USC Racks Up Two More Pac-12 Awards

Andrew Vorhees and Tuli Tuipulotu have won the Morris Trophy, which goes to the most outstanding offensive lineman and defensive lineman in the Pac-12.

It’s quite an honor for a school to win it on both sides of the ball in the same season. And both overachieved in a sense. Vorhees was in the doghouse at times during the Clay Helton era while Tuipulotu was only a three-star at Lawndale High School.


49 thoughts on “USC Racks Up Two More Pac-12 Awards

    1. ….and then we have Bill Plaschke with the ‘Hallmark Card’ column this past weekend about friendly ‘Clay Helton’.

      USC’s worst coach – even Hackett wasn’t as clownish and incompetent as Helton but hey ‘…what a nice guy!’ The old adage is so apt ‘….the world is full of nice guys…’

      How many years did Haden-Swann decisions cost this truly great national program?

      If the NYY want to have Aaron ‘nice guy’ Boone as their mgr – well have at it – good riddance to the idea that ‘nice’ is before all else. Good riddance to Helton.

      WE are SC!

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    1. No one gives a fuck…..26 posts and the one person who replies mocks you…..You’re too fucking stupid to comprehend what that means…..Biden gave you the middle finger….love it!

      EAT SLEEP SHIT BIDEN…..24/7…rinse and repeat…..


      1. who mocks me?….your MAGat buddies……You think a give a fuck….fucking senile troll… one replies to you, face it…you’re a troll


  1. Ex-bozo Willie McGinest is arrested for alleged assault. What’s up with that Clownsters? Did W McG ., do a Chad “Wheeley” Wheeler on a family member?

    #Cotton Picker/Picking Bowl or bust
    #44pts to 7pts on


    1. You must’ve missed our posting about this yesterday. None of us will disagree with you about McGinnest. He’s a total lowlife to have pulled this, especially going 3 on 1 like a little bitch. (And using a bottle!)

      But it’s LA County. Nothing will happen to him. Probation, community service…the equivalent of nothing.


    2. Owns, didn’t you read the Stanford memo? Cotton pickin’ refers to enslaved persons of color. It’s a slur that was used to infer that such persons who picked cotton were thieves and brigands


      1. Well, according to This World below, negroes can’t respond with anything but violence. That’s pretty much what he implied when stating we’d never say it to McGinnest’s face.

        Personally, I like to think Willie will learn from this, take whatever light punishment he gets and learn to act like a civilized human being going forward. Only time will tell.


      2. Believe or not Ghost, white people picked cotton. But when I was a child, “Cotton Picking” was a prevalent epithet. For example, how did the bozos lose the “cotton picking” Pac – 12 Championship game after leading 17 – 3 in the first quarter.

        Soooooo, Cotton Picker/Picking Bowl or bust




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    1. Whatever you say BUMMSTER, but the truth is I just can’t get it up for senile old AH’s.

      Wow, imagine it, the threesome of Crabs, So CA and the BUMMSTER, what an epic circle of jerks… about a cheesy Three Stooges bit.

      Who the f**k is Anya Taylor Joy?; Is she some fly by night, Hip Hop artist?

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      #Hope you have your Cotton Picker/Picking Bowl ducats.


  3. It’s truly amazing how tough you keyboard warriors are but you know deep down you couldn’t tell McGinest that you think he sucks to his face. We don’t know the whole story but he looks guilty of a lack of sound judgement. And I see your post about McGinest and raise you a Ball, Riley and $100 million dollar embezelment! Now for anyone from UCLA to speak about McGinest but not mention the farce that happened in China (which required Donald Trump’s intervention/messup) is really disappointing.


    1. Tough has nothing to do with it. Willie asked to be criticized. Act like a ghetto thug and yeah, people will say so. He doesn’t get to play victim and make excuses for it.

      The basketball players in China was a long time ago. That’s as bad as Biden supporters responding with, “But Trump!”

      We’re talking about what happening NOW.


      1. EAT SLEEPSHIT BIDEN 24/7…. rinse and repeat….

        You never pass up a chance to express your love for Biden…how romantic!


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      3. UCLA has not increased enrollment for California students for two years now but they have increased the enrollment of foreign students in the same period. Is that now enough for you?

        I never said he cried victim, he looks guilty but try not judging so fast. Calling him a thug is rich because no one on the hate libs side never complained about the inept coup attempts from the “hate Brandon” supporters. Your ready to jump on McGinest but can’t acknowledge the plank of wood coming out from your eye. Guys fight in clubs alot but you holier than thou freaks need to relax. The DA doesn’t get involved in these kinds of instances, the civil lawsuit will take care of the victim and when Willie held recruit some of the best players to USC none of your hypocrisy will demand that he is banned from USC.


      4. Baloney! I have said anyone who got violent with the cops or other security guards on Jan 6 SHOULD BE prosecuted, with the same fervor they prosecuted 2020 rioters who got violent!


      5. STFU….YOU SENILE TROLL…When you get called out for your lies. you post new lies to cover your ass….You’re the blog dunce…..


      1. LOL! Says Mr. Let’s Meet Up!!

        You posted something that made me cry, so meeting up with settle it!

        They don’t come any dumber than the Village Idiot. But as Cal75 said, at least you know that you earned that name.


      2. What are you fucking afraid of….you ball-less troll….

        Let’s meet up like real men do to settle their differences….


    2. And I, This World, raise you a Reggie “I saws the money and I tooks it” Bush who threw his team under the bus (Vacated voted NCAA FB NC) for filthy lucre.

      Or Matty Leinart and his Bro rip off OC cities in rental fees scam for Leinart kids FB league organization.

      Or the one a I love best, the vile Geo. Tyndall MD, the subject of countless female student complaints, is allowed to flourish the Clown U gynecologist for over twenty years ’cause he was a good fundraiser.


      1. I cut you slack on McGinnest cuz it’s recent. We both have our share of thugs.

        But bringing up Tyndall as if Heaps never existed?! What a fool.


  4. Half of the top 50 recruited rated players transferred last year. Maybe Alex Grinch can convince recruits that he can coach defense next year?


  5. Scooter,

    You don’t recognize the oline coach or dline coach for the accomplishment of coaching the two players where they won the award. Helton’s coaches couldn’t do that. That is a tribute the the upgrade caliber of coaching that SC got when Riley showed up.


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