USC Morning Buzz: No Movement On Coaches Yet

There’s been no announcements regarding any USC defensive coaches.

It’s still early, especially as NFL assistants will become available now that the regular season is over.

But it’s still going to be a big call for Lincoln Riley to make a move with Alex Grinch.

Would Mike Bohn order Riley to make a change?

I doubt it. Riley won 11 games and makes a lot of money. He is Bohn’s boy. So Bohn will go with the flow and probably agree with whatever Riley decides.

Riley will attend the Georgia-TCU game today at SoFi Stadium. Will watching the game convince him he needs to upgrade his defensive staff?


23 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: No Movement On Coaches Yet

    1. I repeat, Lincoln Riley doesn’t have the balls to fire a coordinator and hire a new one. He’s very much like Clay Helton in that regard. Successful coaches hire and fire assistants all the time, the passive ones like to play girly games because they don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings 🥲. Riley better get on the ball, because he can’t take his savior, Caleb Williams with him to the Big Ten. 😂


      1. I hate to say it but I agree with all about loyalty but you have to look at the big picture here .. we almost got there no one excepted it but we had a chance. He has to do something and then there’s the recruits that don’t what to come here SMH


      2. Yes ! We need change. Have the balls get tuff. We have half way turned around the game. .. Hopefully he learn that u can score points, but without defense , your just spinning ur wheels! Please no more Helton , he has hurt us for years. New Coach new set of balls! Fight On! Bring Coach O back to the fold…..😎✌🏻🏈👍 Fellow student✌🏻


      3. Time to get some serious Defensive coaching talent. For decades, USC had a ferocious D that locked down it’s opponents, most recently with Pete Carroll. Riley did plenty of great stuff this year, but we won’t get to the promised land without a much better D. The talent is there, I think it’s the coaching.


    2. Scott how do you feel about Riley insisting on having a state of the program presser tomorrow that will not allow recordings or tweets? Seems like Riley is really flexing. Do you think he might consent to taking a question or two from the media during this closed event?


  1. Maybe So Fi will OPEN the Top Roof letting the Championship football game be Played in the RAIN….. It then will be like Georgia and TCU WEather…. It would make the football game more Exciting…. hA ha


  2. With all the portal talent being brought in, it looks like the move is to prop Grinch up. The problem isn’t going away. He hasn’t been a world beater coach yet.
    The philosophy USC uses is throw money at the problem and it will fix itself. They tried this with Helton they brought in a new OC who figured out Helton was qualified and split for desert climes. Then they bought Helton another OC who didn’t know how to quarterback sneak let alone win games. Next a defensive coordinator who look the part, but hasn’t yet shown a mastery of the game. (Even after leaving, Todd has been a bust)
    So now USC’s tried and failed policy is once again to prop up the incompetence and ignore the results. Is SC ever going to see the light?

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    1. Wasn’t not was qualified.
      The only thing Helton knew about the trophies at heritage hall was how to assemble them when to dust them.


  3. “It’s still early, especially as NFL assistants will become available now that the regular season is over.”

    This gives me hope that a DC change is still in the works. Rather have Riley take his time and get it right. Though, if he doesn’t do anything, f*ck everything!


  4. Hate to deal in hypotheticals, though that IS what often happens here…

    King Kliffsbury, the AZ Cardinal’s HC, was fired today after a lackluster run. Blessed with a Heisman-winning, mobile, rifle-armed QB and some great WR talent, Kliff proved that he just was not NFL material.

    Hmmm. Had Kliff stay OC at USC he would have been HC by 2020 and likely enjoyed a nice run at USC.

    Wonder where KK ends up.

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    1. Kliff seemed like the perfect guy to step in once Helton was fired and I assumed/hoping that was Bohn’s plan…before Cardinals reached with their hire.


  5. Bohn could probably order LR to make a change but Bohn and Folt could also be the problem (not wanting to fire Grinch with so much to pay him if they fire him now). It looks to me like LR wants to go with a great offense and a defense that can just slow opponents offenses down. I would prefer that they just reach for the sky both offensively and defensively but apparently they are not going in that direction.
    If I’m right then you can expect to see a lot of great 4 and 5 star recruits coming on offense and a lot of 3 and lower 4 stars on defense(players who are late bloomers and show potential).
    If they are truly going in that direction, they will need position coaches who can really develope people on defense. I hope they hang on to the D-Line coach. I think that he’s a real good developer of players. As far as the other defensive position coaches, I don’t know enough about them although Donte Williams seems to be more of a great recruiter than a great position coach.


  6. 11-2 folks. Unless you bring in somebody that can get more out of these players. No excuses for what happened in Texas for Grinch.


  7. 1st they need to upgrade the athletes …it is not a coaches fault when a player botches a tackle. Part of this is coaches cannot run practices like they used too…the ncaa says so…which is why there are so many injuries today,players bodies are not onditioned for the physical part of real tackle football.


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