Saturday Column Supplement

There was a lot of reaction Friday to the posting of a picture of Allan Malamud.

ESPN reporter Chris Mortensen “liked” it on twitter.

So here’s a picture from 1963 of Malamud at USC with the staff of “Scampus,” which was a 103-page handbook printed for incoming freshmen that included everything from “administration to fraternities” along with on-and-off campus events.

Editor Ponchitta Pierce goes over Scampus material with Nan Tandy, Arline Kaplan, Allan Malamud and Sue Bernard Bryant.


43 thoughts on “Saturday Column Supplement

  1. So Kathy called me this afternoon and said
    Cmon over and we can go in my heated pool
    No need to bring a bathing suit. We can swim au natural.
    And no need to bring a rubber cuzI’m on the pill !!

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    1. Possible future conflict: One person is offended by something….while another person is offended that thing is being changed….


      1. Yes certainly, which part?

        Oh wait there’s no edit feature on this blog. I am deeply sorry, perhaps I can make it to you by not posting anything for the next hour. Thank you for your patience.

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  2. Alan Malamud was incredible —but so were dozens of other D.T. staffers for decades afterwards. The Daily Trojan kicked Daily Bruin ass [especially when it came to fake stories —and doctored photos —of bruin football players being found in pools of vomit in Westwood bathrooms during Rivalry Week]. And the Sports Page competed with major local newspapers when it came to game evaluations, interviews and predictions.

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  3. The Jags are really lame —can’t beat a team with a crippled QB. Can’t catch balls for sure 1st downs. Can’t intercept balls thrown into their arms. Defense plays with all the enthusiasm of a Grinch-coached unit.

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      1. You have to figure at first they were saying the repubs were planting the docs, so, being dems that means they did it. Alinsky’s rules.

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    1. Remember when the FBI seized Trump’s documents —they immediately leaked false info about the papers including nuclear codes and secrets? Now that the shoe is on the other foot we’ll NEVER hear a word about the content of the documents.

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      1. Sorry, Trump told his “shrink” Maggie Haberman what the documents were because he thought they were his and wanted it back. Nice try. They both suck but Biden doesn’t claim to want the docs back. Any why are so many docs put in the top secret category and allowed to walk out of a secured setting or building like the freaking White House?!?!!


      2. Surely, you’re kidding {“Don’t call me Shirley” –Leslie Neilson in “Airplane”}.
        The day after the search, The Washington Post cited “people familiar with the investigation” [the usual, shrewdly sloppy sourcing used by the Post] as saying “nuclear weapons documents were THOUGHT to be in the trove of information seized.” This gave Andrea Mitchell something to fret over for the next week…until… the Post, “citing unnamed sources” said that documents “RELATING to nuclear capabilities were recovered.”
        All of which was bullshit.
        Biden’s business dealings with China and Ukraine aren’t bullshit. My guess is there was evidence of same in Joe’s garage. Fortunately for him, Garland has launched an investigation which will NEVER come to a conclusion and which justifies keeping the seized documents from EVER being seen by voters.


    2. Joe is a mess!…. He has some explaining to do, for sure!

      Here’s the reality, trump is the gift that keeps on giving. If he gets the 2024 nomination it assures a DEM will win the general election.

      It’s going to take an indictment to eliminate trump from his perceived stronghold the republican party


      1. Gabby, I have read that DeSantis is leading Trump now. I don’t want him running simply because of the damage that will occur when the dems work to destroy him. Better to have someone else that can turn this wayward government back to some semblance of a democratic republic. Let freedom ring.

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      2. I’m no fan of Trump’s, steveg [I think he’s too prone to flattery and too afraid of honesty —& winds up making horrible cabinet selections as a result]. That said, it’s kinda funny that smart people recognize that voters will elect Trump in 2024 unless they find some bullshit way of preventing him from running….


      3. MG…..Trump has been digging his own grave shovel by shovel, he doesn’t need the help of “they”. He’s the main source of his demise. I take great joy in witnessing his self-destruction!

        As I said, with respect to the Democratic Party, he’s the gift that keeps on giving. The 2020 and 20220 elections prove this. For your boi slo troll to think differently is pure stupidity.


      4. Yes, Michael, smart people do.

        But the others: “If Trump gets the 2024 nomination it assures a DEM will win the general election.”


  4. Wow, that sure was riveting football, I am glad I only tuned into the scores and watched a silly Irish movie instead, all the while asking my Irish-descended wife to interpret the type of English they were speaking– the accents of London, Northern England, the Scots, Wales, the Irish I cannot fathom no matter how hard I try–

    Recalling a time I am sitting across from a most-charming middle-aged man from somewhere in the Great Britain aisles (?) and I swear– I understand maybe
    1 word out of 3 but he kept warmingly smiling and when I would sometimes cut-in
    which he probably didn’t understand me either, we would both laugh quite heartily

    — Sorry, what was the subject


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