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Korey Foreman made a play. I repeat. Korey Foreman made a play. He hadn’t even made a tackle before that interception.

It’s up to Alex Grinch and a poor defense now.

Caleb Williams stops himself by refusing to run for a first down and throwing a poor pass to Josh Falo.

  • The USC defense just cannot make this easy. It lets UCLA score in 2 minutes, 32 seconds. USC 48, UCLA 45.
  • USC goes to the ground game, which makes sense because UCLA’s defense is probably tired after that 11-second possession. Austin Jones has 105 yards rushing and Darwin Barlow makes first appearances and gains 25 yards in 2 plays, including the TD.
  • USC defense is atrocious, never forget that. It took 11 seconds for UCLA to score.
  • Fire whoever ordered that short kickoff.
  • Caleb Williams is unstoppable right now. He has 394 yards passing and USC leads, 41-31.
  • Did you think it was over? It’s not. UCLA needs 2:45 for a TD. USC 34, UCLA 31.
  • Tyrone Taleni with the big forced fumble and USC quickly responds as Austin Jones scores on a 2-yard run. USC is on a 24-3 run. USC 34-24.
  • Caleb Williams is dialed in again and throws a beautiful pass to Jordan Addison for the TD. USC 27, UCLA 24.
  • USC holds UCLA to a field goal, which is a minor victory. UCLA 24, USC 20.
  • USC might really regret those missed chancs in the first half, especially that late drive where Lincoln Riley called 2 awful pass plays and robbed any chance of a TD on that possession.
  • Denis Lynch comes through with the FG and it’s 21-20 UCLA at halftime.
  • USC just destroying itself. Lincoln Riley with 2 atrocious short-pass plays back-to-back and then Denis Lynch misses another FG.
  • Caleb Williams is back in business after his slow start and he leads USC to a TD drive. But there’s still 1:42 left. UCLA 21, USC 17.
  • It tool UCLA less than two minutes to answer back as DTR scores a TD. UCLA 21, USC 10.
  • Denis Lynch looks better on this 45-yard FG and USC cuts UCLA leads to 14-10.
  • USC finally scores as Caleb Williams runs six yards for the TD. No bad body language on that drive. UCLA 14, USC 7.
  • What a quarter. USC hasn’t exactly acquitted itself in the biggest game of the year.
  • And just like the Arizona and Cal games, the USC defense forgets to cover someone and gives up a TD. UCLA 14, USC 0.
  • Wonder if Caleb Williams still thinks it is just another game after that terrible interception.
  • UCLA takes a 7-0 lead by running the ball down the field. USC coaches told the players they need to stop the quarterback and tailback. They didn’t do it on that drive.
  • Does USC need a special teams coach? Did you see that shank field goal attempt?
  • Let’s not forget the USC offensive was pretty bad on that fourth-and-1.
  • UCLA offense doesn’t do much and punts.
  • Raleek Brown has a first down but runs backwards and then a play later Caleb Williams gets stuffed on fourth-and-1.
  • UCLA defensive coordinator Bill McGovern is not expected to be at the game. That means Clancy Pendergast will call the defense.
  • USC linebacker Eric Gentry is warmup up fine and looks ready to play. He’s had a high-ankle sprain if you wondered because USC has never announced his injury.
  • Defensive back Jaylin Smith is out. He started the first nine games before coming off the bench last week. Safety Max Williams is warming. He left last week’s game with an apparent head injury.

94 thoughts on “USC-UCLA Live Blog

  1. Nina Jankowicz spotted on the UCLA sideline. She was recently hired by Chip Kelly to assist his defense in identifying all Lincoln Riley’s formations on offense which have all the earmarks of misinformation.

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      1. Um-dittle-ittl-um-dittle-I


      1. We finally win a nail biter against the Bruins and this one hurts them the way we felt when Rob Johnson was picked off in the endzone back in 93. I’m loving it!

        We Are SC!

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  2. And that’s why I don’t quite trust Raleek yet. With Travis they score on that drive because they get the extra yards an each carry. Situational awareness. Never trust a fast shifty frosh because of what they used to get away with in HS the previous year aginst HS kids. This game is a different beast with Dye than without him. It’s the little things he does. Not to beat a drum too much but….

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  3. If we get some pressure on DTR in the second half he will throw even more interceptions. We need to stick more with the running game in the 2nd half it is working, and will keep the pressure of Caleb..

    Would be great if we can stop UCLA for a change to start the second half.

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  4. You clownsters’s better not whine about the ref’s in this game. In the 1st half, I counted at least 4 instances of SUCC pass inf. and a late, cheap shot that were ignored. I mean #47 hits a defenseless DRT with an obvious, late, chicken shit helmet shot to the sternum. WTF!


      1. How can I Crabby when your head in the way? I bet Crabby you never leave your hovel without your “Ken” doll.


  5. Why are you pooch kicking and giving them a short field? You’ve been kicking the ball out of the end zone pretty much the whole game. My God, how tough is it?

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  6. This is the worst defense I’ve ever seen from USC. I’m not sure if it is scheme, talent, or a combination of both. Has it ever occurred to rush your ends up field to a depth of five yards and funnel the QB to the middle?


    1. Chip got “pendergass’d.”
      Chip’s not the problem. Like the former USC HC (aka, the Unmentionable), Chipper cannot find a decent DC or D coaches.
      I think Ken Norton JR is over the hill. Heck, CHip hired our former D-line coach, Chad K.

      Chip has brought the program back to relevance.
      Start the recruiting wars.
      Make the game matter again.


  7. Two Comments only:

    1) Thank you UCLA Defensive Coordinator Clancy Pendergast……Your a great Trojan after all., but I think your in the wrong profession as a defensive coordinator when the other team runs up over 700 total yards.
    2) Thank you OWNS—– Does this mean we won’t hear from you again until next season, or will you finally admit UCLA SUCKS and so are the fans who show up for 1 game a year. LAS VEGAS BOWL BOUND UCLA..

    To Darian Thompson Robinson you played a great game but it is time to graduate after 6 years of college football.

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      1. Glad to hear you will be back OWNS. The question is whether Chip will bring Clancy Pedergast back as the defensive coordinator at UCLA. I sure hope so he failed at SC, and is a disaster at UCLA.

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  8. Freaking Courtney Foreman just saved USC our CFP Hope’s, nobody gave us a chance to make the CFP. Thank u Spencer Ratiler, hey LR, send him autographed ball with the game ball that just clinched the PAC12 berth. Now the Domers come to the Cali for a massive ass kicking. Tennessee Ole Miss Alabama with 2 losses, validates part of my scenario for us receiving CFP bid. Now we need to beat winner of Oregon utes and we are in. Our magical season continues as we MAKE USC BEAUTIFUL PLACE TO BE AGAIN.

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    1. Must admit, Eric, you’ve been adamant about this team being in the Final 4. Win the next 2 games, and USC deserves to be in over a one loss conference champ game loser (ie, Big Blue).


  9. Trojans with a statement win for a primetime audience! The Defense needs a lot of work, but our Offense can’t be stopped!
    DTR tears are great and the bRuins can cry for a whole year. FIGHT ON ✌🏻

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  10. I sat at the edge of the UCLA alumni section 2 seats from the students section. Im definitely not a prude. As a coach and athlete I have heard it all. I don’t talk, cheer or wear gear so no one knows which way I lean. In my life I have never seen so many middle fingers and heard the word F#$K so many times from the students. From before the game with enthusiasm to after in frustration. Glad to see my tax dollars are going to good use. I sat in many student sections for many rivalry games. Obviously USC’s, Oregons v OSU, OSU v Oregon, washington’s v Wazzu, last year Wazzu v Washington, Az schools as well as 3 other SEC games and 2 Big 12 games. Cumulativly i didn’t see 1/3rd of the middle fingers and the accompanying word as I heard and saw tonight. A bunch of lazy drunk white kids (guys and girls (just as bad))
    letting them fly. And they didn’t even know where i stood on the game

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    1. …I’m hoping that the USC fans and student section do not behave as such. Here in Colorado, we take tons of abuse from the Buff “fans” when USC comes to Boulder. I’ve not seen a USC fan lose his/her cool.


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