USC Real Estate Transaction Of The Day

Did you see Byron Allen, the former comedian turned business mogul, paid $100 million for a Malibu estate?

The home belonged to USC mega-donor Wayne Hughes, who died in 2021.

His daughter, Tammy Hughes Gustavson, sold the home. She is a member of the USC Board of Trustees. The deal represents the most ever paid for a home by an African-American buyer in the U.S.

The roughly 11,000-square-foot compound built on 3.5 acres is located in the Paradise Cove enclave and been on the market since May, when it was listed for $127.5 million.

Why didn’t Lincoln Riley make a bid?

21 thoughts on “USC Real Estate Transaction Of The Day

    1. ugh,so this is how me and missus ed fined owt we got owt bid fir unuthur howse,r reeltir aint doin hir job good. i say to reeltir dat i better buyer then Byron Allen bcuz i luv 2 suc balls, and eat ass..smdh


      1. Real Ed & retarded Ed should get armored up and face each other in medieval joust….with real lances, battle axes and swords…

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    2. Not much your realtor can do for you Ed when you are over $20 million short for the down payment even

      Besides, this guy having a bluff-home with no access to the beach below him means he will probably never even use his own beach,
      opting instead to merely view the ocean and not be a part of it.
      He can have his 11,000 footer, I’ll take a 1000-footer 2-bedroom apartment right on the sand by the ocean’s edge (which I lucked into in Santa Monica and Redondo Beach for 33-years)

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    1. — To the contrary Michael, it wasn’t mentioned that this house had a good view of a nude beach, so maybe he should have paid $200-mil for the joint

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  1. What a cheap shot Wolf. Your jealousy about Riley having a better life than you was juvenile at best. Riley had nothing to do with the sale. Why not ask Rick Caruso if he will buy it or does he worry about his mistress wanting to live there? Go further, it’s the new love pad for Trump, Biden and every other crooked political heck in this country!


  2. There’s a walk way and a cart way down to the Paradise Cove, the public/private beach… Really nice, the conservatory keeps it spotless, not a piece of trash or anything to be found… though the parking price is ridiculous.

    Byron Allen is a USC alum, (which I can’t believe Scott didn’t mention). He used to mentor students back in my day, can’t be anti him. His mom was in media business, talent and production and exec at NBC, and produced movies and comedy shows, so it’s not like Allen pulled himself up by his bootstraps entirely,.. Maybe he won’t mind if we mosey up the beach path to his house.

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  3. His bio is impressive but not $100M house impressive. What did he do to make enough to drop that kind of cash on a house? Not kidding…what was his home run deal? I don’t see anything that screams “$500M pre-tax gain for 1 guy” on his Wikipedia page.

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  4. Proud of my fellow alum and classmate, Byron.
    Took a couple of classes with him.
    Recall he was polite and very low key.
    Also went to school with Benioff too.
    Crazy how wealthy these 2 got.
    Congratulations to capitalism, good health and happiness.

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