USC In Crosshairs Of L.A. Mayor Debate

The Los Angeles mayoral debate between Karen Bass and Rick Caruso on Wednesday night had a common target: USC.

“The victims of the gynecologist, literally hundreds of students at USC, asked you to release the report,” Bass said. “As chair of the Board of Trustees, he committed to do an investigation, to do a report, and then he decided that he wasn’t going to release it, when the victims asked for it to be released.”


“She got a $95,000 scholarship. She failed to report it in …. paperwork where it had to be reported,” Caruso said. “She got her degree, taking less classes than her fellow students and then worked with the dean [of the School of Social Work] to fashion legislation and push it through Congress, to have taxpayer dollars go back to that same school.”


Fight On!

46 thoughts on “USC In Crosshairs Of L.A. Mayor Debate

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  1. “Karen Bass, I do something for you, you do something for me.” The Dean of School of Social Work must be the same as in the Mark Ridley-Thomas bribery case, Marilyn Flynn!? What other political troughs does Flynn have her snout in!? Any connection to Maxine Waters!? Adam Schiff!? Karmala Harris!? #ComandanteEnJefe


      1. No matter what your stance is on DEI, No one can deny that it has become an industry or, shall we say, an Industrial complex. Even when “achieved” It will last for centuries because those who were already have’s (Bass, Harris, etc, and including activists) will continue to be funded and create new reasons to be funded while those in need will stay in need. It is the democratic industrial complex. There are no more leaders…just takers.

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    1. Allow me to carry that thought out a bit further, ‘marvie,’ as follows:

      Scandalous Bosses
      Corruptible Students

      But come on, marvie, is that not true over at sucla too, and maybe every other American college campus.

      “–Times they are a’changin’, marvie, it is getting harder to make an honest buck, and I don’t see many trying too hard


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      1. Georgie, you write above that the dog is not perfect. Not so, as this old joke illustrates:

        Merit?– You think a person will make it to heaven because of how good a life they led on earth?–
        If getting into heaven is based on merit, then the only one going there is your dog


  2. Karen Bass in the debate: “Well, he’s a real estate developer. If you look at corruption at City Hall, it’s always around developers.”

    Though she could not state any specific instance of corruption on Caruso’s part.

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      1. Didn’t realize it was on or we would have. Just caught some highlights.

        We’re behind the Orange Curtain, so no vote here. But yes, if we were in LA we would.

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  3. The mayor’s race should be just that, a race. Start 100 yards from the City Hall, and sound the bell. The first one to the mayor’s office wins. But the ground rules must be equal. Bass gets a head start from the EEOC based on her gender and perceived race. Caruso hired a surrogate runner.
    Now to the football game. USC is playing football in a stadium that could barely hold a Ucla home game crowd, on a Channel fewer than a quarter of the fans can count on. Half the pundits say USC is overrated and the other half work for Riley.
    On your marks, go Karen, get set GO!
    It’s all over but the shouting. Bass is contesting the outcome contending that the uneven pavement around City Hall gave Caruso an unfair advantage. She is also suing the city claiming the paramedic who gave her mouth to mouth stuck his tongue down her throat. (shudder) Calling Gloria Alldyke!


  4. Scooter,

    if I could vote, I would vote for Caruso. Caruso has helped build things for schools by donating his money to building the Catholic Church at SC and a new auditoruim at at high school. What has Bass done? All she has done is take take take. Where has she put her money to helping others, no where.

    Caruso change his party affiliate from Republican to Democrap. He did that so he could get more votes. However, he will work on cleaning up the crap in the streets. Bass on the other hand is another retarded, err retread liberal, the same as another Garcetti. Nothing will change with that thing.

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  5. Bass described LA as being in a state of “crisis.” She mentions out of control crime and homelessness. Funny thing is that she supported the democratic policies that gave the city crime and homelessness. She took the knee to BLM, advocated for defunding the police, and wanted to decriminalize trespass, drug, and property crimes. She also wants to take away your firearms while defunding the police.

    We have had a democratic mayor, democratic city counsel, democratic/communist DA, democratic Governor, and democratic super majority in the legislature for years now and the city and state are in crisis. Perhaps its time to make a change.


    1. Plow Horse,

      Waht is so ironic is that she had her fire arms taken away and she screamed bloody murder. She should have thanked the criminal for breaking into her house, stealing the firearms, taking things, and doing damage the property. She needs to thank them for being victims am making her aware of her oppulance and feel guilty about it. She should also had left cookies out for them.


      1. Exactly PT. Bass criticized Caruso for being a real estate developer because some developers have a cozy, probably illegal relationship with the city planning commission. How about criticizing and prosecuting the corrupt members of the planning commission.

        We need a real estate developer. Read a while back that the cost of building a studio apartment for the homeless is about 600,000 per unit with some HHH projects coming in at over 800,000. This is before the supply chain mess. An auditor predicted
        that the new units could exceed one million per unit. The city budget allocates over one billion a year for homelessness. Is this what you want? I want that money transferred back to the LAPD and the homeless sent to a drug rehab facilities somewhere in Lancaster.


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