry, the open border, the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the defund the police/no cash bail movement, and CRT. You once again elected not to respond. When your idiotic views are confronted, you run away.

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      7. you senile troll……. I have posted a rebuttal to your insanity on a few occasions. If you missed it, that’s a YOU problem.

        Your alternative facts are laughable, to say the least. Plus, I never run from a good political debate. Don’t be embarrassed, you’re not the only one I slap around like a pinata.


      8. Plow Horse,

        You forgot about Al Hyporcite Gore’s electric bill for his mansion back where he lives. He spends around $10k per month lighting up his mansion, which he made the money off of his lies, err enivornmental wacko crap.

        Enivornmental wackos have been predicting for over 40 years now that the world would melt, the oceans would flood NY and SF and that the tempertures would melt the earth. Well 40 years later the earth is still here, NY is not covered nor is SF with salt water and actually scientists are fearing of a cold spell coming for a long time.

        The funny thing though is that the enviornmental wackos think that by spedning money to stop climate change will help. My question is, where is all the money that they are stealing from the tax payers are going to and how will they stop the climate change? They don’t answer that because they can’t answer it. If they could do anything about changing the climate and they can’t, their change would be .00000000001%.

        The earth and weather dictate climate change. The earth and climate go through phases of hot, moderate, and cold climate. They also go through phases of drought and rain.



      9. So the Plow Horse (there’s a 19th century anachronym for you!) believes that climate change is “hysteria.” Git on back in the stable, Mr. Ed.


  3. With seating for 26K it would make it quieter. That would be a good thing for USC as long as they are allowing USC to buy tickets and go to the game. Is that what this post is about, the seating at the stadium? Now that’s what I call INSIDE.
    Ford will be back as well as Haskins at left tackle. If defense just plugs the gaps and plays straight up USC is going to be okay. It may get close at times but USC is winning it.

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  4. Off-topic from the post….does anyone else see Travis Dye as the reincarnation of Justin Fargas? Seems like they are about the same size, wear the same number (??), versatile skill set, etc. Was watching the game Saturday and kept thinking Dye reminded me of a former player, but couldn’t think of who…then it hit so clearly. The main thing is that they both run so hard, with more power than their size would indicate, fearless, etc. The type of back that moves the chains and act as the engine that drives the offense. Fargas was the first back like that for Pete Carroll and then it was LenDale. Hoping similar results continue.

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    1. Yes, about Fargas, however Lendale was more like a real fullback instead of a tailback. Lendale would be like a Ricky Bell, Mosi Tutpu, and others that would block and then run. That is how it seemed to me.


    1. Thanks, Charles. Mostly smart observations —but I think Bill Gates should’ve seen to it that some of the negative remarks about USC were edited out before publication….

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  5. Again, Oregon State is better than USC’s opponents both before and after it. That means this game is unequivocally not a trap game. A trap game is when a team struggles or loses to a team it is expected to beat, and that game is sandwiched between a games against strong competition. Even more specifically and most commonly, it references when a team wins a big game and faces a subpar team right before playing a challenging team.

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    1. You’re saying USC isn’t expected to beat this Oregon St. team that has a total of two 4 star recruited players, the rest being three stars and below?

      You fanboys get more pathetic with each passing day


  6. Two starters out on defense for Oregon St. They will be missing a defensive end and nickelback. The hits keep coming for the beavers.

    Pakistan is going through unprecedented and never before recorded flooding events. Check the average temperature of the oceans for 50 years before you debunk Al Gore. His predictions were overexaggerated but Hurricane Sandy and the damage seen wasn’t expected. There also has been a greater rise in the mass extinction events of sea animals than what’s been recorded before. If the oceans are where this planet gets most of its oxygen, then the death of these mammals could be a canary in the coal mine warning. Jus’ sayin.


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