We’re Starting To Get A Picture To How USC Coaches Respond

One thing I’ve noticed at USC games is defensive coordinator Alex Grinch stays pretty calm on the sideline.

When USC made its goal-line stand at the end of the Fresno State game, Lincoln Riley and other coaches jumped around and celebrated. Grinch stayed pretty calm even though you might expect him to be the happiest.

When USC marched down the field for an early TD drive, Grinch walked to the other end of the field and stood by himself. Maybe he was gathering his thoughts before the next defensive series.

There’s no right or wrong way to act. Well, you can get too excited as we saw at times with Steve Sarkisian and Clancy Pendergast could be a real dud on the sideline. But it is interesting to learn how these new coaches respond during games.

  • Cooper Lovelace, the JC transfer offensive lineman who went viral this summer because he can do the splits, did not play against Fresno State.
  • This Athlon college football cover didn’t age well.

19 thoughts on “We’re Starting To Get A Picture To How USC Coaches Respond

  1. hi John, can u find a guy who’s balls I can lick and munch on ? It b much appreciate. I know I sound like a dumb fuck but I can’t help it smdh


    1. Oregon St. has two 4 star recruits on it’s team, the rest are 3 star and below.

      If ‘Ol Mule Shoe gets beat by those bunch of nobody’s then he and hia players should be ashamed of themselves


      1. Inner Tebow “I wonder if anyone notices me. I try so hard, so very, very hard….oh, NO! They are all looking at me! Stop, Don’t look at meeee.”
        I will just have to console myself by thinking about Old Lukey (aka, Ol Mule Shoe) and the good old days. My great granddad was a real card, once tried trading me for a six pack of Schlitz beer. Old Joe said no deal, the kid was too scrawny to man a plow. He was such a teaser.


  2. So this present Wolf edition of ‘How to act on the SC sidelines,’
    may have been derailed when it was declared that Sark was overly-animated,
    probably due to fool alcohol-injected substances,
    compared to SC’s short-lived defense-guy Pendergast, who resembled a
    potted-plant while sitting on the bench peacefully soaking up all the football atmosphere while his expertly-coached defense was being mauled as if the
    Trojans were mice and the opponent was a big, giant, starving cat

    — I have been to their Corvallis, Oregon St Stadium, where I was amazed how the Beavers are relatively nice, being personality-superior to their Oregon Ducks’ neighbors, where the word ‘nice’ apparently means to them ‘vice’, so they spend a lot of time avoiding it.

    Human-class is all I experienced at Beavers’ football citadel, but of course with a Beavers’ mascot would you expect anything less…
    This is Oregon St’s quasi ‘Super Bowl’ game, so expect they will bring their very best,
    and they have a lot of ‘very best’ players.

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    1. They were conducting human experiments in classrooms at Beavers’ football citadel?!
      I thought as much….


      1. Michael, as a modest criticism, some of your comments lose their zing because you sometimes spell-out “forbidden words”–

        For example, would it not be more effective to write,”##Fukin’ Perverts”?

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    1. sparrow,

      However, Michael had to write it that way. If he had written it the way you had suggested, it would have sounded like fuuukin’. See he needed the consanent of the letter C to make it sound like he had wanted. If you don’t have the consenant, like the lettter C, then it the U becomes long. It is like people pernouncing the word taco. They say it incorrectly. They use a soft A, like ahh, in which it should be a hard A, like AAAAAAA. The word taco shoulc be pronounced TAAAAAAAAACO, by the English standard. But people promounce it the Spanish way, even though we live in America.

      English class is over. Thank you.

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      1. I am with you all the way, PT, well, almost all the way–

        — I am with you regarding certain sounds meshing together better than others

        However, the writing-or-saying of certain Ugly words is off-putting for some– The F-word, S-word, and C-word come to mind.

        You will not find me having used any such words in 3 1/2 years writing on Sports Blogs. I know writings can be forever, and so I am always conscious that women or children might stumble onto my stuff one day

        Besides, if it is comical word sounds you are after,
        ‘Fuke-You’ is funnier than F-U

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  3. Sunday morning (After the game) will be reminiscent of an old “Leave it to Beaver” episode where June says to Ward, “You were a little hard on the Beaver last night.”

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